My Bedroom Decor + Fine Pillow Review

I have always been into trendy interior designs when it comes to furniture decor and matching color schemes. Whenever I visit IKEA, I always find myself inspired by their decorative, well-furnished rooms. Likewise, back in my college days when I used Pinterest or Tumblr, I often enjoyed reposting room decor photos. Now that I've moved to Southern California, I thought I would give my room a little renovation so that I could wake up every morning to a new place that I could truly call home.

First off, I feel that in order to make one's room feel a lot more welcoming and homely, you will need to have items that represent your true personality. For me, that meant several things - my marquee light with the letter M from IHeartAnkit, my wall canvases that carry positive, inspirational quotes, my favorite stuffed animal (anyone else here as Pusheen-obsessed as I am?), and of course, comfortable and gorgeous bedding.

Tucked neatly in one corner of my room, you will find my favorite marquee light, jewelry box, and mini wall canvases. I love how my marquee light adds that extra touch of personalization, representing that it is my room as soon as you walk through the door. The jewelry box, also a gift from my oldest sister, matches the underlying drawer perfectly. Additionally, I love this jewelry box for its compact size and organized compartments. All of my rings, bracelets, necklaces, chokers, and watches from my favorite brands (Thought Blossoms, Daniel Wellington, Rocksbox, etc.) can be stored in this box and this makes my accessory collection a lot less cluttered. Back at home in Northern California, I used to hang my necklaces on a corkboard for easy access, but I never truly liked how it looked. A good jewelry box is truly worth the investment if you are an accessory type of girl. As for wall canvases, I have always fallen in love with them and purchased my very first one in college from Target. There is just something about inspirational quotes that makes me smile whenever I come across one.

Previously, I moved into a room that came with multiple grey throw pillows. Funny enough, Pusheen matched this bed decor quite well. Despite that my room was already decorated and color-coded from the start, I wanted to make my new space represent who I was and thus, changed things up a bit. From TheElephantPants, I received a beautiful bed cover that adds a bohemian touch to my bedroom. On days when guests come over, I often use this bed cover to give my bedroom that extra pop of color. However, on days when I'm chilling at home with Netflix, I tend to wrap IHeartAnkit's gold polka dot throw blanket around myself like a warm burrito if it gets chilly. On hotter days, I opt for my lightweight, silky grey blanket from Tanzee to do the same job.

Also, thanks to a San Francisco based company called Fine Pillow, I had the chance to try out tempurpedic pillows for the very first time! With Fine Pillow, I can KO easily after a long day of events and photoshoots. I love how their pillows carry a very fluffy and cushiony texture, allowing your head to slowly sink into the pillows with ease. Also, these pillows are more on the soft side and do not feel like one of those rock hard memory foam pillows. With my new upgraded pillows, I can definitely rest assured (did you catch my pun?) that I will get a good night's sleep. Back at home, sleeping has not been the most comfortable situation for me, as I slept on a twin bed for 24 years with an old mattress and without a tempurpedic pillow. I can safely say that Fine Pillow has given me more restful nights and made my sleep schedule both more relaxing and efficient. If you want to improve your sleeping lifestyle, be sure to check out their website here to browse additional pillows, mattresses, and more.

Honestly, I would love to purchase more furniture, but I feel that it is not worth the huge investment until I've moved into my very own house or with my future family. Once I have my own place, I definitely want to make all of the rooms in my future home look collective. Future things I want in my home - a walk-in closet, lemon tree, air plants, a kitchen with an island and lime green wallpaper, and more. Don't ask my why, but these are just a few things I would love to have in my dream house. What do you want YOUR future home to look like?

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Edited by Wendy Hsiao from @travelswithwendy

[Bed Products]
Tempurpedic Pillows - Fine Pillow
Bed Cover - TheElephantPants
Gold Polka Dot Throw Blanket - IHeartAnkit
*Use discount code "MICHELLE20" for 20% off your entire IHeartAnkit purchase.
Grey Silk Blanket - Tanzee

[Miscellaneous Products]
Pink Sleepwear Tank - Adore Me
Marquee Light - IHeartAnkit
*Use discount code "MICHELLE20" for 20% off your entire IHeartAnkit purchase.
Wall Canvases - Marshall's
Pusheen Stuffed Animal - Pusheen
Pusheen Slippers - Amazon

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