Malibu Wine Safari

Grab a couple of adventurous girlfriends, your significant other, or your family and you'll be set for your next getaway to Malibu Wine Safari.

Located at the city of Miley Cyrus' recent top hit of the summer (aka Malibu), Malibu Wine Safari offers various tours to satisfy the animal and alcohol lover within you. You can check out their website here for a more detailed explanation of each tour. Thanks to Malibu Wine Safari, Sharon and I had the opportunity to experience the 105-minute Giraffe Tour.

To start off our tour, we got to ride in a badass vehicle with over 20 seats while sipping on glasses of champagne and taking in the beautiful view of Malibu's vineyard. This truck took us everywhere we needed to go for the entire tour, and getting in/out at each stop was easy because there were no doors or roof on the vehicle to restrict our movement.

For all of my animal lovers out there, you'd be excited to know that Malibu Wine Safari allows you to feed chopped carrots and lettuce to alpacas, bison, zebras, and more. Honestly, it was so cute to see three happy alpaca heads sticking out between the wooden planks of the fence, waiting to be fed by tourists. But, we cannot forget the star of the show - Stanley The Giraffe with a whopping 23.7k followers on Instagram! Stanley was such a friendly and welcoming host, and he makes a great buddy to take a selfie with (as long as you're holding a piece of lettuce LOL)! If you come to Malibu Wine Safari, you definitely have to get a picture with this celebrity giraffe!

To end the tour, we nibbled on crackers and wine before being driven back to the parking lot. It was extremely hot when Sharon and I visited MWS, so here's a quick packing tip for anybody who wants to visit the vineyard soon - be sure to bring sunscreen, sunglasses, and a camera and dress in light fabrics. You're welcome ;)

Lastly, thank you so much Malibu Wine Safari for hosting our visit and we hope to see you soon!

Much Love,