Missmisschelle's 25th Birthday Party: Ketsourine Macarons (Part Two)

Missmisschelle's 25th Birthday Party: Ketsourine Macarons (Part Two)

Just because I visited Northern California for a good three weeks doesn't mean the party don't stop! As Part Two of my 25th birthday celebration, I hosted a second birthday party at my favorite Ketsourine Macarons with bloggers, photographers, and good company to reunite with my hometown friends for the limited amount of time that I'm staying in the Bay Area.

Missmisschelle's 25th Birthday Party: Pengo Drink Station (Part 1)

I dare you to ask anybody who knows me on a personal level - only workaholic Michelle would combine her birthday party with a media event to make content for da gram! Just about a week ago, I hosted Part One of my 25th Birthday Party at Pengo Drink Station in Laguna Hills. At this birthday party, my aim was to promote Pengo's top secret Unicorn Drink just in time for June's OC Night Market with the help of my guests (comprised of food photographers, Yelp Elites, foodies, etc.). These drinks were ONLY to be released at OC Night Market, which means that my guests were the very first foodies to feast their eyes on this innovative drink idea. With the help of additional sponsors, the Pengo staff, and my friends, I was able to capture fun memories through the form of fun and professionally shot visuals (thanks Sharon!) and a silly vlog filmed and edited by yours truly.


Sharon Litz (@sharonlitz)

Outfit Details:
Romper: Francesca's
Necklace: Thought Blossoms
Rings: Rocksbox

As a frequent party planner and event hostess, I am used to running around like a headless chicken throughout the duration of event to make sure my guests are taken care of. This also means that I don't have an appetite to eat, which means more food for my guests, hah! The party table was literally a sweet tooth's heaven - just see for yourself!



Unicorn Drinks  - Pengo Drink Station
Paninis, Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, Strawberry Cheesecake, Dessert Canolis - Stefano's Laguna Hills
Unicorn Cake & Unicorn Bark - Creme & Sugar

Additionally, I was honored to have Shop BEXO, Sleekhair, and Eyemimo San Francisco contribute their wonderful products at my birthday party. Take a look at the list below to see what my guests took home as a parting gift!


Jewelry (Necklaces, Chokers, Bracelets, & Anklets) - Shop BEXO
Natural Falsies - Eyemimo San Francisco

Pink Swag Bags - SleekHair


Lastly, here is a BIRTHDAY PARTY VLOG from the event - I'd greatly appreciate it if you guys could click LIKE on the video and leave a COMMENT if you want to watch more event vlogs!

Thank you again to everybody who attended or participated in my 25th Birthday Party - it wouldn't have been the same without you! Stay tuned for Missmisschelle's 25th Birthday Party: Part 2 taking place in the Bay Area this Sunday ;)

Much Love,

25 Things I Learned At 25

25 Things I Learned At 25

The more we grow up, the more we think we got our lives together...or so we think. Even as we become adults, or are so-called "adulting", I have bumped into enough unexpected surprises, opportunities, and connections that have made me realize that there is so much more to life than we know it. Now that I've finally turned 25, I wanted to keep today's post short, simple, and straight to the point. I could totally go off tangent when discussing each of these life lessons, but I'll save you the time of day this time around ;) Today, I wanted to share with you guys 25 LIFE LESSONS that I've personally learned as a 25 year old woman.

Birthday Gift Guide For The Average Fashionista, Travelista, Foodie, & Healthy Living

Birthday Gift Guide For The Average Fashionista, Travelista, Foodie, & Healthy Living

One of my favorite things to do during my birthday month is to write down a wishlist of items that I'd love to own, even if I don't necessarily receive these products or splurge on these items myself. The act of writing out this list gives me a sense of excitement and thrill, like brainstorming what furniture you want your dream home to have or what decorations you want your wedding to include. After all, it doesn't hurt for a girl to dream, am I right? ;) However, the aim of my blog and Instagram is to help others as much as possible through tips, advice, and useful guides. Thus, in early celebration of my 25th birthday, I've created a gift guide based on the different types of personas that Missmisschelle resembles. If you ever find yourself stuck on what item to gift a loved one, I hope that this gift guide comes to your rescue when it comes to shopping for your typical fashionista, travelista, foodie, and healthy individual! Below, I've either linked my favorite items or named top brands that I have owned or have heard great things about.

Missmisschelle's 24th Birthday Party

Missmisschelle's 24th Birthday Party

After celebrating my 24th birthday with different friends throughout the week and relaxing with family (and Hulu, heh) during the July 4th weekend, I finally found the time to catch up and edit all of the photos from my birthday bash! I've always imagined throwing the birthday party of my dreams one year and I'm safe to say that this dream of mine came true on June 25th, 2016 at 3:00PM at Ketsourine Macarons. Thanks to Ketsourine Macarons located in Daly City, I was able to reserve their shop for a good three hours to host my private birthday event. From start to finish, I had such a great time setting up pastel-themed party decorations, goodie bags, and party food while reuniting old friends that I haven't seen in months or years. Be sure to search the Instagram hashtag #missmisschellexKM to look through a gallery of pictures from all of the guests at my birthday party!