25 Things I Learned At 25

The more we grow up, the more we think we got our lives together...or so we think. Even as we become adults, or are so-called "adulting", I have bumped into enough unexpected surprises, opportunities, and connections that have made me realize that there is so much more to life than we know it. Now that I've finally turned 25, I wanted to keep today's post short, simple, and straight to the point. I could totally go off tangent when discussing each of these life lessons, but I'll save you the time of day this time around ;) Today, I wanted to share with you guys 25 LIFE LESSONS that I've personally learned as a 25 year old woman.

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1. No matter how hard you try or how good of a person you strive to be, you cannot please everybody. Take a deep breath, accept this fact, and move on with your life. That's all you can really do.

2. When it comes to politics, religion, or any other touchy subject, I personally try my best to stay out of it. We should respect each other's beliefs, not shove them down each other's throats.

3. Everybody has the same 24 hours in a day - there's no excuse that you don't have enough time if somebody else can do it. You just may have to face or endure certain obstaclesif you want to be where your role model is at in life (since everybody comes from a different background).

4. The beginning years spent raising a child is crucial to their development in life - how they act, how they think, and how they respond to certain situations. As a frequent babysitter of different kids, I've learned that children who do not receive discipline for their negative actions right away will allow these actions to develop their character.

5. You know you've become successful when you start to receive hate and negativity from others. Use hate and negativity to drive you forward in life and don't let these factors weigh you down.

6. Friendships and relationships come and go, whether you like it or not. Cherish the healthy connections you currently have, and use each "broken" or past connection as a life lesson regarding how you should be treated, how you want to be treated, or how you can treat others better.

7. Genuine appreciation and praise for others will get you much farther in life than acting entitled.

8. Be kind to everybody, but trust few. The ones who want to know about your life may not actually care about it.

9. Surround yourself by positive and encouraging individuals who inspire you to do more in life.

10. Do not feel obligated to stay close to someone who doesn't add value or positivity to your life. In other words, it's okay to distance yourself from people who are toxic to your life.

11. True lasting friendships will always be based off of quality, not quantity. How a friend treats you matters way more than how long you've known him/her for.

12. It's never too late to chase your dreams. Starting today and succeeding or failing down the road is a far better feeling than not trying at all.

13. Stand up for yourself when necessary. Don't be a bully or a pushover - instead, be that strong-willed individual who can change others (and how they treat others) for the better. Create a harmonious community where people can treat each other like equals.

14. What's trendy or "in style" is not for everybody - be yourself and love what/who makes you happy.

15. One of the hardest realities to grasp about being an entrepreneur is the unpredictability of it all. Not only will you not know how much you'll earn in a certain month, but you also won't know what projects you will accept until the time comes. However, waking up every single morning knowing that you work for no one but yourself is one of the best feelings ever.

16. Your twenties are the perfect time to explore, discover, and find yourself. Use these years wisely before you settle down, get married, or start a family.

17. Date somebody who wholeheartedly supports your passions and goals.

18. Compromise is the only solution for a friendship or relationship to work out during tough times. Without compromise, the connection will fall apart sooner or later.

19. Traveling opens up your eyes to new cultures, picturesque scenery, different communities, and life experiences. Don't call traveling a luxury - it can be done by anybody who sets their mind up for adventure, whether it be hiking one city away from your hometown or flying to a new country. Call traveling an opportunity to see the world in a different, more beautiful light.

20. Excuses are made when someone or something is not a priority.

21. Never give someone the power to make you feel inferior as a human being. If this is the case, it's okay to walk away, to escape, and to get away from it all. By walking away from the negativity and the stress, you are being your strongest self. Know that you can say no at any given time if you're put in an uncomfortable situation.

22. When enduring through tough times or feel like you're suffering from depression, talking to the right friends, family, or a counselor WILL make it all better. Trust me on this one. Sometimes, you're not meant to go through life obstacles alone and certain people in your life can serve as the support system you've always been looking for.

23. Dreams can, and will become a reality to those who actually take steps to achieve their goals, whether short-term or long-term. Dreams will remain dreams to those who are too scared to make the leap.

24. A majority of people fear change when it comes to their designated or "assigned" career path. A lot of people think that they have to settle for a job that relates to their major/degree for the rest of their lives because it's "too late" or they have "already gotten too far" in grad school. But what's more important - your wealth, your parent's wishes, or your happiness? Take the time to actually listen to your heart. If you absolutely hate what you do and you have to work in your field for 40 additional years (8 hours per day, 5 days per week), what's the point of earning a decent amount of money if it's through such a torturous method? There are so many other ways to earn money and there will be a workplace that is right for you if you look hard enough. So please, just really take the time to stop and think about what you're meant to do in life.

25. You can always earn money, but you can't buy back time or youth. You have the rest of your adulthood to work, so why not spend your 20's adding as many valuable experiences to your life as you possibly can? It's now or never.

I hope that you all enjoyed this list of 25 life lessons that I've come up with and I'd love it if you could let me know which point resonates with you the most in the comments box below! With that being said, thank you all SO much for the birthday wishes! Be sure to stay updated through Instagram, Instastories, and YouTube for my latest adventures!

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