Where To Take Bae On Your Next Date In OC/LA


One of the greatest satisfactions I get from being a freelance lifestyle blogger is being able to listen to requested topics or feedback from my followers and fulfilling these requests to the best of my ability. By being able to engage and interact with my audience on the daily, I always strive to write helpful articles that give back to the community because nothing makes me happier than putting a smile on your face. As cheesy as that sounds, it's nothing but the truth! Thus, from the request of one particular follower who personally messaged me asking about various date spots to go to with her significant other and majority's vote from a recent Instagram poll that I initiated, this post is for ALL of you who are looking for recommendations on popular date spots or ideas in the Orange County and/or Los Angeles area! Also, I made sure to categorize each date based on the type of couple you are, whether that revolves around traveling, adventure, photography, or food. So without further ado, are you ready to surprise bae with one of the most fun and memorable dates of his/her life?! If so, let's get planning!


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1. The Foodie Fans

Ever spot that one couple where the man takes fifty photos of the woman holding her warm (but about to go cold) Vanilla Latte, or the woman who shoots her man doing a noodle pull from his ramen bowl while straight flexin'? Or if you both aren't active on social media but know how to savor the flavor of each dish, that counts too! If you're one of these couples, then props to you! Below, I've listed my favorite restaurants in the OC/LA areas that you both should dine at if you love food as much as I do! ;)

Orange County:
7 Leaves Cafe (Irvine) - Coffee, Tea, Boba, Macarons  [Affordability: $]
Almond Haus (Garden Grove) - Boba & Tea  [Affordability: $]
Anepalco (Orange) - Mexican Food  [Affordability: $$]
Bo De Tinh Tam Chay (Westminster) - Vegetarian Vietnamese Food  [Affordability: $$]
Brodard Restaurant (Garden Grove) - Nem Nuong & Vietnamese Food  [Affordability: $]
Cafe Maji (Artesia) - Asian Fusion Food, Coffee, & Tea  [Affordability: $$]
Cauldron Ice Cream (Santa Ana) - Ice Cream & Puffles  [Affordability: $]
Gen Korean BBQ House (Tustin) - AYCE Korean Barbeque  [Affordability: $$]
Milk Box (Tustin) - Boba & Tea [Affordability: $]
Mint Leaf (Westminster) - Dim Sum & Chinese Food  [Affordability: $]
Poke Me (Irvine) - Poke Bowls  [Affordability: $]
Project Poke (Fountain Valley) - Poke/Sushi Burritos, Poke Bowls, Musubis [Affordability: $]
Puesto (Irvine) - Tacos & Mexican Food [Affordability: $$]
Sushi Damu (Tustin) - AYCE Sushi [Affordability: $]

Los Angeles:
Again Cafe x Chibiscus Ramen (Pasadena) - Ramen, Desserts, Coffee, & Korean Food [Affordability: $$]
Bardonna (Los Angeles) - American Brunch Food [Affordability: $$]
Marugame Monzo (Los Angeles) - Udon [Affordability: $$]
Night + Market Song (Silverlake) - Thai Food [Affordability: $]
Din Tai Fung (Arcadia) - Dim Sum & Chinese Food [Affordability: $]

2. The Traveling/Adventurous Duo

Do you two enjoy hiking through the outdoors, visiting beautiful attractions, or love trying out new activities together? If so, you might as well call yourself the traveling duo as you embark on your next destination together by visiting one of these recommendations below! 

Orange County:
CorgiCon - check Facebook events for available dates.
Irvine Spectrum (Irvine) - Shopping Mall
Noguchi Museum (Costa Mesa) - Museum
OC Night Market (Costa Mesa) -  Food Event & Vendors [Affordability: $$]
Plant Nite (at respective locations within Orange County) - Plant Nite Activity [Affordability: $$]
Red Rock Canyon (Lake Forest) - Hiking
Sip + Colr (at respective locations within Orange County) - Paint Nite Activity [Affordability: $$]

Los Angeles:
Americana At Brand (Glendale) - Shopping Mall
626 Night Market (Arcadia) - Food Event & Vendors [Affordability: $$]
Hollywood Sign (Los Angeles) - Hiking
La Brea Tar Pits & Museum (Los Angeles) - Museum
LACMA (Los Angeles) - Museum
Urban Lights at LACMA (Los Angeles) - Architecture

3. The Instagram Husband And Wife

Let's forever take pictures of each other for da gram - till death do us part? Yeeeaahhh, this pretty much sums up the relationship of an Instagram couple. If you are the ambitious couple who strives to improve your photography skills and constantly scouts out dope photoshoot locations, these are just a few of the many places that you HAVE to visit to take your Instagram game to the next level! #Instagramgoals #couplegoals

Orange County:
Bardot Bars & Coffee (Tustin) - Aesthetic Coffee Shop [Affordability: $]
Coffee For Two (Huntington Beach) - Aesthetic Coffee Shop [Affordability: $]
Downtown Disney (Anaheim) - Vendors
Hopper & Burr (Santa Ana) - Aesthetic Coffee Shop [Affordability: $]
Laguna Beach (Laguna Beach) - Beach
Noguchi Museum (Costa Mesa) - Museum

Los Angeles:
Coffee For Sasquatch (Los Angeles) - Aesthetic Coffee Shop [Affordability: $]
Griffith Observatory (Los Angeles) - Architecture
Pasadena City Hall (Pasadena) - Architecture
Rodeo Drive (Beverly Hills) - Shops
Santa Monica Pier (Santa Monica) - Beach/Pier & Vendors
The Bates Motel (Silverlake) - Hotel
The Beverly Hills Hotel (Beverly Hills) - Hotel
Urban Lights at LACMA (Los Angeles) - Architecture

4. The Competitive Couple

Ever feel that rush of adrenaline or stream of sweat trickle down your forehead when you're trying to beat bae at basketball? Competitive dates can get pretty hot and heated when you both share a competitive edge and refuse to lose. Here are a few places to battle it out against each other - just be sure to refrain from beating each other up when one person ends up losing, heh!

Orange County:
Boomers (Irvine) - Amusement Parks, Go Karts, & Mini Golf [Affordability: $$]
Irvine Lanes (Irvine) - Bowling [Affordability: $$]
Dave And Buster's (Irvine) - Arcade [Affordability: $$]

Los Angeles:
Karaoke At Music Box (City Of Industry) - Karaoke [Affordability: $$]
Round1 Puente Hills (City Of Industry) - Arcade, Karaoke, & Bowling [Affordability: $]

With this blog post, I hope that you will be able to check out one (or a few) of these recommendations that I've listed above when it comes to potential dating spots to take your boo! I've compiled these list of locations based on personal preference or word-of-mouth and made sure that these places were worth visiting - after all, I only include nothing but the best for my followers ;) If you found this blog post handy, I'd love it if you could click the heart button at the bottom of this post and don't forget to send a link of this post to your friends as well! ;) Happy Holidays & stay safe everybody!


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How To Book The Perfect Airbnb For Vacation


In my entire lifetime, I've used Airbnb twice in the past - the first time being a terrible experience, and the second being a total game changer. Because of these extremely different scenarios, I'm here to help you avoid the trouble of picking a shitty or deceptive vacation home by listing several key factors that you need to consider when booking the ideal Airbnb of your dreams.


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1. Affordability/Costs

Take note of how many people are in your party and their ideal budgets before booking your Airbnb. Honestly, I love Airbnb for the fact that they conveniently calculate how much each person would hypothetically owe if you book the place. Not only does the website save me the trouble from juggling complicated numbers in my head, but it makes the booking process very straightforward and stress-free.

With Airbnbs, the more aesthetic humble abodes tend to be higher in price range for obvious reasons. As long as you invest a bit of effort and time into your research, you can definitely snag a cute Airbnb for an affordable price. Good luck!

2. Location/Convenience

Is there really a point to invest in a dirt cheap Airbnb if it's located an hour away from all of the main attractions you want to visit? Or a pricey Airbnb that you would love to live in, but will make your bank account cry? Yep, I didn't think so either. Throughout the process of finding the perfect Airbnb, do yourself a favor ahead of time and write down a list of locations you DO want to visit during your trip. Now comes the tedious part - find an ideal Airbnb you would be interested in renting and use Google Maps to measure how far every attraction is from this respective Airbnb address. If all of your desired tourist spots happen to be in close proximity of your dream Airbnb, then you've found yourself a vacation home to live in!


3. Appearance/Aesthetics/Spacing 

Are you going to be rooming with a crowd of homebodies, or will your group be out of the Airbnb for a majority of the vacation time? If your party plans to stay in more often than go out, it's best to invest in an Airbnb with multiple bedrooms and a spacious living room. However, if you're using your Airbnb solely to have a roof over your head, it doesn't hurt to save a bit of moolah by selecting a smaller, less roomy Airbnb.

Also, if anyone in your group LOVES taking photos (cough me cough), there are a LOT of cute Airbnbs with modern, bohemian, or rustic decor that aren't too pricey at all - you just have to do your research ;)

4. Communication

I cannot stress HOW important solid communication between you and the host/hostess is for a positive Airbnb experience. By having a reliable and responsive host, you can depend on him/her to get back to you within a quick time frame in case an emergency or question arises during your stay. I listed communication as the fourth important key factor, as my first Airbnb host in La Jolla was quite shady. He didn't specify anything about an ant infestation problem when we booked the Airbnb so my party of four literally came to a dim-lit, old, and ugly Airbnb with ants crawling all over the outlets, kitchen counter, and sink. For a lack of better words, the place was disgusting. When we brought up the ant situation to our host, he made up an excuse saying all of La Jolla suffered from an ant infestation and refused to do anything to improve our stay.

In contrast to the horrific story above, I texted our Joshua Tree Airbnb hostess, Joanna, if we were able to extend our check-out time so that we can have more time to take photos and relax. Within an hour or two, she politely replied back and extended our check-out time by three hours! Now that's how you make a customer happy ;) I made sure to leave Joanna a kind and lengthy review because her comfortable abode literally changed my entire perspective on Airbnbs.

Book your first Airbnb and get $40 off your first trip of $75 or more by signing up with my referral link here.

I had SO much fun staying at our adorable Airbnb in Joshua Tree for three nights and would totally book with Airbnb again if I find another Instagrammable home that catches my eye in a respective city! From supplying quality dishware and utensils to amenities, I wanted to give a special thanks to our hostess, Joanna, for preparing such a flawless and organized stay for my party of four. If you do plan to visit Joshua Tree anytime soon, I would highly recommend booking this cozy Airbnb with Joanna, as it is filled with teal-themed decor for the modern Instagrammer and is equipped with a shelf full of fun board games! Like any booking, just be sure to do your research beforehand so you know what you're getting yourself into ;)

Lastly, stay tuned for my Airbnb House Tour & Joshua Tree adventures vlog coming soon to the YouTube channel ;) Don't forget to follow my daily updates on Instagram - you're bound to find more of my Joshua Tree photos there!

Book this specific Joshua Tree Airbnb here.

Much Love,