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The Resort At Pelican Hill: A 5-Star Luxury Hotel

After seeing gorgeous pictures of the Pelican Hill Resort posted all over my Instagram feed from various bloggers, I knew I had to visit this place one day. The Pelican Hill Resort is literally a breathtaking getaway spot so close to home and I knew my life wouldn't be complete without seeing this beauty at least once in my lifetime. I absolutely LOVED my first-time experience at this luxurious hotel (from admiring every square foot of this hotel to eating the delicious food) so I wanted to give you guys a brief recap of my previous weekend at this resort and why YOU should visit it one day as well.


The Time Nyack

We all know from my daily updates on Instastories and NYFW Diary 2018 blog recap that I suffered from an extreme case of food poisoning for the majority of my New York Trip. Sigh, no bueno. Although our New York experience was deemed "the worst trip we ever had" (just gotta keep it real for y'all here, LOL), Nyack seriously turned everything around - and for the better. As soon as we walked into the bright red doors of The Time Nyack, Sharon and I knew that exploring this peaceful, secluded city of New York was the real breather we needed from all of the hustle and bustle of The Big Apple.


Meeting Instagram Friends In The Windy City

All it took was one trip to The Windy City to blow me away - literally. However, enduring through Chicago's 20-degree weather and powerful winds on a daily basis happened to be one of the last things on my mind when exploring this new city. Why is that, you ask? Well, let's rewind back a bit.


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