My Four Favorite Spas You Must Visit In OC/LA


Ever since I started incorporating strength training into my exercise routine and added event planning to my work list of to-do's, I've found myself visiting my local spa more often to destress my body and mind. Because of our fast-paced society, the majority of us focus heavily on our current workload (and future deadlines) that we have to tackle through that we sometimes forget to focus on something that is just as important - our health. Whenever I visit my local spa, I make it an effort to temporarily forget about work (work's not going anywhere!) and to indulge in some good ol' rest and relaxation, whether it be in the form of a facial or massage. If you're looking for a quick getaway from the everyday stresses of life, you should definitely consider visiting one (or all!) of the spas that I share with you guys below.

Spa Tip: If you are looking for an affordable massage or facial, check GroupOn for the best prices. Read through reviews on both GroupOn AND Yelp so that you know you're getting the most bang for your buck!

Burke Williams Day Spa

Burke Williams Day Spa will always be one of my favorite go-to spas to visit. Not only does this luxurious spa offer a variety of quality services, but their amenities are seriously top-notch.

Picture a metallic bowl of neatly organized white towels infused in an icy bath of cucumber water and that you grab one to place on your eyes before you head into their popular eucalyptus scented steam room. Picture an organized shelf of shower caps, razors, shaving cream, and hairties - all available for you to use before your shower. Picture a spacious room filled with individual vanity mirrors and desks for you to straighten, curl, or style your hair to your liking before you head out for the remainder of the day. Picture a black wicker basket of bananas, apples, and oranges next to two types of fruit-infused water to choose from. These are just the amenities we're talking about.

As for the services, I list my experience of receiving the Pure Relaxation Massage (50-minute), Salt Or Sugar Glo Wetroom Treatment (25-minute), and Spa Style Facial (50-minute) in a previous blog post here. If you are looking for the nitty-gritty details, I suggest you read this blog post! If you're unsure of what to start off with as a first-time visitor to Burke Williams Day Spa, I highly recommend going for the 50-minute Pure Relaxation Massage because you can never go wrong with a massage! However, if you ask me what my favorite service is, it has to be the unique Salt Or Sugar Wetroom Treatment. Wanna know why? You have to read my previous blog post to find out ;)

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Kate Somerville Clinic

Although I've only visited the Kate Somerville Clinic once, that doesn't mean that I wouldn't go again! Upon entering this clinic, you are greeted by an elegant staircase that eventually leads you to their minimalistic waiting room with the friendliest of staff to check you in. While you wait, the waiting room features an array of Kate Somerville's collection and I've been using her products since my middle school days!

At the Kate Somerville Clinic, I received a 50-minute facial by Kelly and you can read about my first-time experience here. Before Kate Somerville Clinic, I've received plenty of facials from other spas (Massage Envy, Mirako Spa, etc.), but they felt nothing like the experience I had at this specific clinic. During my facial, I felt completely in the know with every step of my facial and I absolutely loved that feeling. There's no worse feeling than not knowing what someone is putting on your face or body, am I right (Insert concerned emoji here)? Kelly was very detailed-oriented, helpful, and informative and her clear explanation made my facial process feel a whole lot more relaxing and stress-free than any other facial I've ever received.

P.S. For those Yelpers out there, be sure to check-in to The Kate Somerville Clinic on your mobile app to redeem one free travel-sized product!


Glen Ivy Hot Springs

Recently, I visited the Glen Ivy Hot Springs in Corona with Sharon and it was like visiting mini-Disneyland for an entire day! Like the previous two spas, I have an entire blog post recap of my Glen Ivy Hot Springs experience here.

Glen Ivy Hot Springs is not like your average spa due to the fact that this is a more outdoorsy, social, and interactive type of spa. In contrast to your tranquil spa experience, the Glen Ivy Hot Springs exudes more of a laid-back resort type of feel. Don't even get me started about the food at Ivy Kitchen because it is freakin' AMAZING and they offer a variety of healthy dishes that I am obsessed with! Additionally, this hot springs offers far more activities (massages, facials, Club Mud, mineral baths, swimming pools, drink lounge, etc.) than your average spa, so you can guess why Sharon and I spent a majority of our day here ;)

If you are looking for a girl's day out or a couple's getaway idea, Glen Ivy Hot Springs is the place to visit! Last but not least, don't forget your swimsuit because whether you want to swim in mud or water is your choice, as long as you're having fun ;) 

Le Cheateau Enchante Day Spa

Le Cheateau Enchante Day Spa is a massage location in Lake Forest that I didn't share much about with you guys on social media, but it was more of a low-key appointment I wanted to make just to destress from the month's workload. But, at least I'm sharing this place with you guys now! The massage therapists are very kind and informative, and I love how they care about their customers.

After my massage, the staff pinpoints all of the target areas that they worked on and how your body developed soreness, tension, and stiffness in those respective areas. In fact, they told me that my neck was stiff because my work requires me to look down at my phone a lot, LOL (totally caught red-handed)! Not only did they teach me certain stretches to reduce body stiffness and tension, but they even suggested various items (foam roller, tennis ball, etc.) to purchase to eradicate any knots I may want to get rid of. I value a spa (and their employees) who go above-and-beyond with their customer service skills, and Le Cheateau Enchante Day Spa definitely delivered.

Additionally, I wanted to mention that even though I am a huge fan of pure relaxation massages, my experience felt a bit more like a medium pressure massage. I would recommend this spa for those who are interested in receiving more pressure during their massages (medium pressure to deep tissue), and not for those who want a relaxing massage. Nonetheless, they definitely worked out the kinks on my body and I'm glad that I feel less stiff as I'm typing this blog post out, LOL.

Tip: For first-time visitors, I purchased a Groupon voucher from Le Cheateau Enchante Day Spa here. Just search this spa name and voila, your wallet will thank you!

After reading about these four spas, which spa peaks your interest most? Or, have you visited any of these spas already? Let me know in the comments section below!

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