15 Best Moments of 2017

As 2017 comes to a close, I've compiled a list of fun memories that made me realize just how much I've changed, grew, and learned within the last 365 days. My motto in life is to never settle or be comfortable with the current state of things, and to always crave more in life. 

So without further ado, let's throw it back to 2017, the year that I...

20170607_LovatoImages_POR_013 2.JPG
Stanford Cactus Garden-3.jpg

1. Flew to Chicago (with Sharon from @sharonlitz) to meet up for the first time with the four blogger babes who have supported me since the beginning of my Instagram journey three years ago.
- Huyen from @huyentxo
- Thy from @thy.time
- Fiona from @fionahx3
- Van from @loveeevan

2. Attended New York Fashion Week for the very first time.

3. Ditched the constant excuses I made and splurged on any equipment necessary to improve my Instagram and blog's content quality.
- 13 inch Macbook Pro
- Canon G7x
- Ringlight
- DSLR Tripod
- Canon G7x Gorilla Tripod
- Lightroom
- Microsoft Office
- PicMonkey

4. Had the balls to publish the most sensitive and raw personal story I never thought I'd release to the public eye & received so much positive feedback on my courage to address a subject that not everybody can talk about.

5. Finally established a consistent theme for Missmisschelle (inspirational stories, blog/marketing tips & tricks, hotel reviews, fashion lookbooks, restaurant guides, etc.)

6. Caught the travel bug and visited more travel destinations than I ever had any other year.
- Seattle, WA
- Chicago, IL
- New York City, NY
- Joshua Tree, CA
- Palm Springs, CA
- La Jolla, CA
- Santa Monica, CA
- Frazier Park, CA

7. Faced my fear of public speaking (ex: talking straight to a camera) and filmed/edited/published my first YouTube video on Missmisschelle.

8. Time I celebrated my birthday twice by organizing two birthday parties back-to-back in both Northern and Southern California.

9. Won $400+ dollars playing my first slot machine ever at Pala Casino Resort & Spa's Influencer Event.

10. Collaborated with additional established brands that I've always wanted to work with
(Dr. Dennis Gross, DSW, Famous Footwear, Godiva, Kate Somerville, Kohl's x Candies, Physicians Formula)

11. Visited Disneyland and had an entire photoshoot around the Happiest Place On Earth. Hell yeah!

12. Redesigned my blog layout that features a more visually appealing aesthetic.

13. Discovered amazing games that I never knew existed, such as King Of Tokyo, Codenames, and that one competitive Christmas game where you unwrap a ball of saran wrap that holds a shit ton of random prizes (LOL).

14. Signed up for a gym membership and became addicted to using the stairmaster every workout sesh.

15. Co-founded my own digital agency called iRose Social with Sharon.


Looking back on everything that has happened in 2017, I'm proud to say that I managed to explore outside of my comfort zone and that I plan to face more of my fears in 2018! I hope that a year from now, I can look back at the next 365 days with more destinations crossed off of my travel bucketlist, a stronger work hustle, and most importantly, a smile that shows just how much I love the feeling of making my dream career a reality :)

Much Love,