The Most Instagrammable Cafe in Taiwan: VVG Hideaway


Because of the beautiful aesthetics of this one particular Taiwan cafe, I knew I wanted to give an entirely separate review to the lovely VVG Hideaway in Taipei City, Taiwan. In fact, I discovered this hidden gem (it’s literally hidden…we had to park near a random stranger’s house and took a 5-min walk down a random hill to get here) through a blog post written by Singapore blogger, Christabel Chua from @bellywellyjelly, when she visited Taiwan a while back. As soon as she posted photos from this Instagrammable cafe, I knew I had to take this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit this place for myself!

You know those Facebook videos you find on your newsfeed that have catchy titles such as “The Most Instagrammable Restaurants In Taiwan” or “15 Places You Need To Dine At In Taiwan”? Well, VVG Hideaway would honestly make the cut in any press-related restaurant videos filmed in Taiwan because it is literally #cafegoals when you analyze the exceptional quality and presentation of the entrees and drinks, the clean and minimal aesthetics of the cafe, the customer service, etc. Since I am not from Taiwan and will probably not visit this country often, I would honestly come here EVERY single time because I personally believe it is the ideal location to grab tea/coffee and desserts with friends or a loved one, to catch up on some quiet reading time, or to get that Instagram-worthy shot. If I had to put my finger on it, VVG Hideaway reminds me of one of those quaint, private “treehouses” that is tucked away from the hustle and bustle and noise of any neighboring city.

In today’s blog post, I’ve listed a numerous amount of reasons on why I loved my first-time experience at VVG Hideaway and why you should add this particular cafe to your Taiwan bucketlist as well


1. This cafe has a very clean, cozy, minimal, & welcoming vibe - both indoors and outdoors.

As soon as I took one step into this lovely cafe, I felt like I was going to star in an Asian drama (LOL, I’ve been watching too many of these as of lately - thanks a lot, Netflix!). The first thing you see upon walking in is are two hostesses to your left waiting to greet you, and adjacent rooms that contain bookshelves, various decor, greenery, and more. In fact, the entire cafe is an open space, meaning there is a lot of walking room and rooms to browse through while you’re waiting for your seat.

With huge bay windows surrounding the entire cafe, it is amazing to see just how naturally lit this entire place is without a huge necessity for what’s normally deemed, “shitty restaurant lighting”. Essentially, you are spoiled with a beautiful view of the outdoors (BTW, the outside is just as pretty as the inside!) as you munch on the cutest menu options that VVG Hideaway has to offer. Plus, this natural light is perfect for bookworms like me - if I lived in Taiwan, this cafe would seriously be my number one work, reading, or study location of all times.

When a cafe provides an ample variety of food/drinks, perfect window lighting, a picturesque view, and plush sofas, you know that you’re about to feel pampered AF.

*Note: Please reserve a table for your party at least a few days to weeks in advance.

See VVG Hideaway’s Yelp page here.

2. A huge variety of menu options to choose from when it comes to ordering food, drinks, and/or dessert. Aesthetic and delicious!

I remember browsing the menu for a few minutes in deep thought before deciding what I really wanted to try! After careful consideration, I ended up ordering their Iced Coffee and Tiramisu Cake.

Honestly, my Iced Coffee was one of the best coffee drinks that I ever had. Not only did I find it super cool that my ice cubes were made entirely out of coffee, but it was also fun to pour the milk and creamer into the glass to see the entire mixture combine into one delicious beverage. It contained the perfect amount of coffee flavor; in other words, it was not too sweet or too bitter, but just right. If only we had this place in America!

As for my Tiramisu dessert, it tasted beyond delicious and I had no complaints at all. It was a combination of sweet, light, decadent, and fluffy. The best part? It didn’t contain too much alcohol (because we know some tiramisus can taste a bit too bitter!) and tasted just like a cake, so that made me a happy camper!

If I had to recall the other menu options to choose from, VVG Hideaway also served sandwiches, spaghetti, soups, salads, alcohol, and more. In terms of the price point, Wendy mentioned that the desserts and drinks ranged from around $6 - 9 USD each, while the entrees were a bit pricier. You can click the link here to view screenshots of the menu.

*Note: Each person in your party must spend at least $16 USD minimum to dine here.


3. Solid customer service.

Although I cannot speak Chinese, I had no complaints about the customer service. From cordially greeting our party to leading us to our table to taking our order, everything went smoothly.

I do have to say that the menu items do take a bit of time to prepare, so just expect to wait 10 - 15 minutes before you get your order!

4. Photography-friendly policy.

Not only was I able to take a billion photos at this dream cafe without judgment or weird stares from others (sorry Wendy), but I saw other customers taking fun cafe photos here as well.

However, they do have a strict policy against videography so just FYI! I love how the staff was kind enough to tell us about their policy after they spotted us creating content and apologized for the inconvenience, even though they didn’t cause us any inconvenience at all. When it comes to customer service, I appreciate employees who know how to communicate their policies in a clear and concise way all the while remaining respectful and polite to their customers.


So after reading my review and looking through these photos, are you convinced to add this place to your Taiwan bucketlist? What would you order if you were here?

Talk to me in the comments below - let’s chat!

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Where To Take Bae On Your Next Date In OC/LA


One of the greatest satisfactions I get from being a freelance lifestyle blogger is being able to listen to requested topics or feedback from my followers and fulfilling these requests to the best of my ability. By being able to engage and interact with my audience on the daily, I always strive to write helpful articles that give back to the community because nothing makes me happier than putting a smile on your face. As cheesy as that sounds, it's nothing but the truth! Thus, from the request of one particular follower who personally messaged me asking about various date spots to go to with her significant other and majority's vote from a recent Instagram poll that I initiated, this post is for ALL of you who are looking for recommendations on popular date spots or ideas in the Orange County and/or Los Angeles area! Also, I made sure to categorize each date based on the type of couple you are, whether that revolves around traveling, adventure, photography, or food. So without further ado, are you ready to surprise bae with one of the most fun and memorable dates of his/her life?! If so, let's get planning!


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Photography By:
Sharon Litz (@sharonlitz)


1. The Foodie Fans

Ever spot that one couple where the man takes fifty photos of the woman holding her warm (but about to go cold) Vanilla Latte, or the woman who shoots her man doing a noodle pull from his ramen bowl while straight flexin'? Or if you both aren't active on social media but know how to savor the flavor of each dish, that counts too! If you're one of these couples, then props to you! Below, I've listed my favorite restaurants in the OC/LA areas that you both should dine at if you love food as much as I do! ;)

Orange County:
7 Leaves Cafe (Irvine) - Coffee, Tea, Boba, Macarons  [Affordability: $]
Almond Haus (Garden Grove) - Boba & Tea  [Affordability: $]
Anepalco (Orange) - Mexican Food  [Affordability: $$]
Bo De Tinh Tam Chay (Westminster) - Vegetarian Vietnamese Food  [Affordability: $$]
Brodard Restaurant (Garden Grove) - Nem Nuong & Vietnamese Food  [Affordability: $]
Cafe Maji (Artesia) - Asian Fusion Food, Coffee, & Tea  [Affordability: $$]
Cauldron Ice Cream (Santa Ana) - Ice Cream & Puffles  [Affordability: $]
Gen Korean BBQ House (Tustin) - AYCE Korean Barbeque  [Affordability: $$]
Milk Box (Tustin) - Boba & Tea [Affordability: $]
Mint Leaf (Westminster) - Dim Sum & Chinese Food  [Affordability: $]
Poke Me (Irvine) - Poke Bowls  [Affordability: $]
Project Poke (Fountain Valley) - Poke/Sushi Burritos, Poke Bowls, Musubis [Affordability: $]
Puesto (Irvine) - Tacos & Mexican Food [Affordability: $$]
Sushi Damu (Tustin) - AYCE Sushi [Affordability: $]

Los Angeles:
Again Cafe x Chibiscus Ramen (Pasadena) - Ramen, Desserts, Coffee, & Korean Food [Affordability: $$]
Bardonna (Los Angeles) - American Brunch Food [Affordability: $$]
Marugame Monzo (Los Angeles) - Udon [Affordability: $$]
Night + Market Song (Silverlake) - Thai Food [Affordability: $]
Din Tai Fung (Arcadia) - Dim Sum & Chinese Food [Affordability: $]

2. The Traveling/Adventurous Duo

Do you two enjoy hiking through the outdoors, visiting beautiful attractions, or love trying out new activities together? If so, you might as well call yourself the traveling duo as you embark on your next destination together by visiting one of these recommendations below! 

Orange County:
CorgiCon - check Facebook events for available dates.
Irvine Spectrum (Irvine) - Shopping Mall
Noguchi Museum (Costa Mesa) - Museum
OC Night Market (Costa Mesa) -  Food Event & Vendors [Affordability: $$]
Plant Nite (at respective locations within Orange County) - Plant Nite Activity [Affordability: $$]
Red Rock Canyon (Lake Forest) - Hiking
Sip + Colr (at respective locations within Orange County) - Paint Nite Activity [Affordability: $$]

Los Angeles:
Americana At Brand (Glendale) - Shopping Mall
626 Night Market (Arcadia) - Food Event & Vendors [Affordability: $$]
Hollywood Sign (Los Angeles) - Hiking
La Brea Tar Pits & Museum (Los Angeles) - Museum
LACMA (Los Angeles) - Museum
Urban Lights at LACMA (Los Angeles) - Architecture

3. The Instagram Husband And Wife

Let's forever take pictures of each other for da gram - till death do us part? Yeeeaahhh, this pretty much sums up the relationship of an Instagram couple. If you are the ambitious couple who strives to improve your photography skills and constantly scouts out dope photoshoot locations, these are just a few of the many places that you HAVE to visit to take your Instagram game to the next level! #Instagramgoals #couplegoals

Orange County:
Bardot Bars & Coffee (Tustin) - Aesthetic Coffee Shop [Affordability: $]
Coffee For Two (Huntington Beach) - Aesthetic Coffee Shop [Affordability: $]
Downtown Disney (Anaheim) - Vendors
Hopper & Burr (Santa Ana) - Aesthetic Coffee Shop [Affordability: $]
Laguna Beach (Laguna Beach) - Beach
Noguchi Museum (Costa Mesa) - Museum

Los Angeles:
Coffee For Sasquatch (Los Angeles) - Aesthetic Coffee Shop [Affordability: $]
Griffith Observatory (Los Angeles) - Architecture
Pasadena City Hall (Pasadena) - Architecture
Rodeo Drive (Beverly Hills) - Shops
Santa Monica Pier (Santa Monica) - Beach/Pier & Vendors
The Bates Motel (Silverlake) - Hotel
The Beverly Hills Hotel (Beverly Hills) - Hotel
Urban Lights at LACMA (Los Angeles) - Architecture

4. The Competitive Couple

Ever feel that rush of adrenaline or stream of sweat trickle down your forehead when you're trying to beat bae at basketball? Competitive dates can get pretty hot and heated when you both share a competitive edge and refuse to lose. Here are a few places to battle it out against each other - just be sure to refrain from beating each other up when one person ends up losing, heh!

Orange County:
Boomers (Irvine) - Amusement Parks, Go Karts, & Mini Golf [Affordability: $$]
Irvine Lanes (Irvine) - Bowling [Affordability: $$]
Dave And Buster's (Irvine) - Arcade [Affordability: $$]

Los Angeles:
Karaoke At Music Box (City Of Industry) - Karaoke [Affordability: $$]
Round1 Puente Hills (City Of Industry) - Arcade, Karaoke, & Bowling [Affordability: $]

With this blog post, I hope that you will be able to check out one (or a few) of these recommendations that I've listed above when it comes to potential dating spots to take your boo! I've compiled these list of locations based on personal preference or word-of-mouth and made sure that these places were worth visiting - after all, I only include nothing but the best for my followers ;) If you found this blog post handy, I'd love it if you could click the heart button at the bottom of this post and don't forget to send a link of this post to your friends as well! ;) Happy Holidays & stay safe everybody!


Much Love,


Malibu Wine Safari

Grab a couple of adventurous girlfriends, your significant other, or your family and you'll be set for your next getaway to Malibu Wine Safari.

Located at the city of Miley Cyrus' recent top hit of the summer (aka Malibu), Malibu Wine Safari offers various tours to satisfy the animal and alcohol lover within you. You can check out their website here for a more detailed explanation of each tour. Thanks to Malibu Wine Safari, Sharon and I had the opportunity to experience the 105-minute Giraffe Tour.

To start off our tour, we got to ride in a badass vehicle with over 20 seats while sipping on glasses of champagne and taking in the beautiful view of Malibu's vineyard. This truck took us everywhere we needed to go for the entire tour, and getting in/out at each stop was easy because there were no doors or roof on the vehicle to restrict our movement.

For all of my animal lovers out there, you'd be excited to know that Malibu Wine Safari allows you to feed chopped carrots and lettuce to alpacas, bison, zebras, and more. Honestly, it was so cute to see three happy alpaca heads sticking out between the wooden planks of the fence, waiting to be fed by tourists. But, we cannot forget the star of the show - Stanley The Giraffe with a whopping 23.7k followers on Instagram! Stanley was such a friendly and welcoming host, and he makes a great buddy to take a selfie with (as long as you're holding a piece of lettuce LOL)! If you come to Malibu Wine Safari, you definitely have to get a picture with this celebrity giraffe!

To end the tour, we nibbled on crackers and wine before being driven back to the parking lot. It was extremely hot when Sharon and I visited MWS, so here's a quick packing tip for anybody who wants to visit the vineyard soon - be sure to bring sunscreen, sunglasses, and a camera and dress in light fabrics. You're welcome ;)

Lastly, thank you so much Malibu Wine Safari for hosting our visit and we hope to see you soon!

Much Love,

Pala Casino Resort & Spa

When an influencer event invites you to an amazing getaway in Temecula with other content creators to participate in slot machine tournaments, taste fine dining seafood options, and stay overnight at their beautiful resort, can life get any better than this? Oh yes it can, when you unexpectedly win $400 at the slot machines - but I'll get to that story later ;)

PC: Sharon Litz (@sharonlitz)

PC: Sharon Litz (@sharonlitz)

Just a one-hour drive away from my OC neighborhood, Pala Casino Spa & Resort is a gambler's paradise tucked away among acres of farmland and cattle. Sharon and I experienced a smooth morning drive together, checking in around 10:30AM on a Thursday morning. After dropping off our bags, we celebrated our arrival with two glasses of freshly squeezed orange juice at The Cave Lounge as we waited for other influencers to arrive to the scene. Before we knew it, the room quickly began to fill up and we were all served delicious pineapple-infused appetizers and beverages to start off the day's festivities.

Soon after, we were led by Pala staff towards the casino area for an exciting activity - SLOT MACHINE TOURNAMENT! The objective of the game included furiously tapping on a slot machine screen, looking for certain icons that popped up that carried the most points. At one point, I remember seeing "first place" pop up on my screen, but that status soon disappeared within seconds by another competitive influencer. The fight to hold first place until the timer reached 0:00 was real, but we all made sure to have fun while doing our very best. This game was jam-packed with finger tapping and craziness - you could literally see everybody's competitive edge come to life within these two minutes. After two rounds, I swear our arms were going to fall off, but I would have played 10 more rounds if we had the extra time, haha. Three winners received prizes for earning the highest scores before we moved on to the next activity.

By now, it was approximately 3:00 PM and we were divided into two groups - Group A for the Wine Cave and Group B for the Oak Room. After an hour, the two groups would swap activities. Starting off with the Oak Room, we were served a delicious course of decadently prepared seafood options and alcoholic beverages (specifically wine and champagne) from Temecula. We met the talented chef behind these creations and thanked him for such a wonderful meal before heading to the Wine Cave.

I'll be honest - I'm not a heavy or frequent drinker, so I don't have too much to say about the wine. However, I will say that the Wine Room was a hidden gem located downstairs from the concert venue and had an aesthetic, spacious interior that could host over 50 people. While the other influencers sipped on their drinks, Sharon and I headed out to create content for Instagram and the blog (aka photoshoot time!). We then headed over to the spa demo around 5PM, where we learned about hotel luxury products by Coola and Babor. 

By 7:00PM, the hotel resort was packed due to the UB40 concert that was held on their grand lawn vicinity. While a few people rocked out hard on the concert floor outdoors, Sharon and I decided to watch from the comfort of our hotel room. If you saw the hotel room for yourself, you wouldn't want to leave either ;) Our room included two queen beds and a very spacious bathroom - a very comfortable room if you ask me. It was pretty amazing that we could watch the concert from our hotel room window, and same with everybody else who stayed at Pala Casino - you can't say every hotel offers this kind of luxury. While the concert continued, Sharon and I decided to grab some Chinese food before hunting for ice cream because our stomachs are bottomless pits that crave sweets and calories.

So do you know anybody who holds an ice cream cone in one hand while clicking the "spin" button with the other? If not, at least you can say you know Sharon and Michelle do! We browsed around for a fun slot machine to play on, and Sharon selected a dragon machine while I sat down at the "China Shores" slot machine with a cute panda on it. Near the beginning of our playtime, Sharon won $12 and I started getting excited for her, as I only won six cents on my first round. Talk about making it rain! Surprisingly after three pathetic rounds, I clicked a few more buttons and I ended up winning $433 in total! This prize stunned me silly, as I did not expect to win such a grand sum of money after losing my brand new Free People top and earning six cents. It was definitely a memorable night, and Sharon and I had so much fun showing our crazy gambling sides off to the Instastory world. We ended the night with a really deep talk about various life topics, and I truly appreciate any friend who can talk with me about such intellectual topics.

The morning arrived faster than we wanted it to, but we lugged our asses to breakfast anyways because who can say no to food? Pala Casino reserved one of their private Sycamore Rooms for the influencer event, and we chowed down on savory bakery items, eggs, bacon, sausage, and french toast. May I add that they even had a DIY yogurt bar with fruits and granola?! Too cute! Shortly after, we all said our goodbyes to each other and I couldn't have experienced a better getaway with such genuine and friendly influencers.

Literally, I am writing this post as soon as I arrived home from the event because my experience at the Pala Casino Spa & Resort was that phenomenal. I wanted to thank the Pala Casino staff for going above & beyond with everything - from creating a vegetarian menu just for Sharon at the Oak Room to locating my lost Free People top by the end of the event. Not to mention, you can feel the positive vibes from each Pala Casino employee who helped us out, as they were all enthusiastic to be there. I am forever grateful to the experiences I shared at this resort, as well as the employees who made this all happen. Pala Casino Spa & Resort, I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart for such a wonderful experience.

Much Love,

Instagram Takeover At Hotel G San Francisco

With its prominent black sign and signature brand letter, you can easily spot Hotel G from afar while driving through the jam-packed streets of Union Square. Located at the heart of Downtown San Francisco, Hotel G serves as the perfect getaway place for both travelers and foreign tourists. While exploring San Francisco for a good four days straight, Sharon and I additionally had the honor of taking over Hotel G's Instagram account (@hotelg_sf) to show our followers a good time around the city.

Photography by:
Sharon Litz (@sharonlitz) of

Upon walking into Hotel G, there were two luggage carts conveniently located to the right of us to load our bags on from the valet parking area. After walking down the main hallway, we were greeted by the front desk representative, who was all smiles while checking us in. Then, it was up the elevator to the 10th floor, where our King Suite bedroom awaited us.

If you're a huge fan of minimalistic and spacious rooms, then Hotel G has got you covered. With modern artwork and patterned pillows placed aesthetically on a comfortable sofa, you already know their hotel rooms are photo op friendly. Also, one look at the King Suite bed is enough to take your breath away. After all, their luxurious headboard and soft mattress will truly make you feel like royalty. On the other side of the room, you can't forget your standard desk for those late night work sessions and mini fridge stocked with beverages to quench your thirst.

One of the highlights of staying at Hotel G for two nights was the convenience factor when it came to location. As soon as you walk out of the hotel doors, you can literally find yourself right across the street from Union Square. Whether you want to window shop or grab a bite to eat, all of these businesses are a quick walking distance away from Hotel G. In fact, Sharon and I dined at Cafe Bellini for two days straight because their Italian food was that memorable from the night before. If you're looking for a fancier date night option with a gorgeous outdoor patio, Le Colonial is one of my favorite Vietnamese and French cuisines just a couple of walking minutes away.

If you plan on driving your car to stay at this particular hotel, I would highly suggest going for valet parking, as the nearby parking garages are a bit of a walk from the hotel. All you have to do is call the front desk 30-45 minutes in advance and your car will be parked right in front of the vicinity. This service was very convenient, as Sharon and I wanted to save as much time as possible so that we could explore all of the iconic spots that San Francisco had to offer. Thanks Hotel G for fetching my ride within a timely manner!

While we were staying at Hotel G, two restaurants were currently being renovated so we unfortunately weren't able to dine in and review these spots. However, if you want a quick oyster and cocktail fix, you can find Benjamin Cooper on the second story of this hotel for a fun and casual bar night.

Lastly, we want to thank Hotel G for hosting our stay in San Francisco and we hope that you all enjoyed our room tour and dancing videos via Instastories!

Much Love,

Quick Getaway At Montage Laguna

Quick Getaway At Montage Laguna

When you take the time to explore outside your hometown, you'd be surprised with what hidden gems lie just a couple miles away from home. Only a 20-minute drive from my suburban neighborhood, Montage Laguna served as the perfect getaway from the boring repetition of my work schedule. Greeted by the panoramic view of this luxurious resort overlooking the coast of the Pacific Ocean, I was completely mesmerized by the beauty around me. Whether you are looking for a quick weekend getaway or a peaceful place to clear your mind, Montage Laguna is the place to temporarily escape all of your stresses in life.