Father's Day 2018 Gift Guide


More often than not, Father's Day almost always lands on my birthday (June 17th), or at least extremely close to this special day. Although my family is not big on gift-giving and we prefer to show our love and appreciation through intimate family dinners and quality time together, it doesn't mean that all families are like that! Every family is different, and I totally respect that! In fact, I know plenty of you celebrate Father's Day and whenever a special holiday arrives, we always get into this panic mode where we freak out when we do not know what to get a beloved individual. Worry not, because that's why gift guides are created on my blog ;) In today's blog post, I share with you a few amazing gift ideas that will make your Father smile this time of year.


As of recently, Airpods are one of the coolest Apple gadgets to exist on this planet. If you don't know what Airpods are, they are essentially wireless, bluetooth-activated earbuds made by Apple. These two "pods" come in a compact case that also serves as a charging station, so you're technically charging your Airpods whenever they aren't in use.

Honestly, these babies are convenient AF to own. Although I don't own a pair myself, I definitely want to someday and I have played with a pair enough to know that I want one for my very own. Not only do I love the compact and convenient size of Airpods for easy storage and mobility, but I love how it's so user-friendly and easy-to-use as well. Also, a pair of Airpods definitely beats my handy-dandy Bose noise-cancelling headphones regarding the fact that they do not easily slip or fall out of your ears during an intense session of abs or crunches. Additionally, if a gym friend forgets to bring his/her earbuds or headphones for a day, you can still share one Airpod with that buddy and have one for yourself so that you can both listen to music! It's like splitting a pair of earbuds - without the wire! Compared to my more expensive pair of headphones, the pricepoint of Airpods are set at a fairly reasonable price to spend on an important family member. 

If your Father gardens, works out, walks the dogs, or just loves listening to music, you can give him no better gift than the gift of beautiful music through a pair of trustworthy Airpods.

Purchase a pair of Airpods here.

Massage Vouchers

All of our Dads work hard, and any hard-working Dad definitely deserves a massage every once in a while!

In previous blog posts, I have always shared my secrets to getting a massage that is worth every bang for your buck and the secret is purchasing affordable massage vouchers on GROUPON! To do this, you simply search what city/location you want to visit for your massage (or in this case, your Dad) and the search engine will provide multiple suggestions on various businesses you can purchase a discounted massage voucher from. Honestly, I don't trust GroupOn reviews, so I look to see which location is the most convenient to visit before I head on Yelp to look into more trusthworthy 4-star or 5-star reviews. Also, GroupOn typically only applies to first-time customers, so make sure that your Dad hasn't visited the location before for the GroupOn voucher to be applied!

Honestly, whenever I purchase a GroupOn voucher for massages, I always save anywhere from $25-100 off the original price! I'm sold.

I talked about this awesome company once before in a previous Valentine's Day gift guide here, but I wanted to bring it up again because ManCrates does not have enough recognition for its innovative and diverse amount of crates! Essentially, ManCrates designs a "crate" full of themed products for the father figure in your life. Think of it like a themed subscription box, without the annoying or unnecessary subscription! Instead of picking out miscellaneous items that you think your Father will like and putting it together in the form of a gift basket, ManCrates does all of the work for you! From the genres of grilling to eating to drinking to to sports to project kits, ManCrates has it all. See, they even have a tab called "Father's Day"! That's when you know they're prepared for the holidays ;)

Browse through recommended Father's Day ManCrates products here.


Google Home or Google Home Mini

If your dad is electronic-savvy or into the latest technology, he will definitely love owning a Google Home or Google Home Mini! As a matter of fact, I am the proud owner of a Google Home Mini that is shaped like a coral donut speaker and I absolutely LOVE it! With my Google Home Mini, I use it daily as my alarm clock and also various times when I feel like blasting a random playlist of music in my room. You can literally say, "Hey Google, play Michael Buble" and a popular hit by Buble will start playing within the next few seconds. Additionally, you can ask your Google Home various questions such as, "What time is it?", "When is Father's Day?", "How long do eggs last in the fridge?", and other questions where you need a quick answer without browsing the Internet. This device is great to place in the bedroom, bathroom, living room, family room, garage, outdoor patio, or anywhere you need to have an electronic buddy that provides all of these services and more.

Purchase a Google Home here.
Purchase a Google Home Mini here.

Personally, I don't use the Kindle because I prefer old-fashioned paperback or hardcover books, but I know plenty of Moms and Dads who have hopped on the Kindle train as of lately. Not only is it convenient to carry around with you, but I just don't envision parents these days lugging around books when they can easily access multiple sources of literature through one electronic device. Especially because men don't often carry a backpack, bag, or purse with them everywhere, I can't imagine a man wanting to carry a thick book with him everywhere that can easily get wrinkled when he can carry around a lighter, sleekly designed electronic instead.

I believe my Dad owns a tablet or Kindle of his own, which is all the more reason to trust me and get a Kindle for your Father as well! ;)

Purchase a Kindle here.


If your gift-giving creativity has hit a major slump, I have been there too and I feel ya! Don't become frustrated, concerned, or down if you've tried really hard to think of a creative gift - sometimes, some people are just difficult to shop for! Say, if your Dad is extremely picky or he already owns everything he could ever want, sometimes a giftcard is the best route you can go in some cases. This way, your Dad will be happy that he can treat himself to something else he may want or need and KNOW that he's going to like it too! And since the giftcard is from you, what he buys is technically from you too ;)

Personally, I've gifted my Dad Home Depot giftcards in the past because he LOVES gardening, and he seemed like a happy camper, LOL. Write down 3-5 hobbies that your Dad has, and from there, find the most relevant businesses that you can purchase a giftcard from that relates to these hobbies.

This particular gift is for those MARRIED TO and HAVE CHILDREN with their male partner - I introduce to you, DateBox. DateBox serves as the ideal "dating" gift when you're trying to spice things up with your lover or fi the quality of your time together has been feeling a little repetitive/dry/comfortable. Say, if you both are super busy with the kids and find that you never have free time, try hiring a babysitter sometime before or after Father's Day (unless you're free on the actual holiday!) to spend a little time with your man and DateBox. In fact, DateBox can either set you up on a fun date around your city or you can receive a physical DateBox in the mail as an in-home activity. In-home DateBox activities include a sushi-making kit, a card game over alcohol, an espresso-making kit, and more. Although this is technically a subscription box, you can cancel anytime if you just want it to be a one-time memorable gift. Just because your significant other is a Father doesn't mean you, as his wife, can't celebrate it with him too! 

Purchase your DateBox here.


Read my Valentine's Day Gift Guide here for the deets.


Read my Valentine's Day Gift Guide here for the deets.


And those are all of the Father's Day Gift inspired ideas I can think of for this upcoming Father's Day holiday :) Do any of your Fathers own any of these products? What did you get your Father on previous Father's Days? Let me know in the comments section below - let's chat!

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