Blogger Brunch at Le Marais Bakery


Wanting to start 2018 with a bang, I knew that the event planning junkie within me HAD to throw another media event sooner or later. Thus, a blogger brunch at Le Marais Bakery in San Francisco was born and I had the honor of brunching with eight other San Francisco fashion bloggers (some that I've already met, and some that I've always been waiting to meet)! Whenever I host influencer events, I always get so sentimental and nostalgic so I always love documenting a blog post recap of each event that I host on Missmisschelle. This was one of my favorite media events that I've hosted due to the fact that I had a lot of fun doing an INSTAGRAM TAKEOVER on Le Marais Bakery's Instagram account! Not only do I love helping my favorite businesses grow through influential social media exposure, but I love finding ways to push my brand name out there and being able to interact with other people from my area!


Outfit Details:

Sweater Dress:
Express (Different colors here: Style #1 & Style #2)

Black Leather Jacket:
Thacker NYC (Similar style here)

Moon Pendant Necklace:
ShopBexo (Different color here)

Booties: Skechers

*Use discount code "MICHELLE10" for 10% off your entire online purchase from Shop BEXO.

Cafe, Goodie Bag, & Group Shot By:
Thy Nguyen from @thy.time

Food Shots By:
Michelle Sun from @missmisschelle


At this blogger brunch, we did what all typical fashion and lifestyle bloggers do - eat and take pictures, duh! But of course, I do enjoy some good ol' conversation as well. I had fun getting to know the background of everybody's lives outside of the blogging world in addition to answering a few questions about full-time blogging! If you ask me any questions about blogging in person, I swear I could tell you my entire life story for hours on end...and you probably don't want to go through that, LOL. Oh, and I can't forget the hilarious, but frightening moment after brunch when we were all running away from a bee that wouldn't leave us alone when we were trying to take photos outside the entrance, LOL! Ah, good times.

Special thanks to all of the sponsors who joined us at this blogger brunch:

Le Marais Bakery (@lemaraisbakery):
Entrees, Pastries

Ketsourine Macarons (@ketsourinemacarons):

ShopBexo (@shopbexo):
Jewelry [ex: Necklaces]

Dynamic Fashion (@dnmcfashion):
Winter Accessories [ex: Beanies, Berets, & Scarves]

Lastly, I wanted to add that the customer service at Le Marais Bakery is over-the-top phenomenal. Our waiter, Derrick, always came back to our chatty, distracted-by-everything-cute table full of bloggers every 5-10 minutes to make sure that all of us were taken care of throughout the entire brunch. If you had to ask me what to order (which many of the bloggers already did once we sat down, LOL), I highly recommend their Duck Confit Salad, Prime Rib Salad, Caramel Latte, and any of their fresh pastries! There's a reason I come back to Le Marais Bakery all the damn time, and it's because of their stellar customer service and quality dishes. Until next time, Le Marais Bakery!

I hope you all enjoy looking through the photos, and please do try out Le Marais Bakery if you are in the San Francisco area! P.S. Their fruit tarts are bomb ;) Again, thank you so much to everybody who came out to my blogger brunch and to all of the sponsors for participating! This brunch wouldn't have been the same without each and every one of y'all :)

Much Love,


Pala Casino Resort & Spa

When an influencer event invites you to an amazing getaway in Temecula with other content creators to participate in slot machine tournaments, taste fine dining seafood options, and stay overnight at their beautiful resort, can life get any better than this? Oh yes it can, when you unexpectedly win $400 at the slot machines - but I'll get to that story later ;)

PC: Sharon Litz (@sharonlitz)

PC: Sharon Litz (@sharonlitz)

Just a one-hour drive away from my OC neighborhood, Pala Casino Spa & Resort is a gambler's paradise tucked away among acres of farmland and cattle. Sharon and I experienced a smooth morning drive together, checking in around 10:30AM on a Thursday morning. After dropping off our bags, we celebrated our arrival with two glasses of freshly squeezed orange juice at The Cave Lounge as we waited for other influencers to arrive to the scene. Before we knew it, the room quickly began to fill up and we were all served delicious pineapple-infused appetizers and beverages to start off the day's festivities.

Soon after, we were led by Pala staff towards the casino area for an exciting activity - SLOT MACHINE TOURNAMENT! The objective of the game included furiously tapping on a slot machine screen, looking for certain icons that popped up that carried the most points. At one point, I remember seeing "first place" pop up on my screen, but that status soon disappeared within seconds by another competitive influencer. The fight to hold first place until the timer reached 0:00 was real, but we all made sure to have fun while doing our very best. This game was jam-packed with finger tapping and craziness - you could literally see everybody's competitive edge come to life within these two minutes. After two rounds, I swear our arms were going to fall off, but I would have played 10 more rounds if we had the extra time, haha. Three winners received prizes for earning the highest scores before we moved on to the next activity.

By now, it was approximately 3:00 PM and we were divided into two groups - Group A for the Wine Cave and Group B for the Oak Room. After an hour, the two groups would swap activities. Starting off with the Oak Room, we were served a delicious course of decadently prepared seafood options and alcoholic beverages (specifically wine and champagne) from Temecula. We met the talented chef behind these creations and thanked him for such a wonderful meal before heading to the Wine Cave.

I'll be honest - I'm not a heavy or frequent drinker, so I don't have too much to say about the wine. However, I will say that the Wine Room was a hidden gem located downstairs from the concert venue and had an aesthetic, spacious interior that could host over 50 people. While the other influencers sipped on their drinks, Sharon and I headed out to create content for Instagram and the blog (aka photoshoot time!). We then headed over to the spa demo around 5PM, where we learned about hotel luxury products by Coola and Babor. 

By 7:00PM, the hotel resort was packed due to the UB40 concert that was held on their grand lawn vicinity. While a few people rocked out hard on the concert floor outdoors, Sharon and I decided to watch from the comfort of our hotel room. If you saw the hotel room for yourself, you wouldn't want to leave either ;) Our room included two queen beds and a very spacious bathroom - a very comfortable room if you ask me. It was pretty amazing that we could watch the concert from our hotel room window, and same with everybody else who stayed at Pala Casino - you can't say every hotel offers this kind of luxury. While the concert continued, Sharon and I decided to grab some Chinese food before hunting for ice cream because our stomachs are bottomless pits that crave sweets and calories.

So do you know anybody who holds an ice cream cone in one hand while clicking the "spin" button with the other? If not, at least you can say you know Sharon and Michelle do! We browsed around for a fun slot machine to play on, and Sharon selected a dragon machine while I sat down at the "China Shores" slot machine with a cute panda on it. Near the beginning of our playtime, Sharon won $12 and I started getting excited for her, as I only won six cents on my first round. Talk about making it rain! Surprisingly after three pathetic rounds, I clicked a few more buttons and I ended up winning $433 in total! This prize stunned me silly, as I did not expect to win such a grand sum of money after losing my brand new Free People top and earning six cents. It was definitely a memorable night, and Sharon and I had so much fun showing our crazy gambling sides off to the Instastory world. We ended the night with a really deep talk about various life topics, and I truly appreciate any friend who can talk with me about such intellectual topics.

The morning arrived faster than we wanted it to, but we lugged our asses to breakfast anyways because who can say no to food? Pala Casino reserved one of their private Sycamore Rooms for the influencer event, and we chowed down on savory bakery items, eggs, bacon, sausage, and french toast. May I add that they even had a DIY yogurt bar with fruits and granola?! Too cute! Shortly after, we all said our goodbyes to each other and I couldn't have experienced a better getaway with such genuine and friendly influencers.

Literally, I am writing this post as soon as I arrived home from the event because my experience at the Pala Casino Spa & Resort was that phenomenal. I wanted to thank the Pala Casino staff for going above & beyond with everything - from creating a vegetarian menu just for Sharon at the Oak Room to locating my lost Free People top by the end of the event. Not to mention, you can feel the positive vibes from each Pala Casino employee who helped us out, as they were all enthusiastic to be there. I am forever grateful to the experiences I shared at this resort, as well as the employees who made this all happen. Pala Casino Spa & Resort, I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart for such a wonderful experience.

Much Love,

Missmisschelle's 25th Birthday Party: Ketsourine Macarons (Part Two)

Missmisschelle's 25th Birthday Party: Ketsourine Macarons (Part Two)

Just because I visited Northern California for a good three weeks doesn't mean the party don't stop! As Part Two of my 25th birthday celebration, I hosted a second birthday party at my favorite Ketsourine Macarons with bloggers, photographers, and good company to reunite with my hometown friends for the limited amount of time that I'm staying in the Bay Area.

Missmisschelle's 25th Birthday Party: Pengo Drink Station (Part 1)

I dare you to ask anybody who knows me on a personal level - only workaholic Michelle would combine her birthday party with a media event to make content for da gram! Just about a week ago, I hosted Part One of my 25th Birthday Party at Pengo Drink Station in Laguna Hills. At this birthday party, my aim was to promote Pengo's top secret Unicorn Drink just in time for June's OC Night Market with the help of my guests (comprised of food photographers, Yelp Elites, foodies, etc.). These drinks were ONLY to be released at OC Night Market, which means that my guests were the very first foodies to feast their eyes on this innovative drink idea. With the help of additional sponsors, the Pengo staff, and my friends, I was able to capture fun memories through the form of fun and professionally shot visuals (thanks Sharon!) and a silly vlog filmed and edited by yours truly.


Sharon Litz (@sharonlitz)

Outfit Details:
Romper: Francesca's
Necklace: Thought Blossoms
Rings: Rocksbox

As a frequent party planner and event hostess, I am used to running around like a headless chicken throughout the duration of event to make sure my guests are taken care of. This also means that I don't have an appetite to eat, which means more food for my guests, hah! The party table was literally a sweet tooth's heaven - just see for yourself!



Unicorn Drinks  - Pengo Drink Station
Paninis, Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, Strawberry Cheesecake, Dessert Canolis - Stefano's Laguna Hills
Unicorn Cake & Unicorn Bark - Creme & Sugar

Additionally, I was honored to have Shop BEXO, Sleekhair, and Eyemimo San Francisco contribute their wonderful products at my birthday party. Take a look at the list below to see what my guests took home as a parting gift!


Jewelry (Necklaces, Chokers, Bracelets, & Anklets) - Shop BEXO
Natural Falsies - Eyemimo San Francisco

Pink Swag Bags - SleekHair


Lastly, here is a BIRTHDAY PARTY VLOG from the event - I'd greatly appreciate it if you guys could click LIKE on the video and leave a COMMENT if you want to watch more event vlogs!

Thank you again to everybody who attended or participated in my 25th Birthday Party - it wouldn't have been the same without you! Stay tuned for Missmisschelle's 25th Birthday Party: Part 2 taking place in the Bay Area this Sunday ;)

Much Love,