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If you are looking for quick getaway idea for the upcoming Labor Day weekend or future vacation ideas, you definitely want to visit the city of Santa Barbara at least ONCE in your lifetime! Similarly to San Diego, I absolutely enjoyed the carefree and beachy vibes that the chill town of Goleta had to offer, and it didn’t hurt that my two-night stay at the cozy Kimpton Goodland took on the form of a modern bohemian oasis away from home. In fact, I wanted to share with you guys a few photos of the property throughout my stay and a few key reasons on WHY I enjoyed my first time at Santa Barbara. If you enjoy reading hotel reviews and travel stories, keep on reading!


  1. Convenient Location

One of the few reasons why I enjoyed our stay at The Kimpton Goodland was the fact that the location of the property was in the smack-dab center of all of the popular Santa Barbara tourist locations. In fact, we were just TWO blocks away from my favorite Blenders In The Grass and Panino (you can read my Santa Barbara Restaurant Guide here) and just less than a 10-minute drive to State Street. State Street is a popular street filled with cute boutiques, delicious restaurants, and is right next to the beach!


2. Delicious & aesthetic outdoor patio restaurant

If you stay at The Kimpton Goodland without dining at their outdoor patio restaurant known as The Outpost, then did you really stay at The Kimpton Goodland?

The Outpost is a spacious restaurant located on the property of The Kimpton Goodland that rocks a modern, bohemian vibe. If you ask me, it is also the ideal photoshoot location for any Instagram lifestyle, food, or fashion influencers! If you are curious about the food quality and customer service, you can read my honest restaurant review of The Outpost SB here.

Note: Upon check-in, the staff will hand you a map of the entire property, which includes a few top Instagram spots that they’ve highlighted within the vicinity. If you take an Instagram photo tagging their hotel in the caption and photo, you score a $10 restaurant voucher to use at The Outpost SB.

3. Fun daily activities hosted by the hotel.

If there is one thing that I love about staying at a hotel, it includes the eventful itinerary that the hotel hosts for their guests! At The Kimpton Goodland, I recently learned that every different day introduced a different activity on their property. You can find a list of their hotel events here.

During our stay, we were able to join for their complimentary S’mores Night - besides, what’s a better way to spend an intimate night with friends toasting marshmallows on a cozy couch at one of their many firepits? We definitely fulfilled our sweet cravings that night ;)


4. Pet-friendly

Now this one is pretty self-explanatory - any business that shows support and love for our furry friends is a business that I wholeheartedly support as well! Not gonna lie - I definitely loved all of the dog Instagram photos that I saw on their Instagram feed, LOL. Totally would have brought my little moustache dog, Muffin, along if my friend wasn’t allergic to dogs!

Regardless, it’s nice to know that this hotel is dog-friendly so you won’t have to worry about getting a dogsitter if you want to make a trip to Santa Barbara!


Have you been to Santa Barbara before? Is there any hotspots I should check out during my next visit? ;)

Talk to me in the comments below - let’s chat!

Cass House Cayucos: An Intimate Getaway Between NorCal and SoCal


Just a three and a half hour drive from Southern California exists a homely, welcoming abode otherwise known as Cass House Cayucos. If you're looking for romantic getaway vibes with your boo, a fun bachelorette party away from home, or an intimate wedding venue, Cass House Cayucos is the place to go. Located across from the sandy Cayucos Beach, Cass House Cayucos serves as a luxurious five-room boutique hotel that offers the most spacious of suites for you to rest, eat, and explore around the city of Cayucos.


Out of all of the hotels, resorts, and Airbnbs that I've stayed at throughout my years as a lifestyle and travel blogger, Cass House Cuyacos has to be my top hotel choice for channeling the most homely vibes. Because every individual's own room is just a short walking distance from each other, Cass House Cuyacos honestly feels like a home away from home to me. While Sharon stayed at the "Master With Ocean Balcony" suite, I opted for the "Master With Deluxe Tub" suite. As soon as we arrived, the cheerful-as-ever receptionist gave us a quick tour of the house and detailed introduction to their food services (The Bakery and The Grill).

As soon as Sharon and I dropped off our luggage, we took a good 30-minutes to unpack our suitcases and relax before officially starting off our day. But first thing's first - who's hungry? An always hungry Michelle and Sharon made their way towards The Bakery, which is just around the corner of Cass House Cuyacos. What I love about The Bakery is the fact that it is an open kitchen where you can visually see the staff make the food from scratch - LOVE IT! For some reason, seeing food being made from scratch literally makes me drool ten times as harder...TMI much, hah. Since The Bakery offered a variety of options, we literally went down the whole list and left with two Popovers (with the bombest chive butter EVER), two biscuits (with honey butter), one slice of quiche, one Vanille Canele, and one Egg & Bacon Panini. Want to know how delicious everything tasted? Let's just say we pretty much devoured our entire order.

Afterwards, I ended up shooting a few product shots in my suite while we waited for the sun to go down before we could start our photoshoot session. Shoutout to the staff for being extra acommodating for me to capture the perfect Instagram photo, as they helped provide me with fresh flowers, extra pastries, mugs, and condiments, just for one shot - yo gurl could never be more appreciative! As you can see from the photo below, Cass House Cuyacos has definitely helped up my Instagame in this shot.


When a tired Michelle was done shooting, Sharon and I headed to The Grill at 5:30PM for a luxurious dinner also located in the premises of Cass House Cayucos. At The Grill, the chef clearly explains the ingredients used behind each dish and how the ingredients are locally sourced from nearby farms or from the Cass House Garden itself. Sharon and I both agree that every entree that they made was high-quality, aesthetically appealing, and packed with flavor. One entree I must hype up is their Pepperoni Pizza - this is a pizza drizzled with honey and it is SO addicting that Sharon and I contemplated on ordering a second pizza, even though we were stuffed by the end of the meal. After that Pepperoni Pizza, I'm not sure if I can eat a normal pizza again without honey drizzled all over it, LOL! Additionally, we also tried their Grilled English Peas, Oak Grilled Prawns, Vegetable Quinoa Salad, and Spaghettini Carbonara. The Spaghettini Carbonara and Oak Grilled Prawns are two more dishes I would recommend ordering at The Grill - trust me when I say you won't be disappointed with the flavor.

After dinner, we took photos around the vicinity of the house before heading over to Cayucos Pier across the street. During our photoshoot, we had a conversation about what theme we wanted to direct our Instagram feeds towards and ended up turning on our weird-o-meter's to an all-time high. Sad to say, our silly pictures turned out to be our favorite photos of the day over your typically posed, "Instagram-worthy" shots.


To end the night, I watched an hour-long episode of this Asian drama that I've been addicted to called "My Amazing Boyfriend" (LOL at the title, I know - please don't judge me) while soaking in a bath. And man, Cass House Cuyacos was not kidding about that deluxe tub! I swear, every tub that I've been in at a hotel has not accommodated my 5'5" body, but this deluxe tub can literally fit two people! It was definitely the kind of bath I needed in a while to destress.

When we woke up in the morning, we headed to The Bakery once again to fill up on fresh out-of-the-oven pastries before driving off to San Francisco. If you missed any of our Cass House Cayucos adventures, don't forget to check out the HIGHLIGHTS REEL on my Instagram page (@missmisschelle) for behind-the-scenes!

Last but not least, I wanted to give a special thank you to Cass House Cayucos for hosting us! I absolutely enjoyed my stay and I hope to visit again soon!

Much Love,


The Resort At Pelican Hill: A 5-Star Luxury Hotel


After seeing gorgeous pictures of the Pelican Hill Resort posted all over my Instagram feed from various bloggers, I knew I had to visit this place one day. The Pelican Hill Resort is literally a breathtaking getaway spot so close to home and I knew my life wouldn't be complete without seeing this beauty at least once in my lifetime. Luckily for me, just a couple of days after Valentine's Day, I was cordially invited by the Pelican Hill Resort staff to dine in at their renown restaurant otherwise known as Coliseum Pool & Grill. I absolutely LOVED my first-time experience at this luxurious hotel (from admiring every square foot of this hotel to eating the delicious food) so I wanted to give you guys a brief recap of my previous weekend at this resort and why YOU should visit it one day as well.


First off, can I just say that any hotel that offers complimentary parking for its guests is a WINNER in my book? I can't tell you enough times how much I am not a fan for paying for hotel parking, especially when it's overpriced and when you're already shelling out a good amount of money to pay for your hotel room. Ya feel me?

In a jiffy, the valet service at the front of the hotel greeted me warmly and ensured that my car was in good hands as I walked out of my vehicle and handed over my keys. Done and done - it was time to go eat.


My plus one and I walked to the Coliseum Pool & Grill, which was right around the left side corner once you enter the lobby and walk down a flight of stairs. With an easy-to-find location and poolside view goals, I was beyond ecstatic to dine at such a beautiful resort.

Our server was very friendly and also hilarious, which made our dining experience ten times better. After all you can never have a better restaurant experience than with great customer service and bombass food. Because I have an insatiable appetite, we ended up ordering five dishes - Spinach Artichoke Dip, Coliseum Tempura, Flash Fried Calamari, Grilled Sea Bass, and Surf N' Turf Filet Mignon (special of the day).

As soon as I had one bite of the Flash Fried Calamari, I already knew the rest of our entrees were going to be just as good. Our fried appetizers had just the right amount of crunch and came with the most delicious dipping sauces. With every bite of a new dish, I wasn't disappointed; instead, my infatuation for this restaurant grew as I discovered every new entree that arrived on our table just got better and better. The Surf N' Turf Filet Mignon was cooked to a tender perfection and we devoured that dish in less than five minutes - it was the best filet mignon I've had in a while. After that meal, I already proclaimed that this was my new favorite restaurant in Orange County (which is a phrase I end up saying after every good meal LOL).

After lunch, my guest and I decided to take a stroll around the Coliseum Pool. And as Sharon and I like to say when we're impressed - WowWwWeEeEE, this pool was a beaut! I knew I had to get Instagram content at such a picturesque location, so I ended up shooting at this one corner of the hotel for 30 minutes LOL. While non-social media users will judge the complete shit out of me, all of my other Instagrammers out there will understand that the struggle to get Instagram content is real! ;)

While walking around the Pelican Hill Resort, I loved how there were just so many spaces to walk, sit down, and have an intimate conversation with whoever you're with. We ended up chatting at a spot that overlooked Pelican Hill's golf course and we spotted a couple miles away near this fancy podium that the resort holds events at. If only he had proposed to the woman he was with at that time, that would have been the perfect location to do so and I wish I could have witnessed such a proposal, hehe.

That weekend at Pelican Hill Resort was definitely one for the books. You already know that I'll be back to wipe out Coliseum Pool & Grill's entire menu, but next time, I'd sure love to try their spa retreat!


[Outfit Details]

Sunglasses: Sunglass LA
Dress: Julia Jordan
Purse: Kate Spade
Wedges: Zooshoo

Much Love,


The Time Nyack


We all know from my daily updates on Instastories and NYFW Diary 2018 blog recap that I suffered from an extreme case of food poisoning for the majority of my New York Trip. Sigh, no bueno. But instead of complaining that my life sucked or that our vacation is ruined, you just gotta make the best of things, even in the worst situations - am I right? Some moments in life are just inevitable, and it's about how you learn to deal with or react to the inevitable that makes you a more mature and wiser person. Although our New York experience was deemed "the worst trip we ever had" (just gotta keep it real for y'all here, LOL), Nyack seriously turned everything around - and for the better. As soon as we walked into the bright red doors of The Time Nyack, Sharon and I knew that exploring this peaceful, secluded city of New York was the real breather we needed from all of the hustle and bustle of The Big Apple.


Where to begin? Let's start with the transportation process. After lugging our luggages from the Library Hotel to the Grand Central Terminal in the heaviest rainpour ever, taking a 45-minute train ride to Nyack, then hopping on a 15-minute Lyft, we finally made it to The Time Nyack just two hours later! Although Sharon and I were exhausted from the inconvenient transportation system between New York City and Nyack, plopping into our own individual Queen-sized beds in our spacious hotel room was the best feeling ever.

By this time, I was about 80-90% recovered and was beyond ecstatic about just how spacious our room was. So excited that I decided to carefully move around some furniture to create a workspace for myself. Yeah, workaholic Michelle just doesn't know when to quit when she's sick (face palm). While Sharon took a huge and much-needed slumber, I ended up finishing my detailed NYFW Diary blog post in 1.5 hours to make up for all of the work I didn't get to while I was dying in bed from stomach pains in New York City.

Who likes honesty hour? Because I'm about to get real honest with you guys, but in a good way! The Time Nyack was my most favorite hotel room that I ever stayed at with Sharon because of just how spacious and aesthetic our hotel room was. At every other hotel that Sharon and I stayed at (from San Diego to Koreatown to Seattle to Chicago), we were always tip-toeing over each other's belongings and squishing through spaces just to get to the other side of the room. With The Time Nyack, we had so much space that we ended up filming our usual weird and crazy dancing videos to this addicting song that we kept playing on repeat. I swear when we film those videos, people are probably asking us if we even work full-time LOL. But hey, it's all about working hard and playing hard!


Additionally, with our room, we had so many aesthetic corners to shoot Instagram content at. Not only was I able to get a quick sexy red dress glamour photoshoot on one side of the room, but we utilized their fancy baroque mirror to our fullest advantage for product shots. The hotel lobby was where we ended up capturing more moody shots due to how natural lighting hit the grid windows, but I loved looking back at our images nevertheless. After all, Instagram feed themes change with time, much like the seasons in a year.


While Sharon dined at the restaurant on the first floor of The Time Nyack otherwise known as BV's Grill once, my fat ass dined there twice. The first night, I ordered a delicious Romanian Skirt Steak entree and that was the first real dish I literally had during my time in New York, LOL. It was absolutely delicious, and Sharon could see that I was devouring my dish like how a bunny stuffs an entire vegetable in its mouth in just a matter of seconds. When we dined at BV's Grill together, Sharon ordered a colorful and aesthetic salad while I opted for the Spider Roll. Again, I was satisfied with my meal and would highly recommend BV's Grill for anyone who is in the city of Nyack (whether you're staying at the hotel or not!).

Besides staying at The Time Nyack, the most we did was Lyft 10 minutes away from the hotel to try various restaurants in the city of Nyack such as Art Cafe of Nyack and Strawberry Place. To be honest, I wasn't sold by the food located in the outskirts of town, but I am truly happy that we had the opportunity to turn our vacation around (even by the slightest bit) with our fun and laid-back stay at The Time Nyack. Special thanks to The Time Nyack for hosting us! If I'm ever in New York again, I wouldn't think twice about staying at your hotel again for another positive experience!

Hotel Photography By:

Sharon Litz (@sharonlitz)

Much Love,


Pala Casino Resort & Spa

When an influencer event invites you to an amazing getaway in Temecula with other content creators to participate in slot machine tournaments, taste fine dining seafood options, and stay overnight at their beautiful resort, can life get any better than this? Oh yes it can, when you unexpectedly win $400 at the slot machines - but I'll get to that story later ;)

PC: Sharon Litz (@sharonlitz)

PC: Sharon Litz (@sharonlitz)

Just a one-hour drive away from my OC neighborhood, Pala Casino Spa & Resort is a gambler's paradise tucked away among acres of farmland and cattle. Sharon and I experienced a smooth morning drive together, checking in around 10:30AM on a Thursday morning. After dropping off our bags, we celebrated our arrival with two glasses of freshly squeezed orange juice at The Cave Lounge as we waited for other influencers to arrive to the scene. Before we knew it, the room quickly began to fill up and we were all served delicious pineapple-infused appetizers and beverages to start off the day's festivities.

Soon after, we were led by Pala staff towards the casino area for an exciting activity - SLOT MACHINE TOURNAMENT! The objective of the game included furiously tapping on a slot machine screen, looking for certain icons that popped up that carried the most points. At one point, I remember seeing "first place" pop up on my screen, but that status soon disappeared within seconds by another competitive influencer. The fight to hold first place until the timer reached 0:00 was real, but we all made sure to have fun while doing our very best. This game was jam-packed with finger tapping and craziness - you could literally see everybody's competitive edge come to life within these two minutes. After two rounds, I swear our arms were going to fall off, but I would have played 10 more rounds if we had the extra time, haha. Three winners received prizes for earning the highest scores before we moved on to the next activity.

By now, it was approximately 3:00 PM and we were divided into two groups - Group A for the Wine Cave and Group B for the Oak Room. After an hour, the two groups would swap activities. Starting off with the Oak Room, we were served a delicious course of decadently prepared seafood options and alcoholic beverages (specifically wine and champagne) from Temecula. We met the talented chef behind these creations and thanked him for such a wonderful meal before heading to the Wine Cave.

I'll be honest - I'm not a heavy or frequent drinker, so I don't have too much to say about the wine. However, I will say that the Wine Room was a hidden gem located downstairs from the concert venue and had an aesthetic, spacious interior that could host over 50 people. While the other influencers sipped on their drinks, Sharon and I headed out to create content for Instagram and the blog (aka photoshoot time!). We then headed over to the spa demo around 5PM, where we learned about hotel luxury products by Coola and Babor. 

By 7:00PM, the hotel resort was packed due to the UB40 concert that was held on their grand lawn vicinity. While a few people rocked out hard on the concert floor outdoors, Sharon and I decided to watch from the comfort of our hotel room. If you saw the hotel room for yourself, you wouldn't want to leave either ;) Our room included two queen beds and a very spacious bathroom - a very comfortable room if you ask me. It was pretty amazing that we could watch the concert from our hotel room window, and same with everybody else who stayed at Pala Casino - you can't say every hotel offers this kind of luxury. While the concert continued, Sharon and I decided to grab some Chinese food before hunting for ice cream because our stomachs are bottomless pits that crave sweets and calories.

So do you know anybody who holds an ice cream cone in one hand while clicking the "spin" button with the other? If not, at least you can say you know Sharon and Michelle do! We browsed around for a fun slot machine to play on, and Sharon selected a dragon machine while I sat down at the "China Shores" slot machine with a cute panda on it. Near the beginning of our playtime, Sharon won $12 and I started getting excited for her, as I only won six cents on my first round. Talk about making it rain! Surprisingly after three pathetic rounds, I clicked a few more buttons and I ended up winning $433 in total! This prize stunned me silly, as I did not expect to win such a grand sum of money after losing my brand new Free People top and earning six cents. It was definitely a memorable night, and Sharon and I had so much fun showing our crazy gambling sides off to the Instastory world. We ended the night with a really deep talk about various life topics, and I truly appreciate any friend who can talk with me about such intellectual topics.

The morning arrived faster than we wanted it to, but we lugged our asses to breakfast anyways because who can say no to food? Pala Casino reserved one of their private Sycamore Rooms for the influencer event, and we chowed down on savory bakery items, eggs, bacon, sausage, and french toast. May I add that they even had a DIY yogurt bar with fruits and granola?! Too cute! Shortly after, we all said our goodbyes to each other and I couldn't have experienced a better getaway with such genuine and friendly influencers.

Literally, I am writing this post as soon as I arrived home from the event because my experience at the Pala Casino Spa & Resort was that phenomenal. I wanted to thank the Pala Casino staff for going above & beyond with everything - from creating a vegetarian menu just for Sharon at the Oak Room to locating my lost Free People top by the end of the event. Not to mention, you can feel the positive vibes from each Pala Casino employee who helped us out, as they were all enthusiastic to be there. I am forever grateful to the experiences I shared at this resort, as well as the employees who made this all happen. Pala Casino Spa & Resort, I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart for such a wonderful experience.

Much Love,