My First NYFW Experience: Mimi Prober

NYFW, or New York Fashion Week, is a semi-annual series of events that showcases future collections of various fashion brands that haven't been released to the public eye yet. Attending NYFW shows is recognized as a prestigious honor in the blogging community, as guests must receive an exclusive invitation by the brands themselves in order to attend. During this prime time, my Instagram newsfeed blew up with countless photos of established fashion bloggers posing in the streets of New York and professionally captured runway shots. Throughout my seven days in New York City (see previous blog post here), I was given the special opportunity to attend Mimi Prober's runway show and wanted to personally share my first time experience attending New York Fashion Week with you guys.

Photography by Sharon Litz (@sharonlitz).

Photography by Sharon Litz (@sharonlitz).

While Jillian stayed back at the hotel room to work on blog content, Sharon and I took an Uber together to the fabulous venue of the night, Skylight Clarkson Square. In order to ensure a punctual arrival time before the show starts, I would highly recommend utilizing Uber or Lyft over public transportation. Plus, I’m sure nobody wants to take one bus and two transfer trains, only to arrive as a hot mess to a prestigious runway show. Do yourself a favor and spend the extra couple of bucks to make it to the event on time.

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Walking through the entrance doors, Sharon and I just couldn't contain our excitement knowing the best part of the night was yet to come. After having our email invitations scanned, we knew we had made it in. While Sharon navigated us through a crowd of fashionable trendsetters, we eventually arrived to the media room filled with curious and excited NYFW attendees. From clean casual to classy elegance, the room was filled with a mix of trends and style. In fact, one outfit that stood out to me that night was an individual wearing a black crochet lace top with a sheer black bralette with high waisted black leather pants and combat boots! Her style was very unique and was definitely noticeable, even during a fashion night.

What I found strangely intriguing and shocking was the fact that the actual runway show only took up approximately 10 to 15 minutes out of the hour long event. Thirty minutes into the event time, the lights began to dim and diverted everybody's attention towards the front of the room. Unlike most of the other runway shows at NYFW this year, the Mimi Prober show was staged on ground level where an audience member could catch a glimpse of runway from any angle. Although Sharon and I were assigned standing seat assignments, we were still able to get a close-up view of the runway throughout the entire show. In fact, I was able to capture my first runway shot from where I was standing (see picture below).

Photography by Michelle Sun.

Photography by Michelle Sun.

Cool, calm, and collected music began to play for a few seconds before the spotlights dawned on to a huge “Mimi Prober” sign. As soon as the first model started walking down the runway, I instantly fell in love with Mimi Prober’s line. Throughout the entire show, I gushed silently to myself, in awe of all of the beautiful pieces being showcased that night. Mimi Prober’s Fall and Winter 2017 collection was truly a sight to behold, with a strong emphasis on layering different lace textures together all the while incorporating more minimalistic colors into their pieces. Radiating both bohemian and romantic vibes, my eyes felt glued to the runway and how each model’s outfit swayed to the beat of the music. Before I knew it, all of the models were adjacently lined up in an organized fashion to signify the end of the show. The applause from the crowd roared, the lights grew brighter, and everybody began to shuffle out of their seats and towards the exit signs.

Gathering up our belongings, Sharon asked me the one classic question that everybody asks after trying something new for the very first time – “How was it?”

“It was amazing. Beyond amazing. Actually, I wouldn’t be surprised if I was addicted to watching runway shows. I didn’t expect it to be like that at all – the runway setup, the choice of music, Mimi Prober’s collection – all of these factors were perfect. It was definitely a short-lived show that I wish I could see more of because I wasn’t ready for it to end yet. Mimi Prober’s runway show couldn’t have been a better opportunity to experience my first NYFW runway show. Honestly, it was better than I could have ever imagined.”

And with that, we happily ended the night by taking another Uber to Taiyaki NYC, one of New York’s most highlighted ice cream shops. Because who doesn’t want to end a good night with dessert? ;)

Photography by Jonny Kang (@jonnykang).

Photography by Jonny Kang (@jonnykang).

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