Monarch Beach Resort in Dana Point

Last week, I had the chance to stay at the luxurious and dreamy Monarch Beach Resort with my older sister. Honestly, this was the most extravagant resort I have ever stayed at and I thoroughly enjoyed every second here.  For those of you who missed my Snapchats and Instastories on missmisschelle, don't fret - I've covered my three day staycation in this very blog post!

As soon as I walked into the lobby on Day 1, I felt like I was walking into a grand palace.  The ceiling went as high as a skyscraper and everything in the lobby was furnished beautifully from the comfortable looking chairs to the elegant aesthetics of neighboring restaurants.  After my quick minute-long admiration of the lobby, we got our hotel key and headed straight for our room.  The hotel room was very spacious, perfect for two people. The first thing I did as soon as I entered the room was head straight for the patio.  We had a spectacular view of the resort and it felt like I was living in a dream, except…it was reality! Next to my bed lied the patio glass door and windows, which let in natural light every morning.

The bathroom was both clean and spotless, with fresh linen and amenities replenished daily. Also, I was so happy to see that our bathroom included both a shower and a tub. Finally, I was able to use my LUSH bath bomb for the very first time! I received the LUSH bath bomb (otherwise known as the Sex Bomb) for my birthday earlier this year from my two friends and fashion bloggers, Brittney and Lexi. Thanks for allowing me to treat myself, you two! ;) Some of you guys probably saw my Snapchat of using the bath bomb, but it's hard to know what the experience is really like unless you try it out for yourself. My opinion of bath bombs? The fragrance smelled rosy and allowed me to relax more during my bath and the colors were just plain beautiful. However, this specific bath bomb is tough to clean after a bath and it took me five minutes of scrubbing to get the tub looking spotless. If you ever want to use a bath bomb for the first time, I suggest asking a LUSH employee or researching which bombs don't leave residue! All in all, I would definitely use a bath bomb again to destress, but of course, will next time choose a type that won't leave its residue on the tub.

As for the customer service, their assistance soared way beyond my expectations.  Every single staff member was extremely kind and helpful, whether I talked to them in person or through the phone.  After requesting a few items that I needed to be brought to my room, a staff member did just that within minutes and I couldn't have been more impressed. Also, I really like how the room service process is set up. Basically, there are two buttons in your room near the door and you can choose between setting it to private or having staff come to clean the room.  As soon as you unclick private, a staff member comes to check your room within minutes. Previously, at other hotels, I definitely know what it feels like to experience a lack of customer service so I was shocked (in a good way) to see how attentive the staff were at Monarch Beach Resort.

Exploring the resort, there was just so much to take in. On the first floor, I walked outdoors to see the Grand Lawn as well as their gorgeous pools and colorful cabanas. At the pool, I temporarily felt like I was staying at a beach resort in Hawaii because of its tropical atmosphere. There were multiple cabanas with wide screen TV's and trendy couches that overlooked the pool side.  Or, if you didn't want to relax in a cabana, you could chill in one of their colorful lounge chairs, shaded by a nearby umbrella.  The pool water was both warm and inviting for both kids and adults.  Nearby, if you were thirsty or hungry, you could easily request pool service without even having to get out of your chair.

I had a great time capturing numerous photos around the resort with my good friend and aspiring YouTube vlogger, Jillian.  It was so much fun getting to know her better as we tackled several different looks throughout the day.  Be sure to follow her on Instagram at @comfycitychic for additional photos from the resort. 

Thank you so much Monarch Beach Resort for a wonderful stay and I hope to visit again soon.

[Outfit Details]
Sleepwear: Adore Me
Jacket: Synergy Clothing
Necklace: Thought Blossoms
Lace Romper: Kohl's
Sunglasses: Edge I-Wear
Boots: Hush Puppies Shoes

I'm Not Bossy, I'm The Boss Mug: IHeartAnkit
Pink Slay Coffee Mug: IHeartAnkit
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Laptop Case: GMYLE

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