Exploring A Hidden Gem with VIPMe

As a passionate lifestyle blogger, I'm always on the lookout for new photoshoot locations. After all, who doesn't like to spice up their Instagram feed with beautiful landscapes and trendy tourist spots? Whenever I put together an outfit that matches perfectly with a potential photoshoot spot, it's no kidding that I get pretty damn excited the day prior to my shoot. That's when you know the passion is real, haha. With fashion blogger and photographer Amy Lai from @thecomelycloset, I had so much fun shooting at this hidden gem. Psst, it's SO hidden that I've never even seen the location pop up on my Instagram before! What better way to showcase such a free-spirited and adventurous day than with this whimsical dress by VIPme?

A lot of people tend to wear an outfit based on their mood and I did the very same with VIPme's Multicolor Off Shoulder Half Sleeve Boho Maxi Split Dress. Seeing that the photoshoot location resembled a "deserted island", I wanted to climb on top of the highest rock to capture a "Pocahontas" type of look. To me, Pocahontas evokes a free spirit and this dress serves as the perfect representation of that characteristic.

First off, I'm going to be completely honest with you guys - this dress was NOT the best idea to wear on a windy day. What you don't see on Instagram includes my hat almost flying off into the water below us or the slits of my maxi dress getting caught unattractively between my legs. However, once the wind died down, we managed to capture a few GORGEOUS shots before the sun set. My favorite photo had to be the one during golden hour when I sat on the edge of a rocky cliff, with my back slightly bent forward and my head tilting towards the camera. Throughout such a windy photoshoot, we realized that sitting pictures would be a lot more effective than standing ones. Because of the sexy slits, laying the fabric down all to one side as I sat added that extra touch of allure to the entire photoshoot. Add in the matching blue bow hat, a pair of cute wedges, and boom - you've got yourself the perfect romantic date outfit.

Quality-wise, the material of the dress did not disappoint. For such a sunny, yet windy day, I managed to stay cool all throughout the shoot because of its thin, yet durable fabric. Plus, the slits allowed room for my legs to breathe instead of suffocating from the outdoor heat. Also, for off-the-shoulder pieces, I always worry that the shoulder area would always feel too tight or uncomfortable. Luckily, this VIPme dress hugged my shoulders just right. Just a warning for my fellow bloggers though - because of the off-the-shoulder feature, posing in this dress may be difficult to do since you're restricted to leaving your arms close to your body. However, looking cute does come with its sacrifices once in a while. Personally, I think baring one's shoulders is a great way to look and feel sexy through a casual everyday look like this one.

After reading my VIPme dress review, would you purchase this dress as well? Let me know in the comments box below! Also, if you're interested in browsing VIPme's website, be sure to use my discount code "SISun207" for $5 off on orders over $50! Happy shopping!

[Outfit Details]
Dress: VIPme
*Use discount code "SISun207" for $5 off on orders over $50.
Necklace: Thought Blossoms
Rings: Thought Blossoms
Watch: Daniel Wellington
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Bracelet: Wanderlust + Co
Shoes: De Blossom Collection
*Use discount code "MISSCHELLE" for 35% off your entire De Blossom Collection purchase at checkout.

Amy Lai from @thecomelycloset

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