My Current Haircare Favorites


If you've seen my recent Instagram posts, you'll know that I did things a little differently in a previous photoshoot. Yes, Sharon and I decided to turn an outdoor pool (okay, not "an"...more like my family's backyard pool, LOL) into a pond for a more wild photoshoot concept. And I have to say...we were both more than impressed. We were in absolutely awe. After that shoot, Sharon immediately started editing these photos and I started wowWWeEeEing at her amazing work. Yep, that's pretty much how we act of what you see outside of Instagram.

And when you partake in such an epic photoshoot, you know it has to be published on the blog! Because I wanted to share all of these cool images with you guys, I thought I might as well address one topic that I've been meaning to share with you guys - my current favorite hair products. As embarrassingly as it is to admit this, my hair was probably in the WORST CONDITION it has ever been in DURING this photoshoot. Not only did Sharon had to photoshop flaky dandruff out of my hair (#sorrynotsorry for the #TMI), but my hair also had dry and brittle split ends - honestly, these ends were probably drier than the Sahara desert. BUT, this blog post isn't all about sharing the gross conditions of my hair. Instead, I wanted to share with you guys the HAIRCARE ESSENTIALS that I've been using recently to turn my dull hair to more silky, conditioned locks. Read below to find out which haircare brands (and their products) saved the day, or better yet, my hurr.



Kerastase is a haircare brand that I've recently been seeing a LOT of on Instagram. Not only is their collection sold at my local gym, but there is a huge array of colorful Kerastase products at my hair salon as well. Like damn, this brand must be goooddd. And it wasn't just good - it was EXCEPTIONALLY GREAT. To be honest, I have never tried hair products that stunned the shit out of me or wow-ed me. Kerastase did just that, but in the best way possible. After just trying out their products ONCE, it was love at first sight.

In fact, my photographer, fellow blogger buddy, and business partner Sharon from @sharonlitz, gifted me two Kerastase products that literally changed the texture of my hair forever. What was meant to be a gift actually turned out to be a life-changing experience. Sorry guys - I swear I'm not being overdramatic here!

Let's take the Kerastase Elixir Ultime for example. This is a beautifying oil that combats dull, dry hair. THIS is what I have needed my entire life, but never discovered its existence until Sharon introduced me to this holy grail product. In the past, I've always used other hair products that I purchased from my previous hairstylist or even from Sephora - and these didn't do shit for my hair! The Kerastase Elixir Ultime provides a very fresh smell and adds a subtle softness to your hair, kind of like how your hair smells and feels so damn good after you pamper yourself to a haircut. This elixir makes me feel like I am pampering my hair 24/7, and I won't lie when I say sometimes I become addicted to applying this elixir 2-3 times per day.

The next product from Kerastase that I have to rave about to you guys is the Kerastase Aura Botanica Moisturizing Oil-Mist. Because I go HAM with applying the Kerastase Elixir Ultime throughout the ends of my hair, I spray this mist religiously on the top of my scalp where it is most dry. This keeps my hair away from the flakiness, dryness, and dullness that was once my mane at some point in time. Love love love this product and yes, I may be addicted to spritzing this on my head 2-3 times per day as well. Hope there's no such thing as overpampering your hair! ;)

Not only are Kerastase products designed with such a classic, sleek look, but the quality of their products are to die for. Both the products that I own smell absolutely amazing, but the results they produce for my hair are even MORE amazing.

Shop for these products:
Kerastase Elixir Ultime
Kerastase Aura Botanica Moisturizing Oil-Mist

Marc Anthony True Professional

After attending Marc Anthony's intimate Blogger Dinner event at Wolfgang Puck with best friend, Marisa, a couple months back, I started looking more and more into their haircare products.

One thing I have to say about Marc Anthony is that their products are AFFORDABLE AF. This is the golden ticket right here. When products are both affordable and deliver quality ingredients, that's when you have my attention. Whether I'm at home or traveling to a different city, I always make sure to utilize Marc Anthony Grow Long Caffeine Gingseng Shampoo and Marc Anthony Grow Long Caffeine Ginseng Conditioner. Additionally, I bring the Marc Anthony 100% Extra Virgin Coconut Oil & Shea Butter Volume Hairspray with me on trips as well and it smells so damn good.

I love their products (so does my best friend Marisa) and we both can't imagine living without them!

Shop for these products:
Marc Anthony Grow Long Caffeine Gingseng Shampoo
Marc Anthony Grow Long Caffeine Ginseng Conditioner
Marc Anthony 100% Extra Virgin Coconut Oil & Shea Butter Volume Hairspray


John Freida US

Being the lazybutt that I am at times, I will admit that I have never bothered to use heat protectant before curling my hair with my T3 Wand. Maybe that's why your hair is so damn dry, Michelle, did you ever think about that? Whoops, sorry hair.

Thanks to John Freida US, they delivered a VERY generous collection of their haircare products to my house and my eyes went all heart eye emoji as I browsed through their assortment products. One of the products that immediately caught my interest was the John Freida Frizz Ease 6 Effects + Serum

Now before I curl my hair, I always make sure to take the necessary precaution to use a trustworthy heat protectant hair serum and that's where this product comes into play. I also use this serum on my sisters' hair before I curls theirs with my favorite T3 Interchangeable Styling Wand, so it's safe to say that the Sun sisters vouch for this product as well ;)

A second product I wanted to share with you guys from the John Freida US collection is the John Freida Frizz Ease Daily Nourishment Leave-In Conditioner. I've always avoided leave-in conditioners, as I never wanted to deal with washing the product out of my hair 10 minutes after application. However, I LOVE how you can leave this product in your hair so I don't have to bother washing it out 10 minutes later! Additionally, it has one of the best scents ever and I swear I'm going to stock up on this product when I'm running low on it! This leave-in conditioner is best used when your hair is damp after a shower, and my hair never feels completely refreshed and hydrated until I spray this baby on.

Shop for these products:
John Freida Frizz Ease 6 Effects + Serum
T3 Interchangeable Styling Wand
John Freida Frizz Ease Daily Nourishment Leave-In Conditioner

So that's all of my current haircare favorites I have to share with you guys! Honestly, I love writing product reviews because not only do I get to try a bunch of new brands out, but I also get the liberty of choosing which products are worth sharing with you all! If you enjoy reading my product reviews and want to read more of these types of blog posts, be sure to leave a comment and let me know what else you'd like me to review when it comes to all things beauty, skincare, and makeup!

Photography & Makeup By:

Sharon Litz (@sharonlitz)

Glen Ivy Hot Springs: Welcome To The Secret Garden


Glen Ivy Hot Springs, we meet again. Just a bit over a month ago, I visited the relaxing Glen Ivy for Marisa's bachelorette party (which you can read all about here), but decided to visit once more because c'mon - who doesn't wanna make another trip to the spa?! With this third (and not final) visit, I've partnered up with Glen Ivy to host an INSTAGRAM TAKEOVER on their account and had so much fun showing their audience (and any of my audience that trickled over to their page, LOL) the full experience of what Glen Ivy has to offer! Additionally, I was in for a surprise myself as well, as this was my first time being able to walk through their new Secret Garden. The Secret Garden is a hidden little oasis tucked in away from the crowd, away from the noise, and is SO secret that it's not even on the map! Where is it located exactly? Well, that's a secret you'll have to find out for yourself once you get there ;)

If you keep on reading, I do have a special gift for y'all in the form of a GLEN IVY HOT SPRINGS GIVEAWAY so don't leave just yet - this party is just getting started ;)


When Glen Ivy cannot already get any more aesthetic, it DOES with their Secret Garden! If you want to know what the mind of a typical blogger looks like, just think of an endless Instagram feed scrolling down, brainstorming all of the possible places that would make for a potential photoshoot location. Yeah...not gonna lie that I have the mind of a typical blogger as well, BUT I always make sure to balance work and play as best as possible. Thus, I wanted to get a majority (or all) of my "photoshoot outfit sets" done at the beginning of the day so that I could relax for the remainder of my visit.

My plus one and I walked to our cozy little cabana named "Secret Garden #5" and let me just tell you, the staff is REALLY attentive here! Every time we came back (and yes, I mean EVERY time), a Glen Ivy staff member showed up and asked if we needed anything within a minute of us arriving back at the cabana. Is this what #cabanalifegoals feels like? If for some reason you do not see a staff member on site, they have a button in the cabana that you can click to request immediate assistance. Niiiiice.

So of course, always hungry Michelle likes to start off the day with food. And lots of it. Because Glen Ivy radiates vacay and getaway vibes, Michelle did not hold back when ordering food. Not only did she order a Grain Bowl AND Chicken Nachos, but she also ordered TWO Berry Delicious Smoothies! And not a single regret has been made that day. Honestly, I am addicted to their Chicken Nachos (it's nacho ordinary nachos) and a few Glen Ivy followers can say the same if you look at my Instagram Takeover post here. The Berry Delicious Smoothie is sweet and refreshing, and I wish my Vitamix at home could whip up something as delicious as this Glen Ivy drink. One amazing feature about reserving a Glen Ivy cabana for the day is the fact that the staff will bring you food and drinks from Ivy Kitchen, The Chill Zone, or Lounge 1860 so you don't have to wait in line for your order! I love how we were able to dig into our tablespread of entrees in the privacy of our own little cabana.

After experiencing a lightweight food coma, it was time for our 50-minute Aromatherapy Elements Massage (maybe I shouldn't have eaten so much beforehand, gulp). I requested the same massage therapist that I had last time named Robin, because her massage techniques are very particular and precise (in the good kind of way). Not only does Robin focus on every single body part that needs work, but she also works out the kinks in areas that I didn't realize needed attention! Sadly, Robin informed me that I should worry that my neck is very stiff, but she also gave me pointers on which exercises to do to make it less stiff. If I were to commit to a few simple stretching exercises (once in the morning and once at night), Robin says that I would experience a lot less knots, kinks, and pain in my neck area. Thanks Robin, I oughta try that!

Once we came out of our massages, we decided to chill even harder than we did at the massage. There's a corgi sticker on Facebook that explains this mood perfectly, LOL - I hope some of you know what I'm talking about so I don't sound crazy! There was a point in time where we walked on to the wooden patio of the Secret Garden and started rocking comfortably on their rocking chairs - something about rocking chairs just really calm me, LOL. Honestly, the Secret Garden is a great place to chill at Glen Ivy if you want to unplug from the world and do something restful like reading a book or getting some shut-eye. As soon as we heard music playing across the hot springs, we knew that it was Twilight Hour - this is a specific time when Glen Ivy brings out a live DJ or musician to play music to bring out the party in what was earlier a very tranquil hot springs. I'm all for it, since the live DJ was playing pretty dope music that I wanted to Shazam as I walked back to my car.

To end this blog post on a good note, a little birdie from Glen Ivy Hot Springs told me that I'll be giving away TWO complimentary mid-week passes (covers entry fee & available for redemption Monday - Thursday) AND TWO complimentary lunch passes)! If my Instagram post has brought you here, if you just regularly visit my blog, or if you happen to be here for the first time, I've included the simple rules below so that you can enter this giveaway! :)

1) Follow @glenivy_spa and @missmisschelle on Instagram.
2) Like the Instagram photo here.
3) Tag ONE best friend, significant other, or family member that you would love to bring to Glen Ivy here. The more tags, the more entries!
4) Leave a comment on this blog post saying what amenities/services/food you look most forward to at Glen Ivy Hot Springs if you won these passes! Include your full name, email address, and Instagram handle in the comment as well.
5) [For 10 extra entries] Like Missmisschelle's Facebook page here. Please include this in your comments if you've done this step - I will be checking!

This giveaway is open to US residents only. No private/multiple/giveaway accounts below. You must follow ALL required rules in order for your entry to count. I will be announcing ONE WINNER in 7 days! Good luck.

Last but not least, thank you so much Glen Ivy Hot Springs for allowing me to do an Instagram Takeover on your page in addition to partnering up with me on this giveaway! I'll definitely be back soon :)

June 2018 Skincare Favorites


Boy, is this heat wave weather driving anybody insane these days or is it just me?! If you're spending the next few days under the beaming sun, be sure to layer your face & body with SPF. Honestly, I already know a good amount of family members and friends who avoid this necessary everyday skincare step and suffer the consequences through the form of an unwanted farmer's tan. Don't be like them and be sure to take any necessary precaution to protect your skin from the sun's harmful UV rays ;)

In today's blog post, I want to share with you guys the trustworthy products that I've tried and loved throughout the month of June. This product review includes the latest additions that I've made to my skincare collection (ex: cleansers, creams, Vitamin C products, etc.) and softening/plumping lip products. Any products that I've liked and would use more than once - I've included in this review. If you haven't seen my May 2018 Skincare Favorites blog post, be sure to check it out here. So without further ado, let's go over my June favorites!


Rose Cream Cleanser:

Recently, I've tried the Rose Cream Cleanser from Pixi Beauty and absolutely LOVE the smooth texture of this product. It reminds me of those Club Mud days at Glen Ivy Hot Springs, as that was the first time I've ever experienced applying mud to my face. Although it doesn't have the foamy, bubbly texture that typical cleansers carry, I love how soft it makes my skin feel. The Rose Cream Cleanser is definitely a treat-yo-self type of cleanser that I will be incorporating into my morning skincare routine.

Even though I was told by my dermatologist that even splashing solely water on your face works in the morning, I've read enough skincare blog posts that mentioned that cleaning your face in the morning is important to eliminate the bacteria/dirt that you get throughout the night when you toss and turn in bed. Thus, the Rose Cream Cleanser will definitely be a part of my mornings from now on.

Precleanse (Travel Size): 

Love love loveeeee the travel size of this Precleanse from Dermalogica! Additionally, I adore how it comes with a mini "facial scrub brush" (sorry that I don't have a better name for it) so that my precleanse turns into a foamy mixture once combined with lukewarm water. I've added this travel-sized Precleanse to my travel bag whenever I sleepover at a friend's house or travel away from home for a couple days. Definitely recommend this baby for any traveler who needs a deeper cleanse to get rid of all of their makeup at night before bedtime! You can read my review of the traditional sized Precleanse in my May 2018 Skincare Favorites blog post here.

Vitamin C

The only two Vitamin C products that I have recently tried for the month of June are Dermalogica's Biolumin-C serum and H2V's Triple C Accelerator. Personally, if I had to choose a favorite Vitamin C product, I am still hooked on on the Kiehl's Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate  - I won't lie, the slight tingle (which feels like a tiny pinch!) that I receive from this specific product makes me feel like it's truly working its magic on my skin! However, the Dermalogica and H2V products also serve as great options for getting your external dose of Vitamin C and I've switched between the two often throughout the month of June. 

The H2V product has more of a sticky gel-like texture, but absorbs rather quickly into the skin - which I like, since personally I'm not a fan of skincare products that take forever to be absorbed! Meanwhile, the Dermalogica product has a more watery base compared to the H2V product and smells absolutely amazing! Actually, let me put it this way - ALL Dermalogica products smell amazing!


Moisturizers & Creams

Although other people might think I'm crazy, I actually take pride and LOVE every second of my evening skincare routine! Yes, applying each and every skincare product on to my skin may take a while when you add up the total amount of time of the routine, given that you need to wait at least 10 minutes for each product to effectively absorb into your skin for the full beneficial effects. However, I find my evening skincare routine to serve as one of the best destressors before I go to sleep and it allows me to focus on just ME for once (and not things like Instagram, work, emails, etc.).

I've tested two products throughout June and these are from two of my favorite go-to skincare brands that you've probably already heard me talk about before - BABOR and Dermalogica.

BABOR is absolutely amazing at what they do and I can vouch that I am literally in love with every one of their products. Not only do I use their Rose Essence Toner every single night for MONTHS, but I recently tried out the BABOR Skinovage Moisturizing Cream. Can I just say that BABOR's packaging is freakin' classy AF? Every container they have is minimal and sleek, and just using any of their products  makes me feel like I'm treating my skin like royalty. The BABOR Skinovage Moisturizing Cream is very moisturizing and lightweight - you can call this perfect kind of cream when it comes to texture and density, as it is not too thin nor is it too heavy and thick.

On the other hand, I've been using Dermalogica's Pure Night treatment cream for the last couple nights and again, the smell of their products are very soothing...soothing enough to put me to sleep. Zzz....whoops, can't sleep on you now! Additionally, I like to add five drops of Pixi Beauty's Jasmine Oil Blend to this specific treatment cream and mix them together for a very moisturizing concoction that I can safely call my own. Also, another reason why I decided to combine the two products upon application is because I would go HAM with the Pixi oil blend drops and apply 10 drops or more to my skin, LOL. When I told the Pixi Beauty team about my infatuation for their oil drops, they started laughing and thought I was silly. Welp, I aim to please anyways.


When I attended Pixi Beauty's intimate dinner event a couple weeks ago at Pelican Hill Resort, they taught us all about their collection of products - including their famous Glow Mist. I believe they included the Glow Mist in our goodie bags to take home that night, so that gave me the perfect opportunity to try it out!

Only the girls who attended the dinner will understand this, but there was one moment in time where we passed around a Mist product and started spritzing ourselves like crazy, haha. Now, whether I'm make-up free or wearing my makeup of the day, I always try to sneak a couple sprays on to my face. It also serves as a great way to cool down from this crazy heat! The Glow Mist contains 21 natural oils, propols, aloe vera, and fruit extracts to help hydrate your skin as a pick-me-up in the morning or adds glow all the while setting your makeup look.

Lip Products

I don't know why the magic number is TWO in this blog post, but for some reason, it coincidentally ended up that way - I've tried TWO lip products this month and both are awesome in their own ways! First, we have the COOLA Liplux, which is an amazing lip balm with SPF 30 for that extra suncare protection - thanks COOLA ;) It's not too sticky and doesn't taste bad at all (trust me when I've "tasted" some lip balms that I couldn't handle the taste of), and comes in a convenient size to throw in your purse or travel bag! Honestly, I keep one near my nightstand at all times so I can do a quick coat before going to bed.

Another lip product that I absolutely LOVE is the Algenist Genius Liquid Collagen Lip. It's a new product that Algenist released, and it is amaaazing. Although I am not a huge fan of the look of plump lips (even though it's the "rave" these days), I don't notice a hugely different plumping effect, which makes me a happy camper. The reason why I love this product is so much is for the fact that it moisturizes and softens my entire lips. I will be honest that the taste isn't my favorite, but who says you should be eating lip products anyways, Michelle? Regardless of the taste, I still use this every night as the last step of my evening skincare routine and it's my current go-to lip product. If you're looking for a trustworthy and quality lip product that will keep your lips moisturized and unchapped, this is the product you need!

I hope you guys enjoyed reading my second skincare blog post series! If you have any favorite skincare products of your own, I'd love to hear about them in the comments section below - let's chat!

Photography By:

Sharon Litz (@sharonlitz)

Healthy Eats: Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins

BananaMuffins - MilkAndEggs-4.jpg

Happy July everybody, and welcome to another monthly blog post series of "Healthy Eats"! Although I've shown this recipe on my Instastories quite a bit, I never had the chance to share with you guys the BOMB recipe that goes behind my Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins obsession. Well, today is your lucky day because I have partnered up with MilkAndEggs, an amazing grocery delivery service in the OC/LA area, once again to share this easy-to-make and delicious recipe with y'all! I always purchase my groceries from MilkAndEggs because not only do they offer a variety of fresh and quality ingredients, but they delivery your order right to your doorstep so you don't ever have to leave the house! Now that's what I'm talking about ;)

And do you know the best part about making Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins? You can easily pack or eat them on-the-go as a quick breakfast option, or you can snack on them throughout the day at home! Easy peasy, banana squeezy (I used the word banana because lemons are not included in this recipe, LOL). So without further ado, let's find out how to make these muffins!

BananaMuffins - MilkAndEggs-1.jpg


- 3 ripe bananas (the riper, the sweeter the muffins will be!)
- 1 egg
- 3/4 cup brown sugar
- 1 1⁄2 cups whole wheat flour
- 1 teaspoon baking soda
- 1 teaspoon salt
- 3 tablespoons chocolate chips

BananaMuffins - MilkAndEggs-3.jpg


1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
2. Lightly coat 12 muffin tin liners with cooking spray & place in muffin tin.
3. In large bowl, mash bananas with a fork.
4. Whisk in egg & brown sugar.
5. In a separate bowl, combine flour, baking soda, and salt.
6. Add flour mixture to banana mixture and mix well.
7. Add chocolate chips and stir.
8. Spoon equal amounts of batter into 12 muffin cups.
9. Bake for 20 minutes or until toothpick inserted in center comes out clean.
10. Allow to cool slightly in pan, then remove to wire rack.

BananaMuffins - MilkAndEggs-2.jpg

Link to the original recipe is here. I've altered the traditional recipe a bit to a slightly healthier alternative.

Discount Code:
Use "MISSMICHELLE" for $20 off your online MilkAndEggs purchase of $40 or more.

That's 50% off of your next groceries spree!

I know that a couple of you mentioned that you would make this recipe after I shared it on the blog. Be sure to tag me on Instagram and Instastories (@missmisschelle) if you do so, as I'd love to see how your muffins turned out! :) 

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by MilkAndEggs; however, all opinions remain my own.

Much Love,


A Travel Packing Guide Checklist For Bloggers


Here's a few questions I always ask myself while preparing for an upcoming trip - what should I pack? How much do I need to pack? Am I packing too much?

And truth be told, I always overpack...and my friends make fun of me so much for doing so. They always exclaim phrases such as, "Did you pack for an entire month?!" or "What the hell did you bring?!" but hey, at least yo gurl comes prepared, LOL!

Because I overpack or bring essential after essential with me, I thought it'd be useful to write a blog post revolved around a to-pack guide for bloggers, since bloggers specifically bring items or equipment that the average person doesn't bring on vacation. So without further ado, let's get to the packing guide!



- Electric toothbrush or toothbrush
- Toothpaste
- Floss
- Travel-sized Listerine

Personal Care/Hygiene

- Tampons/pads/pantyliners
- Deodorant
- Razor + Shaving Cream (sometimes, hotels provide complimentary razors)
           - Pro Tip: I like to bring disposable razors on trips that you can find distributed at gyms or spas, or you can purchase one for a cheap price.
- Nail Clipper
- Bandages (hotels provide these)


Although this one may not seem like an ESSENTIAL to a bunch of people, having access to trustworthy and quality skincare products will make a huge difference in the texture and elasticity of your skin throughout and after your trip. If you don't properly take care of your skin during a trip, you will surely see the negative after-effects as soon as you arrive home - especially there is a huge climate change/difference at your travel destination compared to your hometown.

With skincare, it's best to carry convenient travel-sized products with you so that you don't take up so much space in your luggage! I've linked a few travel-sized products that I love bringing with me throughout my media trips.

- Vitamin C
              - Current Fave: Kiehl's Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate
- Face Sunblock
              - Current Fave: CeraVe Facial Moisturizing Lotion
- Body Sunscreen
              - Current Fave: COOLA Organic Suncare
- Body Moisturizer
- Makeup Removing Wipes
              - Current Fave: Bioderma Sensible H2O Biodegradable Facial Cleansing & Makeup Remover Wipes
- Precleanse + Sponge
              - Current Fave: Dermalogica PreCleanse Balm-To-Oil Emulsifyer
- Cleanser
              - Current Fave: Dermalogica Gentle Foaming Cleanser
- Toner
- Serum
               - Current Fave: Instytutum Anti-Wrinkle Brightening Serum
- Face Moisturizer
               - Current Fave: Dermalogica Calm Water Gel
- Eye Cream/Moisturizer
               - Current Faves: Pixi Beauty 24K Eye Elixir, Dermalogica Stress Positive Eye Lift, BABOR Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream
- Lip Balm
               - Current Fave: Algenist GENIUS Liquid Collagen Lip
- Facial Sheet Masks
- Eye Masks
               - Current Fave: DHC Skincare Revitalizing Moisture Strips

Individual Pouches (For Storage Purposes)

Until I watched Bellywellyjelly's YouTube packing videos, I was always that messy packer that just threw shit everywhere in my luggage. Nowadays, I realize the importance of dividing essentials into various pouches for easy access. Additionally, I used to (and sometimes still do) pack my essentials in a ghetto way through reusable Ziploc bags, but somewhere along the way, I realized that having unique and different pouches can really help you differentiate what essentials you packed in which pouch. A pouch can range from a bag with a zipper, button, or clasp - as long as you can close it and it offers ample storage space, it works!

I use individual pouches to store these various essentials:
- Skincare
- Makeup + Makeup Brushes
- Blogging Necessities (USB Memory Card Reader, multiple USB port, external hard drive) 

What's In My Bag/Backpack 

- Wallet + ID + credit cards + cash
- External portable charger
- Laptop + charger
- 1-2 pens
- Eyeliner
- Lipstick
- Lip balm
- Floss
- One pair of sunglasses
- Reusable water bottle
- Planner to organize collaboration deadlines
               - Current Fave: Erin Condren's LifePlanner (Vertical Layout)
- Earbuds or headphones
- Neck pillow (recommended for long flights)

Blogging Necessities/Equipment

When Sharon and I shot these photos during our San Francisco trip at the luxurious InterContinental San Francisco, you already know that we brought all of our blogging equipment to create content! One of the most important things is to have your DSLR on you at all times to capture the perfect moments in time, such as when you scout out the ideal photoshoot location! The staircase and wide windows of InterContinental San Francisco naturally let in enough light to make this an aesthetic place to shoot - plus, there was enough space where we got to play with the angles a bit! I already miss staying at the InterContinental San Francisco and I loved how we had our own individual beds to watch Friends from while editing the day's photos on our laptops. Additionally, our hotel suite was very aesthetic and spacious to shoot additional content, and you can find other photos that we've posted from this hotel on our Instagram pages!

For those who don't like or are uncomfortable with carrying around a DSLR openly in public (plus it's not that safe to do so in sketchy areas), it's best to always bring a spacious and comfortable bag with you so you can put your DSLR away from the public eye.

- DSLR + memory cards + spare battery + charger + extra lenses
- Vlogging Camera + memory cards + spare battery + charger
- Google Pixel 2 (to take quick scenery/tourist photos)
- Laptop + charger
- External hard drive
- Multiple USB ports
- USB Memory Card Reader
- Planner to organize collaboration deadlines



Obviously, everybody has a different way of doing their makeup and to be honest, you don't NEED to bring every makeup essential out there - especially when you're a light traveler. Personally, these are the makeup essentials that I pack all in ONE pouch, but to each their own. You can bring as much as I do (or even more!), or you can limit your makeup stash to just simply eyeliner and mascara!

- Makeup Brushes
- Foundation
- Concealer
- Bronzer
- Blush
- Eyeliner
- Highlighter
- Transluscent Powder
- Mascara
- 1-2 Makeup Palettes
- Eyelash glue
- 1-5 pairs of falsies
           - Pro Tip: I like to bring one pair of mink lashes so that they last me all-trip long! If you want to be safe, bring two pairs just in case you lose the first pair or they get damaged!
- Lipstick or lipgloss
- Makeup Setting Spray

Fashion Pieces

- 1-5 dresses + rompers
- 1-2 pairs of jeans
- 1-2 tops
- Five Panties
- Five pairs of socks
- One pair of athletic shoes
- Three pairs of workout outfits (hey, at least you brought them!)
- 2-5 pairs of sandals, wedges, booties, boots, and/or heels
- 3-5 pairs of sunglasses
- 1-3 purses, bags, and/or totes
- 1-3 pieces of jewelry (something that is easy to wear or pack!)


- One medium or huge luggage or duffel bag
          - Pro Tip: Every time I go on a trip, I cannot live without the 360 mobility feature. Essentially, a luggage with 360 mobility is able to be easily transported and getting it from airport to hotel feels practically effortless. DELSEY USA is a GREAT store to purchase luggage pieces from - I currently use the 25" Bastille Lite Expandable Luggage in Black and 29" Titanium Expandable Spinner Luggage from DELSEY USA.
- One Purse
- One Backpack


Have an upcoming trip soon? Be sure to take a look at this packing guide to help you pack efficiently and effortlessly with time to spare ;)

Outfit Details:

Hat: Dynamic Asia

Sunglasses: Sunglass LA

Earrings: Baublebar

Dress: Bongo

Purse: Kate Spade


Wedges: Zooshoo

Photography By:

Sharon Litz (@sharonlitz)

Much Love,


San Francisco Food Crawl


Whenever I travel or hotel hop in a city away from home, this getaway opportunity gives me the perfect excuse to pig out shamelessly because I am "unable" to cook without a kitchen, heh. Although eating out is not the healthiest of choices, sometimes you don't have a choice when you're traveling! And if you ask me, you might as well pick the best spots in the city if you're already going to be dining out! Although I've lived in the Bay Area for a majority of my life, I almost always end up visiting new restaurants whenever I make a trip back to Northern California since I'm all about creating new experiences and digging into delicious food!

So without further ado, let's go over what restaurants I visited in San Francisco during my last trip!


Dumpling Time

If there's one Chinese food that I'm crazy about, it's dumplings (and potstickers)! Seeing all of the hype through the form of colorful dumplings on Instagram was enough of an incentive for me to book a reservation for two at Dumpling Time. I kept raving to Sharon just how excited I was to visit this place, and she returned the excitement back since we both are a fan of dumplings.

First off, I LOVE how Dumpling Time had its own parking lot - finally, a place in San Francisco that doesn't lack parking spaces. Also, we had the opportunity to meet the owner and he was super friendly! When he asked me what my favorite food was from Dumpling Time, I ended up saying his favorite - aka the Shrimp Toast. That toast is literally out of this world, as it carried the perfect amount of crunch and came with a delicious dipping sauce. Additionally, we ordered the Shrimp Har Gow, Shrimp & Pork Siu Mai, Beijing Noodles, Pork Gyoza, and Seafood Gyoza.  Last but not least, we cannot forget the famous King Dum, which is a huge xiao long bao that is served with a short boba straw to ensure that you get every last sip of the soup that remains inside this ginormous dumpling! Out of everything I ordered (yes, you can call me a fatass for ordering at least five dishes, LOL), my highlights of the day had to be the addicting Seafood Gyoza and the crunchy Shrimp Toast. DEFINITELY order these two entrees when you are here!

Honestly, I was thoroughly impressed with the quality of ingredients used, aesthetics, and taste of every entree served at Dumpling Time and would DEFINITELY recommend this restaurant to both friends and family. I'll definitely be back again!


Fog Harbor Fish House

Located at the popular Pier 39, Fog Harbor Fish House is known for its award-winning views and hype-worthy Clam Chowder. In fact, my San Francisco blogger friend. Thy from @thy.time, told me just how much she loves their Clam Chowder so I wish I ordered that instead! When Sharon and I walked into Fog Harbor Fish House, the restaurant was PACKED - now I can see why it's known as the second "best restaurant" on Yelp, hah.

If there's one thing you need to know about Sharon and I, we do not hold back when it comes to the amount of entrees that we collectively order, that's for sure. In fact, we are the type of friends that ENCOURAGE ordering additional plates because the hunger is too real, LOL. Hence, we ordered a variety of entrees that included Blue Cheese Garlic Bread, Crab Cakes, and much more.

If you're a huge fan of seafood, then Fog Harbor Fish House is definitely the place to check out!


Jane The Bakery

I discovered Jane The Bakery through my good friend and food photographer, Jeremy from @jer.chung. He raved repeatedly about how good this place was to the point where curiosity killed the cat running through my damn head. Sharon and I dropped by Jane The Bakery with hungry stomachs, and we pretty much devoured a croissant within seconds of receiving it served nicely on a plate. RIP Crossaint #1 that never made it on to my Instagram page that I had to order Crossaint #2 to replace Crossaint #1, LOL!

Also, as avocado toast lovers, Sharon and I couldn't resist ordering their Avocado Toast so we ordered one each. I have to say, this was the most unique Avocado Toast I have eaten - not only was it packed with ingredients to satiate my bottomless pit of a stomach, but the combined ingredients just tasted incredible together.


Ketsourine Macarons

If you've known me for at least three years, you'll know that Ketsourine Macarons is literally my second home and that I can never, ever stop promoting this business enough. Ketsourine Macarons is the definition of an Instagrammer's dream photoshoot, as they serve cute character macarons (they have Pusheen macarons, yasss!) and have the cutest minimalistic cafe interior to shoot in. I swear, I've taken all of my closest friends to Ketsourine Macarons and they love the welcoming and friendly ambiance as well! Also, they recently added savory and sweet crepes to their menu and I can definitely vouch that their savory "North Beach" (otherwise known as a "Pepperoni + Cheese" Crepe) was da booomb. If you're a huge fan of sweets, Ketsourine Macarons is DEFINITELY the place to go to!

P.S. My friends know I love Ketsourine Macarons so much that they send me Snapchats of when they're there because they know it's my happiest place on Earth!


For a fancy night out with your girlfriend or significant other, look no further than Luce. Located inside of the InterContinental San Francisco, Luce provides a Michelin-star dining experience with their 9-course Chef's Tasting Menu and wine pairing.

Since I am not a wine drinker, I handed off my wine glasses to a happy Sharon, who enjoyed tasting the different types and hearing about their unique origins from the Chef himself. Also, because Sharon is a vegetarian, we ended up receiving completely different entrees and loved the fact that they were able to whip up such aesthetic and carefully prepared entrees for the both of us. Even after trying multiple entrees, I ended up loving their Peanut Butter & Jelly dessert - yep, this choice only further confirms that I'm a hardcore sweettooth, hah. After dining at Luce, our stomachs left full and content and we conveniently walked back up to our room to relax with our laptops and the show, Friends, playing in the background.

If you're looking for a more intimate dinner out where you can take your time taking sips of wine, trying delicious entrees, and just chatting the night away, definitely add Luce to your bucketlist.

Have you been to any of these restaurants, or do you have any restaurant recommendations of your own? And do you guys enjoy reading my restaurant/food guides? Let me know in the comments below - let's chat!

Much Love,