Glen Ivy Hot Springs: Welcome To The Secret Garden


Glen Ivy Hot Springs, we meet again. Just a bit over a month ago, I visited the relaxing Glen Ivy for Marisa's bachelorette party (which you can read all about here), but decided to visit once more because c'mon - who doesn't wanna make another trip to the spa?! With this third (and not final) visit, I've partnered up with Glen Ivy to host an INSTAGRAM TAKEOVER on their account and had so much fun showing their audience (and any of my audience that trickled over to their page, LOL) the full experience of what Glen Ivy has to offer! Additionally, I was in for a surprise myself as well, as this was my first time being able to walk through their new Secret Garden. The Secret Garden is a hidden little oasis tucked in away from the crowd, away from the noise, and is SO secret that it's not even on the map! Where is it located exactly? Well, that's a secret you'll have to find out for yourself once you get there ;)

If you keep on reading, I do have a special gift for y'all in the form of a GLEN IVY HOT SPRINGS GIVEAWAY so don't leave just yet - this party is just getting started ;)


When Glen Ivy cannot already get any more aesthetic, it DOES with their Secret Garden! If you want to know what the mind of a typical blogger looks like, just think of an endless Instagram feed scrolling down, brainstorming all of the possible places that would make for a potential photoshoot location. Yeah...not gonna lie that I have the mind of a typical blogger as well, BUT I always make sure to balance work and play as best as possible. Thus, I wanted to get a majority (or all) of my "photoshoot outfit sets" done at the beginning of the day so that I could relax for the remainder of my visit.

My plus one and I walked to our cozy little cabana named "Secret Garden #5" and let me just tell you, the staff is REALLY attentive here! Every time we came back (and yes, I mean EVERY time), a Glen Ivy staff member showed up and asked if we needed anything within a minute of us arriving back at the cabana. Is this what #cabanalifegoals feels like? If for some reason you do not see a staff member on site, they have a button in the cabana that you can click to request immediate assistance. Niiiiice.

So of course, always hungry Michelle likes to start off the day with food. And lots of it. Because Glen Ivy radiates vacay and getaway vibes, Michelle did not hold back when ordering food. Not only did she order a Grain Bowl AND Chicken Nachos, but she also ordered TWO Berry Delicious Smoothies! And not a single regret has been made that day. Honestly, I am addicted to their Chicken Nachos (it's nacho ordinary nachos) and a few Glen Ivy followers can say the same if you look at my Instagram Takeover post here. The Berry Delicious Smoothie is sweet and refreshing, and I wish my Vitamix at home could whip up something as delicious as this Glen Ivy drink. One amazing feature about reserving a Glen Ivy cabana for the day is the fact that the staff will bring you food and drinks from Ivy Kitchen, The Chill Zone, or Lounge 1860 so you don't have to wait in line for your order! I love how we were able to dig into our tablespread of entrees in the privacy of our own little cabana.

After experiencing a lightweight food coma, it was time for our 50-minute Aromatherapy Elements Massage (maybe I shouldn't have eaten so much beforehand, gulp). I requested the same massage therapist that I had last time named Robin, because her massage techniques are very particular and precise (in the good kind of way). Not only does Robin focus on every single body part that needs work, but she also works out the kinks in areas that I didn't realize needed attention! Sadly, Robin informed me that I should worry that my neck is very stiff, but she also gave me pointers on which exercises to do to make it less stiff. If I were to commit to a few simple stretching exercises (once in the morning and once at night), Robin says that I would experience a lot less knots, kinks, and pain in my neck area. Thanks Robin, I oughta try that!

Once we came out of our massages, we decided to chill even harder than we did at the massage. There's a corgi sticker on Facebook that explains this mood perfectly, LOL - I hope some of you know what I'm talking about so I don't sound crazy! There was a point in time where we walked on to the wooden patio of the Secret Garden and started rocking comfortably on their rocking chairs - something about rocking chairs just really calm me, LOL. Honestly, the Secret Garden is a great place to chill at Glen Ivy if you want to unplug from the world and do something restful like reading a book or getting some shut-eye. As soon as we heard music playing across the hot springs, we knew that it was Twilight Hour - this is a specific time when Glen Ivy brings out a live DJ or musician to play music to bring out the party in what was earlier a very tranquil hot springs. I'm all for it, since the live DJ was playing pretty dope music that I wanted to Shazam as I walked back to my car.

To end this blog post on a good note, a little birdie from Glen Ivy Hot Springs told me that I'll be giving away TWO complimentary mid-week passes (covers entry fee & available for redemption Monday - Thursday) AND TWO complimentary lunch passes)! If my Instagram post has brought you here, if you just regularly visit my blog, or if you happen to be here for the first time, I've included the simple rules below so that you can enter this giveaway! :)

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Last but not least, thank you so much Glen Ivy Hot Springs for allowing me to do an Instagram Takeover on your page in addition to partnering up with me on this giveaway! I'll definitely be back soon :)