How To Earn Money By Selling Clothes


Now that it’s summer break, we all find ourselves with that little extra time to kill. We can either choose to spend this time leisurely or productively – and I choose to do both.  After all, it’s about balance. You don’t want to overwork your ass off during the summer and not have any free time to enjoy at all. Vice versa, you don’t want to blow all of your money away and have nothing left in your bank account. Thus, I’m going to share with you guys today how I’ve been earning a little extra pocket money all the while having fun – and that’s by selling clothes.

Now, I will share with you the three tactics that I have used in the past or currently use now to help pay the bills. Feel free to let me know in the comment box below which tactic you have used or which tactic appeals to you most – I’d love to know

1. Join a Facebook Clothing Exchange Group. When I attended UCSC for four years, I discovered two and a half years in that we had a Facebook group dedicated to buying, selling, and exchanging clothes. I honestly think this is a brilliant idea. And funny enough, this group introduced me to a few good friends that I still talk to today. Selling clothes and meeting life-long friends? It’s a win-win situation.

Here’s a shocking fact that you probably won’t believe – I sold over $1000 worth of clothes within 1.5 years of joining this Facebook group. Think of all the things you can do with that kind of money! Honestly, being proactive with your summer and dedicating one hour per day to post your unwanted or preloved garments online is definitely a great way to earn some extra cash. Here’s the link to the Facebook group that I specifically joined from UCSC, but be sure to search on Facebook for a clothing exchange group from your college campus or near your area!

2. Thrift Stores. Thrift stores probably own 80% of the clothes that have once occupied my closet. I’m the type of person who often gets sick of wearing the same piece over and over again, so most of the pieces you see me wear end up being sold at various thrift stores, haha. Also, earning a bit of cash through thrift stores help me feel less guilty about my splurges. Plus, I can use the extra money to purchase a new piece that I truly love. Or, I can save the money, which is honestly the smarter option out of the two, hah.

I will list the three thrift stores that I frequently visit in the Bay Area and I would recommend tackling these places in the numerical order that I have listed them in. Black and Brown gives the most bang for your buck and they tend to accept bigger name brands like TOBI. As for Plato’s Closet, they accepted a majority of my Forever 21 and Hollister Co. pieces. Honestly, thrift stores will NOT help you break even, as they tend to buy your pieces for 20-30% of the original price that you probably purchased your clothes for. But, thrift stores are a great way to make amends with your wallet. In my opinion, I prefer to sell my clothes and earn a little bit of cash versus having these unwanted pieces collect dust in my wardrobe.

1. Black and Brown in San Jose, CA
2. Plato’s Closet in San Jose, CA
3. Crossroads Trading Co in San Jose, CA

3. Poshmark. I have to thank my blogger friend, Brittney (@missxbo), for introducing me to this mobile app because it is seriously so fun and addicting to play with! Basically, it is a mobile application dedicated to trading, buying, and selling clothes through a convenient and efficient method. You basically snap or upload one or a few pictures of a piece, wait for people to comment, and that’s it! Poshmark does all the math for you too – for example, if I want to sell a dress for $10, Poshmark will tell me that I will earn $7.05 from it. You basically can change the prices of your pieces whenever you feel like it based on how much you want to profit! Once the buyer pays for the piece, the shipping label is sent to you automatically and you can ship your piece to the buyer with ease. Finding your preloved pieces a new home while earning extra pocket money? Hell to the yes! Also, I justcreated a Poshmark account under the username “missmisschelle” so be sure to say hi if you’re on the app as well! 

Much Love,