I've Got That Sunshine In My Pocket

It finally feels like summer in California and I couldn't be happier with this weather. With sunny days come decorative picnics, water park fun, beach days, and more. Because it's summer break for some of you guys, I've listed a few of my favorite California beaches to visit and hope that you all have a chance to check them out as well!

1. La Jolla Cove (near La Jolla, San Diego)
Looking at La Jolla Cove is like looking at a picturesque postcard - it's that beautiful. I couldn't believe that I had the chance to visit such a gorgeous beach recently and you just HAVE to see it for yourself! From the highest cliff, you can overlook the beauty that La Jolla has to offer. Also, there are an abundance of seals that lie near the shore and I literally stood less than a foot away from one! La Jolla Cove is definitely a must-visit location in the San Diego area.

2. Montara State Beach (near Montara, Half Moon Bay)
First off, I have to thank Montara State Beach for all of the beautiful pictures that Thy and I took in this photoshoot (yep, all these pictures are from MSB!). On a weekday afternoon, this beach was one of the most unpopulated, yet prettiest sights I've ever laid eyes on. Typically, I tend to go to dirty beaches (don't ask me why LOL) and I was surprised on how clean it was at Montara State Beach. The sand radiates a bright golden brown color with a coarse texture - my feet were definitely happy walking through this clean beach. Also, an unoccupied lifeguard tower calls for some awesome photoshoot pictures! If you are in the Bay Area, I would definitely recommend taking a drive to the Half Moon Bay area to see Montara State Beach.

3. Seacliff State Beach (near Aptos, Santa Cruz)
As a college student, I've lived in Santa Cruz for four years and ironically never knew this beach existed until my post-grad days. Luckily, my friend from UCSC bookmarked this place on Yelp and asked me if I would like to check it out with her. You can see more photos with my friend, Louise, of Seacliff State Beach here in one of my earlier photoshoots. Underneath the wooden pier is a perfect place to get some great portrait or full-body shots! To Bay Area and Santa Cruz residents, I would say the little extra drive to Seacliff State Beach is a much better visit than Seabright Beach, the Boardwalk, and Natural State Bridges Beach.

4. Bakers Beach (near San Francisco)
I've lived in the Bay Area for 23 years and I have never visited Bakers Beach until earlier this year - but hey, better late than never, am I right? I stumbled upon this popular gem due to the fact that my blogger friend from NYC, Fiona, decided to visit California and wanted to get a picture with the Golden Gate Bridge. Hearing people say that parking is tough near the bridge, I brainstormed other locations where we could get pictures of the bridge without having to deal with problematic traffic and parking issues. Bakers Beach was the solution! On a weekday afternoon, there was available parking and it only took us a 10-minute walk on the beach to get close enough to the bridge. Oh, and were we in for a big surprise - we didn't know that Bakers Beach was a nude beach until we discovered it for ourselves. However, we managed to capture some great shots at this beach (without any nude photobombers, hah) and I would definitely shoot here again! For future Golden Gate Bridge photos, I would honestly shoot at Bakers Beach again.

5. Panther Beach (near Santa Cruz)
If anyone were to ask me what beach to visit in the Santa Cruz area, the first beach that would pop up in my head would be Panther Beach. It's spacious, unpopulated, clean, and absolutely gorgeous for pictures. There's also a railroad before you walk down to the beach if you need more photos - that's a two-in-one deal in my opinion! Panther Beach definitely does not disappoint.

Also, I wanted to give a huge shoutout to Wild Blue Denim for dressing me in this beach-ready outfit from head-to-toe! At the beach, I typically wear rompers and dresses, but we all know that the wind isn't always dress-friendly, hah. That's why wearing this baby blue lace hem tank and this pair of distressed denim jeans served as the perfect beach outfit! Wild Blue Denim also sent me four other pairs of jeans, which I absolutely ADORE for their fit and style. The fit of every jean I own from Wild Blue Denim is true to size - I'm a Size 5 and they all fit well with a little bit extra room to breathe and move around in. Additionally, Wild Blue Denim carries a variety of jean styles and color from minor to major distressed details to button-only jeans. Typically, I favor zippers over buttons, but the white distressed jeans with four buttons that I wore in my last post here were super comfy! If you're looking to do some jean shopping, Wild Blue Denim carries affordable and chic denim styles that I would totally recommend.

Have you visited any of these beaches? Which beach is your favorite? Share with me in the comments below :)

Tank: Wild Blue Denim | Flash Tattoos: Flash Tattoos | Polaroid: Urban Outfitters | Jeans: Wild Blue Denim

Much Love,
Michelle Sun