The Resort At Pelican Hill: A 5-Star Luxury Hotel


After seeing gorgeous pictures of the Pelican Hill Resort posted all over my Instagram feed from various bloggers, I knew I had to visit this place one day. The Pelican Hill Resort is literally a breathtaking getaway spot so close to home and I knew my life wouldn't be complete without seeing this beauty at least once in my lifetime. Luckily for me, just a couple of days after Valentine's Day, I was cordially invited by the Pelican Hill Resort staff to dine in at their renown restaurant otherwise known as Coliseum Pool & Grill. I absolutely LOVED my first-time experience at this luxurious hotel (from admiring every square foot of this hotel to eating the delicious food) so I wanted to give you guys a brief recap of my previous weekend at this resort and why YOU should visit it one day as well.


First off, can I just say that any hotel that offers complimentary parking for its guests is a WINNER in my book? I can't tell you enough times how much I am not a fan for paying for hotel parking, especially when it's overpriced and when you're already shelling out a good amount of money to pay for your hotel room. Ya feel me?

In a jiffy, the valet service at the front of the hotel greeted me warmly and ensured that my car was in good hands as I walked out of my vehicle and handed over my keys. Done and done - it was time to go eat.


My plus one and I walked to the Coliseum Pool & Grill, which was right around the left side corner once you enter the lobby and walk down a flight of stairs. With an easy-to-find location and poolside view goals, I was beyond ecstatic to dine at such a beautiful resort.

Our server was very friendly and also hilarious, which made our dining experience ten times better. After all you can never have a better restaurant experience than with great customer service and bombass food. Because I have an insatiable appetite, we ended up ordering five dishes - Spinach Artichoke Dip, Coliseum Tempura, Flash Fried Calamari, Grilled Sea Bass, and Surf N' Turf Filet Mignon (special of the day).

As soon as I had one bite of the Flash Fried Calamari, I already knew the rest of our entrees were going to be just as good. Our fried appetizers had just the right amount of crunch and came with the most delicious dipping sauces. With every bite of a new dish, I wasn't disappointed; instead, my infatuation for this restaurant grew as I discovered every new entree that arrived on our table just got better and better. The Surf N' Turf Filet Mignon was cooked to a tender perfection and we devoured that dish in less than five minutes - it was the best filet mignon I've had in a while. After that meal, I already proclaimed that this was my new favorite restaurant in Orange County (which is a phrase I end up saying after every good meal LOL).

After lunch, my guest and I decided to take a stroll around the Coliseum Pool. And as Sharon and I like to say when we're impressed - WowWwWeEeEE, this pool was a beaut! I knew I had to get Instagram content at such a picturesque location, so I ended up shooting at this one corner of the hotel for 30 minutes LOL. While non-social media users will judge the complete shit out of me, all of my other Instagrammers out there will understand that the struggle to get Instagram content is real! ;)

While walking around the Pelican Hill Resort, I loved how there were just so many spaces to walk, sit down, and have an intimate conversation with whoever you're with. We ended up chatting at a spot that overlooked Pelican Hill's golf course and we spotted a couple miles away near this fancy podium that the resort holds events at. If only he had proposed to the woman he was with at that time, that would have been the perfect location to do so and I wish I could have witnessed such a proposal, hehe.

That weekend at Pelican Hill Resort was definitely one for the books. You already know that I'll be back to wipe out Coliseum Pool & Grill's entire menu, but next time, I'd sure love to try their spa retreat!


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