Working Out With Albion Fit

One of the looks that I will never get tired of adding to my wardrobe is a cute workout outfit. Whenever I am walking around a clothing store, my eyes automatically become drawn towards the workout gear section. There’s just something about owning flattering fitness gear that makes me feel and look good whenever I’m about to work out. With Albion Fit, I feel so much more confident knowing that I am wearing quality workout gear that is both fashionable and functional.

I discovered Albion Fit through Instagram near the beginning of my blogging journey two years ago. I mean, whowouldn’t notice such a fashionable apparel brand that carries both luxurious fitness gear and swimwear? After all, these are two of the most popular markets that women go crazy for in the fashion world.

From their environmentally friendly manufacturing practices to their use of high quality fabrics, these are just a few of the many reasons why I love Albion Fit. Whenever a business incorporates earth-friendly practices into their manufacturing process, I instantly become a huge supporter of that brand. Additionally, I can vouch that Albion Fit’s products are comprised of quality fabrics that aim to improve the comfort and lifestyle of the everyday woman. Albion Fit isn’t just for fitness enthusiasts; the average female can also wear their workout gear as lounging apparel from picking up the kids from school or making a quick grocery run.

Since it is still winter in California, I opted for workout gear over swimwear for our first collaboration together. After all, a gal can never have enough workout gear ;) When it comes to picking workout gear, comfort is my first priority.

This sophisticated pair of Mesh Tech Leggings serves as one of the best workout pants I’ve owned in years when it comes to both style and comfort. Given that I’ve danced hip hop competitively for over four years, please take this statement with more than just a grain of salt. These leggings hug my body in just the right places and provide that extra layer of warmth I need whenever I am jogging around the neighborhood or walking the dogs on a chilly day. Also, the mixture of mesh and nylon textures and the black and grey colorblock details really makes this a flattering piece to wear for any workout enthusiast. However, I will mention that these leggings do come up a bit higher than I typically prefer, as the waistband lies a bit over my bellybutton (whereas the waistband lies below the bellybutton of the models on the website). Other than that feature, I absolutely adore the stretch that these Mesh Tech Leggings offer for both low and high impact activity.

As for workout tops, I generally prefer loose tanks over classic tees. Call me shameless, but I’m not afraid to admit that I sweat a lot when I work out – this just means I’m putting in the work! With tanks, I feel that my skin is able to breathe better and that’s why I’ve selected this adorable Grey Tie Tank. I am both a huge fan of classic workout tanks and backless tanks, but it all comes down to how you style it. With backless tanks like this Grey Tie Tank, I feel that it adds more fun to your workout outfit since you can dress it up with different intricate sports bra designs. For this look, I added a Black Sports Bra by 7 Til’ Midnight that I received from Lisa Linh’s Shop N’ Sip event. Random plug-in, but did you know that this sports bra can hold your cellphone?! Isn’t it crazy just how creative apparel designs can be nowadays?! If you want to rock minimalistic vibes, this entire outfit is the workout look for you. Or, pair the grey tie tank with a colorful pair of floral leggings or brightly colored shoes if you’re not afraid to radiate color and pattern at your next workout session!

Before I close off this blog post, I wanted to share with you guys a little experiment I’ve done just based on my previous workout experiences. I noticed that when I do not try to dress fashionable or cute for a workout, I tend to end the workout earlier and not put in as much effort throughout the entire session. With a baggy sweatshirt and sweatpants, I realized that I ended my dog walks 20-minutes earlier than usual. Honestly, I think this has to do with the fact that I don’t want to be seen at my most unglamorous state outside of the house. However, whenever I put more effort into a stylish fitness outfit, I can automatically feel a boost of energy or motivation and end up investing more time in my workout than planned. Wearing Albion Fit, I end up breezing through four exhausting Blogilates videos versus just two.

If you are looking to achieve a healthier lifestyle or want to work out more frequently, I highly recommend investing in at least one to three full workout outfits and one pair of trusty athletic shoes. Not only will these purchases prompt you to chase a healthier lifestyle, but you will notice a difference in your overall mood and health in the long run. When you dress better, you feel better.

Lucky for you, I have a discount code to save you 15% off of Albion Fit gear if you’re interested in purchasing fashionable workout gear that will last you for years. Just type missmisschelle into the checkout screen to score 15% off your entire purchase! Happy Shopping and here’s to a healthier lifestyle in 2017! :)

[Outfit Details]:
Top: Albion Fit
*Use discount code missmisschelle for 15% off your entire Albion Fit purchase at the checkout screen.
Sports Bra: 7 Til’ Midnight
Bottom: Albion Fit
Shoes: Brooks Heritage

Sharon L. from @sharonlitz

Much Love,