The Time Nyack


We all know from my daily updates on Instastories and NYFW Diary 2018 blog recap that I suffered from an extreme case of food poisoning for the majority of my New York Trip. Sigh, no bueno. But instead of complaining that my life sucked or that our vacation is ruined, you just gotta make the best of things, even in the worst situations - am I right? Some moments in life are just inevitable, and it's about how you learn to deal with or react to the inevitable that makes you a more mature and wiser person. Although our New York experience was deemed "the worst trip we ever had" (just gotta keep it real for y'all here, LOL), Nyack seriously turned everything around - and for the better. As soon as we walked into the bright red doors of The Time Nyack, Sharon and I knew that exploring this peaceful, secluded city of New York was the real breather we needed from all of the hustle and bustle of The Big Apple.


Where to begin? Let's start with the transportation process. After lugging our luggages from the Library Hotel to the Grand Central Terminal in the heaviest rainpour ever, taking a 45-minute train ride to Nyack, then hopping on a 15-minute Lyft, we finally made it to The Time Nyack just two hours later! Although Sharon and I were exhausted from the inconvenient transportation system between New York City and Nyack, plopping into our own individual Queen-sized beds in our spacious hotel room was the best feeling ever.

By this time, I was about 80-90% recovered and was beyond ecstatic about just how spacious our room was. So excited that I decided to carefully move around some furniture to create a workspace for myself. Yeah, workaholic Michelle just doesn't know when to quit when she's sick (face palm). While Sharon took a huge and much-needed slumber, I ended up finishing my detailed NYFW Diary blog post in 1.5 hours to make up for all of the work I didn't get to while I was dying in bed from stomach pains in New York City.

Who likes honesty hour? Because I'm about to get real honest with you guys, but in a good way! The Time Nyack was my most favorite hotel room that I ever stayed at with Sharon because of just how spacious and aesthetic our hotel room was. At every other hotel that Sharon and I stayed at (from San Diego to Koreatown to Seattle to Chicago), we were always tip-toeing over each other's belongings and squishing through spaces just to get to the other side of the room. With The Time Nyack, we had so much space that we ended up filming our usual weird and crazy dancing videos to this addicting song that we kept playing on repeat. I swear when we film those videos, people are probably asking us if we even work full-time LOL. But hey, it's all about working hard and playing hard!


Additionally, with our room, we had so many aesthetic corners to shoot Instagram content at. Not only was I able to get a quick sexy red dress glamour photoshoot on one side of the room, but we utilized their fancy baroque mirror to our fullest advantage for product shots. The hotel lobby was where we ended up capturing more moody shots due to how natural lighting hit the grid windows, but I loved looking back at our images nevertheless. After all, Instagram feed themes change with time, much like the seasons in a year.


While Sharon dined at the restaurant on the first floor of The Time Nyack otherwise known as BV's Grill once, my fat ass dined there twice. The first night, I ordered a delicious Romanian Skirt Steak entree and that was the first real dish I literally had during my time in New York, LOL. It was absolutely delicious, and Sharon could see that I was devouring my dish like how a bunny stuffs an entire vegetable in its mouth in just a matter of seconds. When we dined at BV's Grill together, Sharon ordered a colorful and aesthetic salad while I opted for the Spider Roll. Again, I was satisfied with my meal and would highly recommend BV's Grill for anyone who is in the city of Nyack (whether you're staying at the hotel or not!).

Besides staying at The Time Nyack, the most we did was Lyft 10 minutes away from the hotel to try various restaurants in the city of Nyack such as Art Cafe of Nyack and Strawberry Place. To be honest, I wasn't sold by the food located in the outskirts of town, but I am truly happy that we had the opportunity to turn our vacation around (even by the slightest bit) with our fun and laid-back stay at The Time Nyack. Special thanks to The Time Nyack for hosting us! If I'm ever in New York again, I wouldn't think twice about staying at your hotel again for another positive experience!

Hotel Photography By:

Sharon Litz (@sharonlitz)

Much Love,