YSBSD: Day 2

Catching up on sleep from the exhausting night before, my group and I woke up to Day 2 of Yelp Spring Break San Diego and all of the adventurous fun that was about to happen. This day mainly consisted of La Jolla beach explorin' and unlimited food tastin' so definitely keep on reading if you want to learn more about what goes down at Yelp Spring Break San Diego.

One highly reviewed Mexican restaurant that my group and I visited to satisfy our taco cravings included Oscar's Mexican Seafood in La Jolla. There are quite a few Oscar's Mexican Seafood chains located in San Diego, but we ended up dropping by the one on Turquoise St. It is a small restaurant that features cozy outdoor seating with wooden barstools and tables. The ambiance of Oscar's definitely carries that beachy, chill vibe that a lot restaurants back at home lack. To be honest, all of the restaurants I dined at in San Diego definitely had different interior designs and atmospheres so I'm glad that I had the chance to experience this change in dining culture.

At Oscar's, the staff was very friendly and served us his top recommendations from the menu. These entrees consisted of five Mixed Ceviche dishes, five Battered Fish Tacos, one Spicy Shrimp Taco, one Battered Shrimp Taco, one Pulpo Taco, one Smoke Fish Taco, and two Mexican Cokes. I've tried store-bought and homemade Ceviche before, but no Ceviche could compare to the one that I tried at Oscar's. The Mixed Ceviche contained freshly diced shrimp and fish pieces with a hint of lime and I absolutely loved this dish. Also, I found both the Battered Fish and Pulpo Tacos to be rather addicting and couldn't believe that the freshness of the seafood was so apparent here compared to NorCal. If there was one entree that I miss from San Diego, it would be Octopus tacos - you just can't order it the same here in NorCal. Oscar's Mexican Seafood definitely served as a satisfying lunch for our second day in San Diego.

Following our tasty lunch, we headed to La Jolla Cove to check out the beach. Dang, you wouldn't believe how many seals are on this beach! You can literally be less than a foot away from a seal and it wouldn't move an inch, haha. This beach definitely serves as a tourist attraction, as the shore was filled with excited people carrying DSLRS and taking pictures of the seals. After many pictures, our never-ending and always-curious appetites decided to grab some good ol' gelato at Bobboi Natural Gelato. Being the coffee lover that I am, I ordered a "Moka" gelato on a waffle cone and it was the perfect snack to munch on before we visited the second beach of the day. At La Jolla Shore, we actually ended up napping peacefully for an hour and this was totally unplanned - hah, I guess that's what traveling does to you.

Now this was definitely one of the most extravagant events I have ever attended as a Yelp Elite. You just HAVE to watch the vlog that I will upload on my last vacation post to see what I mean! Walking into a fancy museum reserved exclusively for Yelp Spring Break San Diego, I swear there were over 20 booths of food sponsored by various Southern California restaurants. In addition to the catered food, this event also provided complimentary 5-minute massages by Massage Envy and 3D simulations that felt like you were in a Disneyland or Universal Studios ride. I was definitely overdue for a massage for months and you wouldn't believe how excited I was to see that there were over 10 massage chairs available for any guests to receive massages. Wishing that I could relive this night all over again, sigh haha.

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Much Love,
Michelle Sun