Monthly Roadtrips

If you haven't already heard from one of my previous Instagram posts, I have recently shared with you all that a couple of my friends and I created a fun little tradition that we've been doing for the last two months called "monthly roadtrips". In other words, we all mutually agree on one city to visit and simply set a date and time for this to happen. Honestly, it's not very hard to organize if you just reserve one weekend off per month in advance. All you need is a working car and good company and you're set!

Our first month's roadtrip took place in Napa, but we spontaneously ended up dropping by St. Helena, Yountville, and Sonoma as well. The best part about our monthly roadtrips? They're full of fun and spontaneity as soon as we arrive at our destination and there's no strict itinerary telling us where we can and cannot go. We all appreciate and love the freedom of walking down the streets admiring the different architecture, vibes, and places that each city has to offer.

Just this past weekend, we visited Monterey and I really enjoyed the touristy-feels. This city reminded me of the chill beach vibes that Santa Monica and Santa Cruz exude. Also, may I add that Monterey's clam chowder is BOMB?! So flavorful and so many fresh ingredients in a cup, you have to try it for yourself!

If you're a fan of hipster coffee shops, you have to check out Water and Leaves! It is a minimalistic, quaint, and beautiful coffee and tea shop in Monterey that allows you to sip on your beverage as you soak in the beautiful view of the waterfront. We also stopped by Point Lobos Beach and Carmel Plaza to just walk around and take in everything that our second roadtrip had to offer.

Word on the street says that our third roadtrip will be in Sausalito - stay tuned for live updates by following me on Snapchat (missmisschelle)! Where should we visit next in California? Looking forward to reading your suggestions!

Sunglasses: AMI Clubwear | Backpack: Serengetee | Top: Wild Blue Denim | Jeans: Wild Blue Denim | Shoes: Steve Madden


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