Missmisschelle's 25th Birthday Party: Ketsourine Macarons (Part Two)

Just because I visited Northern California for a good three weeks doesn't mean the party don't stop! As Part Two of my 25th birthday celebration, I hosted a second birthday party at my favorite Ketsourine Macarons with bloggers, photographers, and good company to reunite with my hometown friends for the limited amount of time that I'm staying in the Bay Area.

Photography By:
[Food Photography] Sharon Litz (@sharonlitz) - www.sharinaone.com
[Group Shots] Ben Landis (@benlandisphoto) - www.ben-landis.com

Outfit Details:
Black Lace Dress: FIF Look

So, I thought I'd clear the air about why I decided to throw two birthday parties and not one like a normal person does. A lot of my friends (both in Northern and Southern California) come from different friend groups and I try to hang out with each group individually whenever I get a chance to. However, being the busy bee that I am, I rarely get to see my friends unless they are in the blogging industry (where we get together to work) or unless months have passed. Thus, I wanted to be able to have the opportunity to catch up with all of them at once - and that's where my birthday comes in.

And I'll be straight up real with y'all - it's not about the gifts and it's not about the attention. Don't get me wrong, gifts are awesome and I am extremely appreciative to anybody who has given me a thoughtful and creative present. However, at the same time, I could care less if a guest didn't show up with a present in hand because their presence and the gift of time is worth so much more to me than any materialistic gift. Second of all, I get an adrenaline rush when I host fun events so the more work and effort that I put into event planning, the better I feel when I see the results. Additionally, I am working to polish my event planning skills so why not jump at the opportunity to combine work and fun? THESE are the reasons why I hosted two parties, and nothing more.

As much as the event focused around my birthday, my aim was to host a fun party so that my friends could have a good time as well. Thus, I spent the entire last month planning this party and it couldn't have turned out better! Thanks to various sponsors, my friends and I were able to dig into delicious desserts and drinks all the while taking home hot pink swag bags filled with goodies. I'll list the sponsors below in case any of you were interested in learning more about these brands.


Strawberry Earl Grey Tea, Thai Milk Tea W/ Pearls, & Iced Coffee - Ketsourine Macarons (@ketsourinemacarons)
Macaron Tower -
Ketsourine Macarons (@ketsourinemacarons)
Chocolate & Vanilla Cupcakes - Ketsourine Macarons (@ketsourinemacarons)
Vanilla & Tiramisu Crepe Cakes - Antoine Patisserie (@antoinepatisserie.sv)
Earl Grey, Sriracha, & Mocha Cookies - Green Pea Cookie (@greenpeacookie)
Bai Drinks - Bai (@drinkbai)

*Use discount code Michelle10 for 10% off your entire Green Pea Cookie purchase at checkout screen.


Jewelry (Necklaces, Chokers, Bracelets, & Earrings) -  Shop BEXO (@shopbexo)
Natural & Glam Falsies - Eyemimo San Francisco (@eyemimosanfrancisco)
Pink Swag Bags - SleekHair (@sleekhair)

*Use discount code Michelle10 for 10% off your entire Shop Bexo purchase at checkout screen.


String Lights (Set of 3) - IHeartAnkit (@iheartankit)
White Multi Pineapple Bowls - IHeartAnkit (@iheartankit)

Search the hashtag #missmisschellexKM and #missmisschelleturns25 for a gallery of Missmisschelle's 25th birthday photos. Lastly, I want to thank all of the sponsors who joined my birthday party and I am additionally thankful to everybody who wished me a Happy Birthday!

Much Love,