Missmisschelle's 24th Birthday Party

After celebrating my 24th birthday with different friends throughout the week and relaxing with family (and Hulu, heh) during the July 4th weekend, I finally found the time to catch up and edit all of the photos from my birthday bash! I've always imagined throwing the birthday party of my dreams one year and I'm safe to say that this dream of mine came true on June 25th, 2016 at 3:00PM at Ketsourine Macarons. Thanks to Ketsourine Macarons located in Daly City, I was able to reserve their shop for a good three hours to host my private birthday event. From start to finish, I had such a great time setting up pastel-themed party decorations, goodie bags, and party food while reuniting old friends that I haven't seen in months or years. Be sure to search the Instagram hashtag #missmisschellexKM to look through a gallery of pictures from all of the guests at my birthday party!

Planning a birthday party is a LOT more work than I thought, but it was definitely a memorable and valuable experience to learn so much more about event planning on my own. I started planning approximately one month ago and continued to send out party invites to friends and emails to vendors throughout May. I want to say approximately 40 friends attended my birthday and it was nice to meet some of my friends' plus ones, as I always love meeting new people! It was also really nice to hear that my friends loved and were impressed with my party planning skills when I have typically never thrown parties to begin with - thank you so much for the positive support and encouraging words! It really means a lot to me that my hard work doesn't go unnoticed and that you all appreciate my huge passion to create decorative and fun parties :) Also, I wanted to give a shoutout to Thy for being such an amazing friend and help just in general and on the day of my party - she came two hours earlier to help me set up the party as well as curled my hair! I definitely appreciate all that you do for me, girl!

At my party, I collaborated with a few vendors to contribute their delicious food, products, and/or services and I will share all of them (including online discount codes!) with you in the list below. I wanted to give a huge thank you to all of the vendors who made my party extra special this year! :)

Tobi (@shoptobi) - Pink Dress
Pale Petals (@palepetals7) - Flower Crown
*Use discount code "missmisschelle" for 15% off of a minimum purchase of $75.00 at checkout.

Ketsourine Macarons (@ketsourinemacarons) - Macarons & Cupcakes
Green Pea Cookie (@greenpeacookie) - Original Green Pea Cookies (Peater) & Earl Grey Green Pea Cookies (Pearl)
*Use discount code "missmisschelle" for 10% off your entire purchase.
*Ask Grandma Pearl any questions you have on love or life here
Franci Cakes (@francicakes) - Vietnamese Coffee Flavored Panda Cupcakes
Emma's Delights (@emmasdelights) - Chocolate Coated Nutritional Bar Bites
Peter's Kettle Corn (@peterskettlecorn) - Original, Cheddar, & Caramel Popcorn

Blue Line Pizza (@bluelinepizza) - Pizza, Chicken Wings, Peppers

Ketsourine Macarons (@ketsourinemacarons) - Strawberry Earl Grey Pomegranate Tea, Cold Brew Iced Coffee, & Thai Tea
Levity Brew (@levitybrew) - Organic Coffee Packets

Pale Petals (@palepetals7)  - Flower Boxes
*Use discount code "missmisschelle" for 15% off of a minimum purchase of $75.00 at checkout.
IHeartAnkit (@iheartankit) - M Marquee Light & Emoji Stickers
Eyemimo San Francisco (@eyemimosanfrancisco) - False Eyelashes & Nail Polish
*Use discount code "2misschelle" for 20% off your entire purchase.

Lastly, I wanted to give a HUGE, huge thank you to Ketsourine Macarons. To Ketsourine, Phi, and their staff, thank you so much for always making every visit a positive experience for me. Driving over 50 minutes away from home just to work on my laptop at your store is worth being surrounded by the positive vibes that both your shop and staff exude. If you haven't visited Ketsourine Macarons before, their staff is comprised of one of the most extremely friendly and enthusiastic people that I've ever met, which is why I'm always there when I have to get some work done. For those Instagram-savvy users, I'd honestly recommend visiting Ketsourine Macarons at least once because their store has a gorgeous minimalistic interior that is perfect for both photoshoots and food flatlay pictures. And, if you're looking for a place to host a birthday party or private event at, Ketsourine Macarons is just the place you've been looking for! Feel free to book a reservation at Ketsourine Macarons for a private event by contacting them on their website here.

Please be sure to also check blogger babe Eva's blog post on my birthday party here for a detailed recap and additional party photos. Lastly, please enjoy this fun clip that I've uploaded below documenting the behind-the-scenes of my birthday party filmed by Eyemimo San Francisco!

Thank you everybody for the birthday wishes and I hope that you all enjoyed looking through my party pictures! :) Please show me some love by clicking the "heart" button on the bottom of this post and I cannot wait for what's in store for my 25th ;)

Much Love,