Birthday Gift Guide For The Average Fashionista, Travelista, Foodie, & Healthy Living

One of my favorite things to do during my birthday month is to write down a wishlist of items that I'd love to own, even if I don't necessarily receive these products or splurge on these items myself. The act of writing out this list gives me a sense of excitement and thrill, like brainstorming what furniture you want your dream home to have or what decorations you want your wedding to include. After all, it doesn't hurt for a girl to dream, am I right? ;) However, the aim of my blog and Instagram is to help others as much as possible through tips, advice, and useful guides. Thus, in early celebration of my 25th birthday, I've created a gift guide based on the different types of personas that Missmisschelle resembles. If you ever find yourself stuck on what item to gift a loved one, I hope that this gift guide comes to your rescue when it comes to shopping for your typical fashionista, travelista, foodie, and healthy individual! Below, I've either linked my favorite items or named top brands that I have owned or have heard great things about.

FASHION: What To Gift Your Typical Fashionista...

Sunglasses, sunhats, chokers, purses, wallets, necklaces, bracelets...and so on. Any of these items serve as perfect additions to your girl's already flawless outfit if you're looking for a more affordable option. For those shopping for someone special, you can always purchase any of these accessories from a designer store.
Suggestions: Whim Things Customized Sunhat, Jewelry from ShopBexo, Purses or Wallets from Kate Spade, Backpacks from Forever 21

Fabric Steamer
Keeps my clothes looking brand new and wrinkle-free. Perfect for bloggers or fashionistas who need to shoot tons of pieces, but also ideal for the average fashionista who wants to look presentable before she goes out.
Suggestion: Amazon's PurSteam Fabric Steamer
*I currently own and LOVE this steamer.

Makeup Palettes & Products
The number one makeup product that you cannot go wrong with when it comes to gifting is an eyeshadow palette. Personally, I think any of the Naked palettes serve as a substantial gift for any makeup lover, but use your best judgment when it comes to choosing colors for your friend.
Suggestions: Naked 1Naked 3, Too Faced Natural Matte Eye Palette

Additionally, purchasing a rad lipstick or lip gloss color for your friend is a great second option because who doesn't want kissable lips? ;)
Suggestions: Lipsticks from Shiseido

Blowdryer, Curler, or Hair Straightener
Yo gurl is bound to use one of these three products on her hair. Brand names I'd recommend include NuMe and T3 Micro.
Suggestions: Curler from NuMe, Curler or Blowdryer from T3 Micro

Drybar Blowout
Not only are blowouts healthy for one's locks, but Drybar will make sure your friend achieves #hairgoals all day long.

Manicure/Pedicure Voucher
If yo girl doesn't treat herself often, that's where you come in! Purchase a manicure/pedicure voucher from her local nail salon, as this gift will force her to give herself that "me" time that she's always wanted.

TRAVEL: What To Gift Your Typical Travelista...

Athletic Sneakers
Anyone who travels is bound to get their feet dirty. Owning an extra pair of athletic sneakers never hurts, especially when it's comfy af. Shop at your local Nike or Adidas store for some dope kicks. For the more affordable option, visit your nearest outlet.

External Portable Phone Charger
For those days when your phone dies and you're out in the wilderness for who knows how long.
Suggestion: Jackery USB Portable Battery Charger
*I currently own and LOVE this charger.

Polaroid Camera
The cute, "hipster" way of documenting memories in the form of instant printable visuals.
Suggestion: Urban Outfitters Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Camera

*I currently own and LOVE this camera.

Photo Album
An organized place to store your cute "hipster" polaroid shots or professionally shot images.

Solar Backpack
Kill two birds with one stone by gifting your ambitious traveling buddy a solar backpack! Not only is it roomy enough to store your traveling essentials, but the solar panel on the front of the backpack will charge your cellular device as you climb up Mount Everest.
Suggestion: BirkSun Solar Backpack

All you really need in a suitcase is roomy compartments and 360 maneuverability. Raden's luggages have got you covered for effortless traveling from airport to Uber. Not to mention, their collection comes in the colors of the rainbow.
Suggestion: Raden Check or Carry

FOOD: What To Gift Your Typical Foodie...

Cute/Inspirational Coffee Mugs
Because inspirational and positive messages on a coffee mug do a whole lot more than the effects of coffee itself on a Monday morning.
Suggestion: IHeartAnkit Coffee Mugs

*I currently own more than five of their mugs and LOVE all of them!

Mobile Clips
"Billy, don't play with your food!" That is, unless you are taking a picture for the gram with your new fisheye lens.
Suggestion: Olloclip

Restaurant Voucher
Food is the way to anybody's heart...or at least mine, hah. Purchase a restaurant voucher that you know your buddy will absolutely love. As a previous Yelp Elite and food enthusiast, I try to pick restaurants with 4-5 stars and do my research on what the genuine reviews have to say. Check GroupOn and for some epic deals!

Make cooking fun and healthy with the classic spiralizer. Spice up tomorrow night's dinner date with homemade zucchini noodles topped off with garlic vinaigrette.
Suggestion: Amazon Spiralizer 5-Blade Vegetable Slicer

HEALTH: What To Gift Your Typical Healthy Lifestyle Friend... 

Glass Water Bottle
Ever since I discovered bkr's new hip Glass Water Bottle, I've been sold. Plus, clumsy me can relax a bit knowing that I can carry a hip water bottle anywhere I go with the safety of the silicone wrap.
Suggestion: bkr Glass Water Bottle

*I currently own two of their bottles and LOVE them!

Healthy Recipes Cookbook
Sometimes, the joy and spontaneity of browsing through a cookbook full of mouthwatering recipes can really up one's appetite and excitement. Check your local Barnes & Nobles for various cookbooks, as I prefer to shop for cookbooks in person versus online. My current favorite cookbook is Whole 30 by Melissa Hartwig.

Massage Gift Card/Voucher
More often that not, the people who say that they have no time to get a massage actually don't make the time to do so. Treat your buddy to a 60-minute, 90-minute, or 2-hour session for the best work destressor!

Oil Diffuser
Owning an oil diffuser in your room can really make your bedroom feel like the next spa. Personally, I like Amazon's collection of oil diffusers because of its adorable color choices and convenient size. Plus, you can pick and choose your favorite scents! Zen level 100, anybody?
Suggestion: Amazon Oil Diffusers

Workout Gear
When the right workout gear hugs your body in all the right places, who doesn't want to wear it more often? ;) Recommended brands include Albion Fit, Adidas, Nike, and Inside Out Active.
Suggestion: Inside Out Active Studio Sports Bra


After reading this detailed gift guide, please let me know if any of these products caught your attention or if you have any additional questions in the comments section below! :) If you like reading these gift guides, be sure to click the HEART button at the bottom of this post and I'll be happy to write more for you guys!

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