How To Prepare For New York Fashion Week


I can't believe a year has already passed since my first New York Fashion Week - I mean seriously, where does the time go?! If you guys don't know what NYFW is or if the acronym doesn't ring a bell, let me fill you in on the deets. Essentially, NYFW is a 9-day long itinerary of fashion shows that feature both talented upcoming fashion designers and established brands that only individuals of the media can attend. In other words, the average person or influencer cannot buy a ticket in to see this show; you have to get a hold of a media pass in order to watch the show. At NYFW, you get to see a preview of the brand's collection that foreshadow fashion trends and hype before it is released in stores or magazines. From seeing intricate and elegant pieces worn by models to listening to groovy music that only enhances these pieces, every little detail of each NYFW show radiates perfection from beginning to end.

Because I've attended NYFW more than once, I wanted to share a little insight on what NYFW is really like and a few pointers to take into account if you're a blogger preparing for your first New York Fashion Week. Although all you may see is the fun and the glam through social media during New York Fashion Week, you truly cannot underestimate the time and the work you have to invest BEFOREHAND in order to experience this hectic and fulfilling week. So today, I'm dedicating this post to my NYFW first-timers (and to those who just want to learn more about New York Fashion Week in general).

1. Book your hotel first. And book it early.

By confirming your hotel reservation, you can streamline the process of planning other activities out during your stay. Essentially, if you know where you will be staying in New York, this will just make the planning process a whole lot EASIER.

When it comes to NYFW, you need to look up various destination points so you can make the most of your trip and not waste any time, as traveling around New York can definitely take a while and become expensive if end up prioritizing Uber/LYFT over subway rides.

Here are a few A-to-Z points that you should always calculate BEFORE the trip starts. In other words, how long it takes to travel...
- from hotel to NYFW destination
- from NYFW venue to restaurant (of your choice)
- from hotel to restaurant (of your choice)
- from hotel to subway station
- from NYFW venue to subway station

By calculating these distances beforehand, you will be able to set yourself a time on when to leave the hotel to arrive to the respective NYFW show you plan to watch on time. Ain't nobody want to walk in late like a hot mess when the show's already starting!

Additionally, Uber/Lyft can get pretty costly when bouncing between places in New York, so be sure to take the time before your trip to understand the subway routes. However, if you DO choose to use Uber/Lyft during your trip, I'll provide you with two discount codes to help save you some moolah in the process.

LYFT: Use discount code MICHELLE90127 for $20 off your first LYFT ride.
UBER: Use discount code michelles30341ue for $20 off your first UBER ride.

2. Style your NYFW outfits from head-to-toe before you pack them at least 1-2 weeks before the trip. 

This is Sharon.

Sharon needs to pack for NYFW.

Sharon plans her NYFW outfits weeks ahead before her NYC trip.

Sharon is smart.

Be like Sharon.

Has anyone ever seen this comic online before?! It's freakin' hilarious and totally relates to Tip #2 because Michelle was NOWHERE as organized as Sharon. While organized Sharon already planned every single NYFW outfit to the uttermost perfection, a panicked and frenzied Michelle was still awaiting several packages to arrive at her doorstep days before her trip. 

If you really want the reality of my current situation, I purchased all of my Ultra Heattech items from Uniqlo two days before my trip and Sharon helped me style my NYFW outfits one day before I hopped on the plane.

So the moral of the story like Sharon.

3. Invest in UNIQLO's Ultra Warm Heattech top, tights, & leggings.

Ever since I discovered UNIQLO's Heattech line two years ago, my body has been nothing but thankful for the creation of these amazing, functional pieces.

Personally, I've worn UNIQLO's Extra Warm Heattech Top to New York, Chicago, and Seattle last year and I was still cold after adding a sweater, coat, and scarf to the mix. Thus, I ended up splurging on their Ultra Warm Heattech collection of top, tights, and leggings this year in hopes that I won't be as cold! I'll let you guys know what I think about these pieces in future Instastories so be sure to stay tuned for daily updates once we arrive to New York.

4. Wear comfortable, waterproof shoes that you can move in all day long.

Last year, I remember walking up and down the streets of New York, so much that I probably burned more than I ate! Just kidding, I always eat way too much so that's pretty much impossible, hah. However, I did underestimate just how much we walked and sometimes, my feet were numb because trudging through snow is no joke! It was FUH-REEZING!

Thus, I've made an effort to make sure that doesn't happen again by packing a pair of waterproof boots with me. For footwear you DO want to bring but aren't waterproof, you can always purchase a waterproof spray so that you don't ruin your shoes! 

5. Winter accessories are your best friend.

If I didn't have my scarf, beanie, or gloves, I would have been a goner in that killer cold New York weather. After all, the little details sometimes make the biggest difference.

Invest in quality pieces that will keep you warm, but you certainly don't have to break the bank to get these items. Personally, I love Dynamic Asia's beanies and gloves so be sure to check out the link here if you're looking for any affordable winter accessories!

6. Looking to collaborate with brands for NYFW? Email 1-2 months in advance, not last minute. 

Again, I am guilty of my last-minute NYFW outfit styling ways, but somehow, I've managed to make it work thanks to the existence of expedited shipping! Don't be like me (remember, be like Sharon) and plan way in advance. The earlier the better, but I would suggest emailing prospective brands you want to work with 1-2 months in advance.

If you want to wear a certain piece to NYFW or work with a specific brand to showcase in your NYFW fashion lookbook, email the brand with your media kit (including audience and analytics/demographics) and the reasons WHY/HOW you can help boost their brand's social media exposure. The same applies to hotel collaborations, but trust me when I say that NYFW is a difficult time to work with a hotel due to the popular . Hotel collaborations are best executed when it's off season, but as I always say, it doesn't hurt to try!

For more information on how to successfully collaborate with a brand, read this blog post on my step-by-step guide here.

7. Schedule media tastings or restaurant visits that are convenient for your commute.

When Sharon and I travel to a different city, we always come up with a list of the hottest restaurants to dine at - aka, Instagram-worthy restaurants that will end up on our Instagram feeds and blog posts. From there, we look up the addresses of each respective restaurant and map out which restaurants would be convenient to dine in at based on the activities we have to do that day. If you're traveling with a group (versus solo), I highly suggest that you all get together for a day and plan out the itinerary together - it makes things THAT much easier when you can all communicate your honest thoughts and there's less room for argument/miscommunication when planning.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when researching/scheduling restaurants:
- use Yelp to make sure that the restaurant is open at the time you want to drop by (some restaurants only open for dinner) & that the restaurant is in your price range
- don't judge a restaurant by its Instagram cover; as much as we want to, a LOT of the menu is on the website and the imagery tends to be 10x as better
- if you have a vegetarian in the group (cough Sharon cough, haha), make sure that the restaurant offers vegetarian options as well

Images by DELSEY

8. Bring a trustworthy and roomy suitcase that is easy to use and move around.

When it comes to 360 mobility, I'm all for it! Never will I ever use a suitcase again that doesn't provide this important feature, as multiple lugging suitcases and bags around the airport or hotel can definitely put a damper on your mood and vacation.

Currently, I use the DELSEY Bastille Lite and it is byfar the ROOMIEST luggage I have ever used. Not to mention, it is also very durable and can take all of the damage received from the airport baggage claim station. 

9. Find styling inspiration through Instagram (hashtags are my favorite!)

When planning my outfits these days (whether it's for a weekly photoshoot or NYFW), I use Instagram like a Pinterest Board - scrolling through trendy outfit after trendy outfit until I find something that catches my eye and my style preferences.

Before, I always wondered how some influencers styled themselves so flawlessly. While some have a natural eye for fashion, some have to study it hardcore. This includes me.

Don't ever discourage yourself if you don't feel fashionable enough or that you'll never be fashionable enough because I used to feel JUST like this. I used to put myself down all of the time and think that it wasn't ever possible for me to wear the top trendiest outfits of today. Instead of thinking that you're not good enough or not qualified enough, ditch that negative mindset and tell yourself that you CAN do it. That you are capable. That with just enough research, motivation, and passion, you too can become the fashion guru that you've always wanted to be.

When it comes to fashion, I've always been that casual everyday gal and I don't think I can ever change that. However, ever since I've started to pay more closer attention to the current trends and looking up styles that lie a bit outside of my comfort zone, I've started branching out a bit more by incorporating more textures and fabrics into my everyday outfits and I couldn't be happier. Happier with the fact that I've ditched my negative mindset. Happier with the idea that I am capable of a positive change because I want to get better at something. When you bring yourself up with positivity and words of encouragement (all the while trying to meet realistic goals), just know that the sky's the limit.

If you are curious on what it's like to attend an NYFW show, do check out my first NYFW show I've ever attended - read more on the Mimi Prober show here.

For all of my influencers and bloggers, I hope that this post has helped you organize your future NYFW itinerary and plans a bit better! So, what aspect of NYFW are you most excited about? Let me know in the comments section below!

Outfit Details:

Dress: Kestan (Same style, different color here)

Faux Fur Coat: Selfie Leslie (Same style, different color here)

Sunglasses: Zero UV

Boots: Zooshoo

Photography By:

Sharon Litz (@sharonlitz)

Much Love,


NYFW Diary 2018: When The Unexpected Happens


Hello everybody from New York! Currently, I'm typing this blog post in my cozy hotel room in The Time Nyack at the moment and I couldn't feel more relaxed right now. For those of you who have been watching my Instastories since Day 1 of NYC or for those who are just tuning in, be sure to stay updated on the latest behind-the-scenes of my New York Fashion Week and New York City adventures via Instastories by following my Instagram page, @missmisschelle! I promise you nothing but candid, silly, embarassing, and fun clips of my trip while I'm here ;)

So a bunch of you probably already know that I suffered from food poisoning for three consecutive days so you can already imagine the torture and pain that my poor body has been through during this hectic week. However, now that I'm almost 100% recovered, I finally have the energy to compile the last few days into a blog post! You'll be surprised by HOW many things didn't go according to plan, but just keep on reading to find out what really went down during our NYFW...



Day 0: Wednesday, February 7th

As one of the worst mutual decisions we've ever made together in life (LOL), Sharon and I decided to take a red-eye flight from LAX to NYC. We decided to arrive to LAX at 12PM, which meant we had 11 hours and 55 minutes to be at the airport. But before you say "DAMNNN, that's a lot of time at the airport!", let me stop you there for a sec. Honestly, I had a LOT of fun shooting, working, and chilling at the airport for that many hours with Sharon because we're used to working at "coffee shop" or "office" type spaces for long periods of time. As a blogger, there's always work to be done.

The time actually went by at lightning speed and we found ourselves chatting about work-related discussions that only further forwarded our goals. Before we knew it, 11:55PM arrived and we were ready for takeoff.

However, the plane ride was NOT what I expected it to be. When all I wanted was a good four hours of sleep, that is not what I received. Instead, I had a talking child behind me and parents who kept wanting to switch seats (and in turn, made me get out of my seat) - pretty much, the opposite of a good night's rest. I recall that it took me over an hour to fall asleep, and an airplane chair is not a comfortable sleeping position (even with a comfortable neck pillow I picked up at Target right before the trip). At one point of the night, I felt that my body separated into two parts because the bottom half of me felt completely numb when I woke up. It was definitely a weird feeling. Honestly, take my advice - do NOT book a red-eye flight if you have a shit load of errands/tasks/work to do the very next day. It's not worth it.

Day 1: Thursday, February 8th

I took off my sleeping mask, only to be blinded from the sudden brightness from the airplane windows to signify that morning in New York City arrived. Personally, I woke up feeling like complete shit. More specifically, I felt like I got punched in the stomach and it was 10x worse than a hangover ever felt. Sharon didn't feel too dandy either upon waking up, and I remember complaining about how much my stomach hurt. As much as I thought it was just a slight stomach ache that will pass, I was definitely in for a surprise (and it wasn't the good kind of surprise). 

Turns out, I had food poisoning...which lasted for three days and definitely interfered with a majority of our plans. I have a feeling it's from a specific chickecn sandwich I ate at the airport, and now I've developed a fear of sandwiches because my recent bacterial infection that made me bedridden for one week was from a chicken sandwich as well. Yikes. Unfortunately, I didn't pick up any electrolyte drinks that my friends recommended for the first two days of the trip because the pain was so unbearable to endure an extra car ride so I ended up just dealing with the pain. Oh yeah, did I also mention that we had to skip the train and LYFT everywhere because I was unable to walk long distances? Talk about a more expensive and unproductive trip so far. Yep, I was in a pretty sad condition, especially for someone who was attending New York Fashion Week.

However, the positive parts of this day had to be finally checking in at the Arlo SoHo hotel, dropping off our heavy ass luggage, grabbing a steaming bowl of ramen, and attending our first NYFW show featuring XULY.Bët x MIMI PROBER x HOGAN McLAUGHLIN before calling it a night. The 2018 NYFW show featuring Mimi Prober was definitely a LOT different than their 2017 NYFW show, which I also did attend and you can read here. Different always keeps a brand interesting, innovative, and fresh, so I can't complain if there's a different take on it.

Unfortunately, we did have to cancel a majority of our original plans this day because we were way too burnt out from the red-eye flight. Never doing that again, hah.


Day 2: Friday, February 9th

Day 2 was slightly better than Day 1, but the food poisoning was still at it - attacking my stomach again and again with stomach pains and lightheadedness. Honestly, I felt bad for Sharon having to deal with sick ol' me, but I guess the good news was that she got to order extra entrees that I couldn't eat, LOL.

Walking down a luxurious flight of stairs, we dined at Brasserie 8.5 at lunch. While Sharon didn't hold back on ordering her usuals of Brussel Sprouts and Mac N' Cheese, I opted for a type of soup (Lobster Chowder) to help soothe my stomach. Unfortunately, my stomach wasn't having it that day and I was only able to take two sips of my soup, but I did appreciate the attentive staff members and welcoming ambiance of the restaurant.

After lunch, Sharon attended the MILLY NYFW show while I waited for her at a bakery and communal table called Le Pain Quotidien. Honestly, that warm cup of green tea I ordered was the best thing that happened to my stomach all day. It kept my stomach happy throughout our first NYFW fashion photoshoot, but unfortunately its positive effect expired by dinner time. For anybody who lives in NYC or is visiting the Big Apple, I would highly recommend Le Pain Quotidien restaurant to get work done because they have plentiful outfits and a spacious table.

Once Sharon and I reunited, we headed to Washington Square Park for our first NYFW fashion photoshoot - finally! I loved the pictures we took here and it was so EASY to do because we found an aisle that rarely anybody walked in.  

To call it a night, we ended the night with an intimate dinner at Blue Hill in Greenwich Village. We chatted with Nick Hukezalie and learned a lot about how he became a chef for Blue Hill for several years. Similarly to me, he used to be a science major but wasn't interested in lab work (can anybody else relate?), so decided to redirect his career towards a stronger passion. Honestly, there's nothing that makes me happier than somebody who chases their dream and makes it a reality. Every dish was presented beautifully and I couldn't help but smile when the word "dessert" was mentioned (despite the stomach pains I had throughout the meal).

Also, I really loved how a different employee served us every time a new dish was prepared - it made me feel like the staff at Blue Hill values every table and every customer that dines in at their restaurant. Additionally, I wanted to give a huge shoutout to Blue Hill for creating a fresh Chicken Broth Soup for me on the side because they knew how painful my food poisoning really was throughout the meal (sorry!). Not only was the staff considerate, but I truly appreciate this gesture.

Day 3: Saturday, February 10th

Never have I seen it rain in New York City until Saturday, February 10th. Unfortunately, this meant that our photoshoot had to be quick, but Sharon managed to capture a few dope photos for me of my favorite NYFW outfit before we called it a day.

Also, I was happy that I got to see my NYC blogger babe, Fiona from @fionahx3. Knowing that I was sick, she was kind enough to take a train to see me at the Library Hotel as well as bring me the BEST Korean takeout ever from Koreatown! We caught up like old friends while watching a movie, and it really brought back memories since the last time I hung out with her last year during NYFW.

Day 4: Sunday, February 11th

When I thought the trip couldn't get any better, it didn't...and then it did. Earlier this morning, Sharon and I dragged our DELSEY luggages through the pouring rain to the Grand Central Station so that we could take a train to Nyack. Little did we know that such a short distance walk and heavy rain could really put a damper on our moods. My beanie, faux fur coat, and backpack were literally soaked from just a five minute walk outdoors. Like goddamn, I never saw rain fall down that intense in years! If we could have switched the rain for snow, I would have done so in a heartbeat because snow photos would be awesome, LOL! Luckily for me, my DELSEY Bastille Lite luggage not only withstood the heavy rainpour, but it's convenient 360 mobility feature made my travels through the rain a lot more bearable. Talk about an indestructible and useful piece of luggage!

Luckily, we persevered, survived, and are finally made it to our comfortable little abode for the next two nights at The Time Nyack! We absolutely love the aesthetics of this hotel and our room, and we cannot wait to update you guys with future posts to come. Now, it's time for me to find some food and get some rest so that I can stay healthy for the remainder of this trip!


Lastly, I didn't make this post to bitch about life, my sickness, or how my trip "sucked". Instead, I wanted to write this post to express to you guys that despite what you see on social media, you really don't know everything that goes on behind-the-scenes or what somebody TRULY feels behind a curated or highly edited photo. Honestly, a lot of social media influencers only like to showcase the "perfect" life and feed - but don't be fooled, nobody's life is perfect. Social media is a place to create a work of art under your creative vision, but you should never find yourself obsessed or comparing your REAL life to somebody else's SOCIAL MEDIA life. Let's all keep that in mind, have fun with social media (but not obsess over it), and I hope you guys had a great weekend! Feel free to tune into my next post before I head home to sunny California if you're curious about the rest of our trip! ;)

Fashion & Food Photography By:

Sharon Litz (@sharonlitz)

Much Love,


NYC's Hottest Restaurants

NYC's Hottest Restaurants

When it comes to the exceptional food quality, artistic presentation, and freshly incorporated ingredients, New York City tops the list as my number one favorite city to dine at. Flying into New York City for seven days with absolutely no knowledge of the raving food scene, I felt completely mind blown to learn just how delicious their food really was. If you ever plan on visiting New York City, I've compiled just the list for you to turn those taste buds on ;)

Working Out With Albion Fit

Working Out With Albion Fit

One of the looks that I will never get tired of adding to my wardrobe is a cute workout outfit. Whenever I am walking around a clothing store, my eyes automatically become drawn towards the workout gear section. There’s just something about owning flattering fitness gear that makes me feel and look good whenever I’m about to work out. With Albion Fit, I feel so much more confident knowing that I am wearing quality workout gear that is both fashionable and functional.

Exploring New York City For The Very First Time

Exploring New York City For The Very First Time

Reflecting back on my previous trip to New York City, I was both surprised and intrigued to see just how drastically different the lifestyle and culture was in New York City compared to back at home in sunny Orange County. At every crowded intersection, pedestrians crossed the street at lightning speed with a purpose and destination in mind. Not only did the fast-paced lifestyle help me accomplish my list of to-do's in a shorter amount of time, but I also learned how to navigate through all of New York through various methods of public transportation. As a suburban Orange County resident, I'll admit that the first few days felt like a bit of a struggle, as I eventually learned how to pick up the pace and adapt to the city lifestyle. My daily schedule of transferring from bus to train to a second train became a breeze by the time I had to wave New York goodbye. However, a little birdie told me that somebody may be returning to New York City in September 2017 so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see ;)