Notsomisschealthy's Favorite Restaurants: September Edition

If you didn't know already know, I run a separate Instagram account dedicated solely to food photography because let's be love for food is too real. Also, I just really wanted a place to document delicious food without drowning my main Instagram account in food photos. You can check out my food Instagram, @notsomisschealthy, to see what restaurants I've previously dined at. Now that September is over, I also wanted to start making recap posts of restaurants that I want to highlight. In this case, I'm featuring my favorite restaurants from September. For anyone who's curious, I do not feature every single business that I've eaten at. Instead, I choose to invest my effort and time into featuring the best of the best.

Warning: I advise you not to read through this blog post if you are hungry or hangry! Let's just say that I warned you, hehe ;) And without further ado, let's get to those food photos!

Anepalco (Orange, CA)
Anepalco was one out of the three restaurants from FoodWithKevin's food crawl event. I absolutely loved the aesthetic appeal that every dish carried and every bite was packed with flavor. This is definitely the place to go to satisfy your Mexican food cravings with an added touch of elegance and pop of color.
Personal Favorites: Chilaquires Arrachera, Holy Mole Braised Short Rib

Anchor Hitch (Mission Viejo, CA)
I'll say it once and I'll say it again. Anchor Hitch is my number one favorite seafood restaurant of all-time. The presentation is always on point and their seafood entrees carry both a fresh and flavorful taste. If you haven't seen my first review of Anchor Hitch, be sure to read about it here for a more detailed recap of why I love this place so freaking much.
Personal Favorites: Hamachi Chipotle Ceviche, Lobster Roll, Cajun Seared Albacore, Wild Halibut, Angel Cake

The Beach Barrel (Newport Beach, CA)
The Beach Barrel is located in the beautiful Newport Beach and features your not-so-standard pizza, burgers, fries, and more. The chefs passionately whip up their greatest creations in the kitchen and every single entrée impressed me in terms of presentation and taste. If you are looking for pizza and burger options with a fancy twist and a variety of the ingredients, this beachy vibin' restaurant is for you.
Personal Favorites: BBQ Chicken Pizza

Grits (Fullerton, CA)
Grits is the perfect place to grab a hearty brunch and mimosas with friends. Their breakfast and lunch entrées are huge and I personally believe that they can be shared among your entire party. During my entire stay, the staff was super attentive and friendly from start to finish. All in all, Grits is definitely a restaurant that I would recommend for a weekend brunch session with good company.
Personal Favorites: Dr. Pepper Braised Pork Shank, Thai Pancake Balls

Portola Coffee Roasters (Orange, CA)
The Vanilla Lattes at Portola Coffee Roasters will definitely satisfy your caffeine-craving taste buds. I went here to grab a quick coffee fix with my friends and our lattes did not disappoint at all. I would definitely come back again for round two.
Personal Favorites: Vanilla Latte

Restauration (Long Beach, CA)
Restauration is the food spot for hipster Instagram photos. Every entrée was presented beautifully and tasted just as great as it looked. Also, I will always remember this place as the restaurant where I had the chance to try avocado toast for the very first time. Ever since that day, I've been hooked on making avocado toast for breakfast too many darn times, heh.
Personal Favorites: Duck Confit Tortellini, Avocado Toast, Smoked Salmon Roll

Wabi Sabi Teppan Steak House (Chino Hills, CA)
Although known for their teppanyaki, my friend and I decided to go the sushi route and ordered various sushi rolls from Wabi Sabi's menu instead. The sushi rolls were elegantly prepared and you can definitely tell that the chef invested a lot of time and effort into preparing his dishes. Wabi Sabi has the best sushi rolls I've tasted in a while and I would come back in a heartbeat. Since I am originally from Northern California, I would highly recommend dropping by for lunch if you were making the drive to Southern California in the early morning.

Fun Fact: My photo is featured as Wabi Sabi Teppan Steak House's Yelp profile picture!
Personal Favorites: Crunchy Rainbow Roll

ZOV's Anaheim (Anaheim, CA)
ZOV is a gorgeous restaurant that lies in the same city as the happiest place on Earth. Their outdoor patio features a shady and spacious area with beautiful marble tables - perfect for those Instagram photos. Also, I love how ZOV added an extra elegant factor by turning simple dishes into much fancier creations. If you think that their entrées are beautiful, just wait until you see dessert!
Personal Favorites: Pulled Chicken Nachos, Ridiculous Sundae, Sauteed Calamari

Hopefully, this post didn't make you too hungry, haha! In the comments below, I'm interested to see which restaurant you'd like to try out the most! Also, if you enjoyed reading this food recap post, I'd greatly appreciate it if you could please click the heart button at the bottom of the page. Looking forward to writing a future Notsomisschealthy edition - until next time! :)

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