YSBSD: Day 3

As much as Yelp Elite Events excite me, Day 3 of Yelp Spring Break San Diego got my excitement multiplied tenfold. I absolutely LOVE carnivals, but I just never had the chance to go to them regularly back at home. But luckily, I had the chance to attend Yelp's Carnival Picnic at SILO in Maker's Quarter with my fellow Yelp Elite friends.

I can solemnly swear that I will always be a kid at heart. Imagine being surrounded by taco stands, cotton candy and popcorn booths, carnival games with awesome Yelp prizes, and an open bar of alcoholic beverages - I mean, what to do first?! Also, for you 21+ kiddos, there was also a flip cup table to temporarily relive your college days, hah! But seriously, there were just so many options to choose from! However, within three hours of the event, I eventually tackled all of these booths and I definitely had a great time playing all of the carnival games. Fun fact about me - I'm a really competitive video, computer, and arcade game player, hehe. Plus, I just have to give a huge shoutout to the talented DJ who has played music at every YSBSD Official Yelp Event - seriously the best music I've heard in a while. He plays remixes of both mainstream and older songs and transitions them really well so that you don't hear that awkward drop or silence in the music. Way to keep the party alive, man! Actually, let me make one more shoutout. Shoutout to Slick Deals for choosing me as the winner of their Twitter giveaway - see the picture that I uploaded to enter the giveaway here. Oh, and if you have Twitter, be sure to add your girl at missmisschelle! ;) I apologize for the lack of pictures from the carnival event, but I made sure to film a lot of footage for the vlog so stay tuned!

After this Official Yelp Event, we decided to spontaneously drop by Gaslamp. On a Saturday night, it was pretty darn packed with pedestrians and cars (similarly to the hustle and bustle of San Francisco with the chill vibes of San Diego). But first, coffee. We grabbed a quick coffee fix at an outdoor coffee stand called Simon Says Coffee and I loved the French Vanilla Latte that I ordered! It carried the perfect amount of sweetness and the barista even let me watch how he did the latte art, hehe. Also, for you Yelpers, Simon Says Coffee offers 10% off when you check-in to this coffee shop on Yelp. Hooray!

Walking around the Gaslamp district, we attempted to find a dinner location by walking in to whichever restaurant looked good to dine at. We walked-in to two restaurants expecting to receive a short wait time for dinner, but we received 1.5 hour to 2 hour wait times - hah, we should have known better on a weekend night in a busy street. Eventually, we dined in at Las Hadas (which is right next to La Puerta, the restaurant we originally wanted to eat at!), which I honestly thought was just alright. I ordered a Lobster Quesadilla that tasted and looked much like shrimp, but I wasn't too happy with the fact that the overall flavor and presentation wasn't satisfying either. Also, the chefs neglected the "ends" of my quesadilla since it lacked ingredients and tasted flavorless, so I would not recommend ordering this dish. Honestly, I probably wouldn't even recommend trying Las Hadas, but I'd like to try La Puerta on my next San Diego visit.

After our dinner, my group and I knocked out at an earlier bedtime because we had to wake up for morning yoga the next day - but we'll save that blog post for another day ;) If you missed my previous blog posts, be sure to check out YSBSD: Day 1 and YSBSD: Day 2 of my experience with Yelp Spring Break San Diego!

Top: Papaya | Shorts: Papaya | Sunglasses: AMI Clubwear | Shoes: Nike

Much Love,
Michelle Sun