Summer Chillin' with Pique Tea

Who here feels like they need a delicious iced beverage to tackle this summer heat? I know I do! Honestly, it can get pretty pricy picking up your daily beverage at your local Starbucks or Philz Coffee, so I wanted to introduce you all to Pique Tea, a high-quality tea brand that you can conveniently make at home or bring with you on-the-go!

Whether you crave a hot or cold beverage, Pique Tea has got your back! Comprised of tea crystals brewed from the top 5% of high-quality tea leaves, Pique Tea instantly dissolves in both cold or hot water. Also, I love how Pique Tea serves as a healthier alternative among teas, as it contains two times the amount of antioxidants compared to your average tea brand. It’s definitely a time saver when I know that I can bring my tiny Pique Tea packets on-the-go and can dissolve it in any temperature water. Sometimes, we don’t have that time in the morning to make our morning coffee so Pique Tea is definitely a great option for those early risers!

The flavors Pique Tea has sent me include Jasmine Green, Earl Grey, Mint Sencha Green, English Breakfast, and Sencha Green. My favorite flavor has to be English Breakfast, as I always order that flavor whenever I get high tea with my friends as well. Although Pique Tea can be made with both cold or hot water, I prefer drinking my tea hot in most cases  However, I did give myself the opportunity to try both Pique Tea both cold and hot to taste the difference. In the end, I can definitely taste the authentic flavors of the tea leaves with every sip.

Because I want you guys to try this tea brand as well, I have collaborated with Pique Tea to throw this awesome GIVEAWAY for you guys! Enter to win 2 Free Cartons of Pique Tea Crystals by clicking the link here  The sweepstakes will be held from June 13 to June 19 and Pique Tea will contact the winner via email! And that’s all there is to it – good luck everybody!

Much Love,