Spending 48 Hours At The Happiest Place On Earth

Spending 48 hours at Disneyland earlier this week was definitely the quick getaway I needed to loosen up a bit from the stressful week I previously had. With both my older sister and photographer friend (both named Sharon, LOL) , we set sight on enjoying every single minute we had at The Happiest Place On Earth. After relaxing a bit and soaking in the positive vibes around me, this weekend served as the perfect break to start my week off strong. If you want to find out what hotel I stayed at, restaurants I dined at, and what went down at Disneyland, keep scrolling down for fun visuals and a detailed hotel recap!

Castle Photo by Sharon Litz (@sharonlitz).

Castle Photo by Sharon Litz (@sharonlitz).

For two days, my sister and I stayed at The Disneyland Hotel, located just one block away from the heart of Downtown Disney. The Disneyland Hotel is comprised of three different hotel buildings, or so-called "towers", for guests to stay at. These towers include the Fantasy Tower, the Adventure Tower, and the Frontier Tower. We stayed at the Frontier Tower, which was a bit of a walk from the main lobby (which was located at The Fantasy Tower). However, the short walk to our hotel room was still totally worth being spoiled with a gorgeous view of the poolside.

The hotel room comes with everything you can imagine a Disneyland hotel would come with. Picture this scenario. You walk into a room with two neatly made Queen sized beds with two fun-sized throw pillows that read heartwarming Disneyland quotes such as "A dream is a wish your heart makes..." and "when you're fast asleep". Squeal moment, anyone?!  Then, you head over to the lamp sitting on the glass nightstand and press a button with a fireworks icon because your curiosity got the better of you. You take a few steps back to catch a glance of the entire room while trying to figure out what the purpose of that button was. First, you hear the soft melody of Disneyland music playing in the background, followed by an incredible lit up engraving of the Disneyland castle and fireworks on the large wooden headboard. Seriously, can a hotel room be any more epic than this?! Only The Disneyland Hotel would come up with something this creative and clever.

But wait, the cuteness of our hotel room doesn't stop just yet. In the bathroom sink and shower, your hands have the honor of using Mickey ear shaped metal bar handles to control the temperature and pressure of the water. The only downside that I can find about our hotel stay is that the view from our 14th floor window wasn't the most spectacular of views. In fact, we were greeted by a huge, grungy parking lot. Despite the lack of "view goals", all of the cute Disneyland accents in our room definitely made up for it.

Now, the best part of residing at The Disneyland Hotel was the fact that my room was located literally one block away from Downtown Disney. If I was craving beignets from Jazz Kitchen Express or a Chipotle Chicken Avocado Sandwich from Earl of Sandwich, I could easily walk to any of those shops in less than five minutes from my hotel room. Not hungry? The World of Disney store is also near the vicinity and I always make sure to browse their mug collection for any coffee cups that catch my eye ;)

Cotton Candy Lemonade Photo by Sharon Litz (@sharonlitz).

Cotton Candy Lemonade Photo by Sharon Litz (@sharonlitz).

The last 24 hours that I spent was with photographer pal, Sharon, at Disneyland and Disney's California Adventures. Not only did we excitedly stop everywhere to shoot fun photos for the blog, but we actively shopped and ate our way throughout Frontierland, Adventureland, Toontown, and Tomorrowland. While Sharon picked up a cozy Mickey sweatshirt from one of Main Street's stores, I made sure to order everybody's favorite dessert - the classic Pineapple Dole Whip. Also, we made a pitstop to Cove Bar in California Adventures because I've always wanted to order their colorful drinks for da gram (and to see what all the hype is about!). Cove Bar's Cotton Candy Lemonade was definitely refreshing to drink on a hot day and quenched my thirst from all of the walking we did around the theme park that day.

With the help of my new MisFit tracker (do you spy that little grey wristlet in my photos?), my mobile app calculated that we walked approximately 13,000 steps that entire day - whew, now that's my workout of the day! A lot of our walking had to do with the fact that we paced through different "lands" to stock up on Fast Passes, which are "tickets" that allow you to cut the line if you come back to the ride between a certain time period. Since Sharon and I focused more on gathering blog content during Disneyland, we were only able to go on two rides - Indiana Jones Adventure and Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters ride. One fun memory to take home that day - let's just say I beat Sharon's score at Astro Blasters while vlogging on my Canon G7X and filming on Instastories. Being the hard-working and strong-willed individual that she is, Sharon refuses to accept defeat and has challenged me to a future lasertag match. Game on, girl ;)

We left Disneyland a little bit before dinner time and ended up grabbing Vietnamese food near my neighborhood to satisfy our hungry tummies. As we devoured our food, Sharon and I happily looked through the gallery of photos that we took that day. It was one of the best days we've had in a while - and why wouldn't it be when you're spending it at the Happiest Place On Earth? I'm hoping to come back in July 2017 but until then, I'll look back on these fun pictures to remind me of this memorable day :)

Much Love,