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No days off. These three words honestly make up the phrase that constantly runs through my mind every morning when I wake up. Although it is tempting to close my laptop to visit Downtown Disney (which is literally a 60 second walk from my hotel), I made it a personal choice to not neglect my blog or my audience. As a passionate blogger, I find that the best way to really enjoy your vacation is to find a balance. There needs to be a fine line between finding or making some downtime to work, but to also remember to live in the moment. A huge mistake that a lot of bloggers make is that they document their travels so often through Instagram and/or Snapchat. Like the commonly spoken phrase "you do you", I'm honestly okay with whatever people choose to do on vacation, but I do have to say that being on your phone constantly does take away from your entire vacation experience. For me, I tend to film a quick Snapchat or take a quick Instagram photo, but immediately put my phone in my purse to enjoy every other second.

You're probably not going to believe this, but yesterday was the first time I ever boarded a plane on my own. Yep, this big baby is finally growing up, LOL. After arriving in Orange County safely around 7:45PM,  my sisters and I made a quick Poki stop at Pokidot in Irvine. After all, I can never say no to poki bowls! Spoiler alert - I will be posting a trendy food guide featuring a few trendy places to dine in at Orange County, stay tuned! :) If you have any suggestions on what restaurants I should visit, feel free to let me know!

Isn't it funny how we tend to wake up earlier during vacation than on a typical weekend? Ironically, vacations can actually be stressful if you overwhelm yourself with a strict itinerary, but I ensured myself that this particular vacation would be full of pure relaxation. However, I woke up at 7:00AM to get ready for a shoot with Jonathan Ramsey, a SoCal based photographer, and I was nothing more than excited! It's awesome to meet a photographer from a different area other than NorCal and we ended up shooting in Downtown Disney - excited to see how the pictures turned out!

Also, is anybody else on that Pokemon GO craze? I can safely say that I am obsessed with that game. I don't know if this is a good thing or not, but Downtown Disney has SO many Pokestops, it's ridiculous! And here I was talking about getting off my phone during vacation...hah. Pokemon GO is an exception, am I right? ;)

Well, that's all that's happened so far on Day 2 of my trip! Follow me along on Snapchat (missmisschelle) for live updates from my vacation! :)

As for the outfit details from this particular shoot, I just LOVE it when my shoes match my clothes! For footwear, I tend to gravitate among black, brown, tan, and white, but I have been trying to wear more bold colors. I love how my navy Pelle heels complement the blue parts of my dress, making the outfit look more complete as a whole. I've collaborated with Maumero Shoes once in the past and their Snakeskin flats were the COMFIEST flats I have ever worn in my entire lifetime! These blue heels were not as comfy as the flats for obvious reasons, but I'm sure they will be comfier once I break them in entirely! If you're looking for absolute comfort, I'd go for the flats.

There's nothing I love more than promoting and spreading the word about a brand that supports a good cause. Maumero Shoes is known to donate 10% of their profits to IJM or Amazima. If you're looking for comfortable and trendy shoes while simultaneously supporting a good cause, definitely check out the footwear at Maumero Shoes! I could always use another shoe twin ;) As for my dress, I received it from Shein and am in love with the back details! The length is perfect as a summer dress (not too short) and has extra space so that I can move around in it comfortably. Unfortunately, I did not get any shots of the back of the dress (sorry!), but basically, there are two strings that intertwine in a criss-cross fashion and eventually tie together into a bow. If a dress has epic back details, there's no doubt about it - I'm sold.

I hope everybody is having an awesome week! What else do you guys want me to cover about my vacation? Please share your thoughts in the comment box and I look forward to your suggestions!

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Dress: Shein | Heels: Maumero Shoes

Much Love,