Top Tips To Maintain Your Hair Color And Cut

Ladies and gentlemen who cut or color their hair on a frequent basis - this post is for you. For twenty four years of my life, I have never left a salon feeling truly happy - that is, until I discovered Orange County hairstylist Lyssa. Ever since I discovered Lyssa's true talents for hair styling and coloring, she has been the only hairstylist I have been going to for months. Thanks to Lyssa, she has provided me with a bunch of helpful tips on how to effectively maintain the color and health of your hair right after it has been colored and cut. If you have never truly loved the way your hair looks or feels right after an appointment, I suggest you read on to find out what tips have worked for me to keep my hair in its healthiest condition! That, and the fact that you should hit up Lyssa the next time you need a cut and color ;)

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Tip #1: Avoid drug store shampoos and conditioners completely. Go for brands/products that your hairstylist recommends for you, which will most likely be sold at your hairstylist's salon.
There's a reason why drug store products are so affordable and accessible - yes, they may be convenient to get a hold of, but convenience doesn't always come with quality. Lyssa suggests that I use both OYA shampoo and conditioner. Additionally, she told me that the drug store shampoos and conditioners contain harsh chemicals that strip away your hair's color, even if they claim to be sulfate-free.

Just to be on the safer side, I would suggest splurging just a little bit more for an effective product. For example, I used to go to an Asian salon for an affordable $50 cut and color and would end up using drug store products that faded my hair color in an instant - this situation pretty much defeats the purpose of saving money. After all, it doesn't hurt to spend a little more if it keeps your locks looking healthy and fresh for a longer period of time, am I right? ;)

Tip #2: Dry shampoo is your holy grail.
In the past, I neglected all steps of proper haircare because simply, I just didn't think it was necessary to own or use a ton of products. However, this lack of hair-wareness (hah) has led me to waste my money and time, as I'd be spending money on products that take away my hair color as soon as it's been applied.

After seeing Lyssa, I now understand the importance of proper haircare. I used to wash my hair every day or every other day, which heavily stripped out color and natural oils from my hair. Instead, she recommended that I apply Dry Shampoo if my hair starts to get oily on Day 2 or 3. Dry Shampoo works like a charm, bringing your hair texture back to its "freshest" state without the use of water. Out of all of the dry shampoo brands out there, Alyssa recommends Living Proof Dry Shampoo, which you can pick up at your nearest Sephora.

Tip #3: Quality over price. Cheap (or expensive) cuts and colors do not always guarantee a good deal.
I get it - finding a cheap color and cut deal sounds like a total win-win, am I right? Erm, not always. If you do your research or are lucky, you'll find a talented hairstylist who can work with your hair with a budget that works for you. However, more often than not, price is directly correlated with quality.

For example, I used to go to an Asian hair salon for the last couple of years for an affordable $50 cut and color because it was the cheapest deal I could get my hands (or hair) on. Not to mention, I once splurged $250 on an unwanted copper orange hair color that I received many negative comments on from friends. From this horrible and pricey experience, I assumed cheap hair appointments were the only way to go. However, every $50 appointment I went to left me feeling "okay" with my hair, as the cut wasn't exactly what I dreamed of and the color faded within weeks.

The take-home message of this tip - do your research and find a hairstylist with experience and a portfolio. These days, there a lot of freelance hairstylists who showcase their portfolio on Instagram. If you ever want a change in your hairdo or color, I highly suggest browsing Instagram for a hairstylist who will give you #hairgoals at your next appointment. After my first appointment with Lyssa, I noticed that my new hair color carried this natural glossy shine to it and I felt this inner surge of happiness that I've never experienced before at previous hair appointments. That's when I knew that I found the perfect hairstylist I've always been looking for.

Tip #4: GroupOn to the rescue!
I love GroupOn for so many reasons, one being that you can try out a new service or activity for a fraction of the original cost.

Fun fact - I actually met Lyssa through a GroupOn deal that I found from a previous salon that she worked at. Yes, I did save a good amount of money at my first appointment, but the quality of her work was enough to convince me that I need to go to her every time after that, regardless of the price.

I would suggest using GroupOn or browsing through Instagram for freelance hairstylists if you haven't found "the one". However, if you find a hairstylist you love, stick with him/her. Besides, the more you go to the same hairstylist, the more he/she will know about your hair and what colors/cuts look good on you!

Tip #5: Shampoo your roots, condition your ends.
Reiterating the fact that I never cared about my hair in the past, I just recently learned these vital steps towards healthier hair. Shampoo just your roots, since the water you use to rinse the shampoo off will eventually go through your ends as well for just the right amount of cleansing. Additionally, lightly massage your head as you shampoo - not only does this provide proper circulation, but it serves as a great destressor as well. For an additional cleanse (optional but recommended), shampoo your roots twice. Add conditioner to just your ends for that silky smooth finish as you combat split ends!

Tip #6: Post-shower, apply a leave-in conditioner or protective hair serum to your ends while hair is damp.
A leave-in conditioner will provide the extra strength and protection your hair needs. Lyssa recommends using the Living Proof Leave-In Conditioner, which you can purchase from your local Sephora.

Tip #7: Use a condition mask 1-3 times per week in the shower for deep nourishment.
Instead of using your plain ol' conditioner, swap it out for a conditioner mask once in a while. Leave this condition mask on your ends for 5 minutes before washing it out - trust me, you'll feel the difference in your hair texture. Lyssa recommends the Trissola Conditioner Mask.

After reading all of these tips, I'd love it if you could leave a comment in the comments box below on which tip has helped you or resonated with you the most! With this blog post, I hope that we can all achieve #hairgoals together ;) Lastly, I wanted to thank my talented hairstylist Lyssa for sharing these helpful tips with me to share with all of you guys!


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