A Pledge To Myself

We often take the people we love most for granted. We often use holidays as the primary excuse to display our affection through quality time or gift giving. But when’s the last time that you treated a loved one to a dinner or spent time with family…just because?

For the last two months, I selfishly admit that I would only focus on my priorities and my day. Honestly, I was weighed down by so many stressful factors in my life that I didn’t even care or consider what my loved ones were going through with their lives. In essence, I would quickly shove a meal into my mouth, then dart out the door to complete the day’s errands. As soon as I finished what I needed to do, I headed straight to my room with the door closed immediately behind me. From a parent’s viewpoint, this doesn’t sound like love or appreciation at all.

Don’t get me wrong – I love my parents and sisters unconditionally. But my actions weren’t showing it at all. Appreciation is a HUGE deal to me, but honestly, a quick thank-you means nothing if it is not backed by appropriate actions.

So today, I decided to ditch the self-absorbed and stressful lifestyle that I led for the last two months. Instead of focusing on my own selfish errands, I took time out of my morning to make a quick grocery run, order a freshly squeezed orange juice from Jamba Juice to-go, and create a homemade meal for my Mom. And according to my older sister, it was the happiest she’s seen Mom smile in a while. Hearing that remark almost made me tear up and that’s when I realized…

My happiness is based off of other people’s happiness.

When you focus on others, your problems begin to shrink and your happiness grows tenfold. I love making people happy, laugh, and smile  – I mean, that’s the sole reason why I created my blog. To inspire others to lead positive lives and chase their dreams is my dream.

And honestly, taking just a little bit of time out of my day to do nice things for loved ones like today actually makes me feel a lot happier. Now, instead of focusing solely on my priorities, I was able to make somebody happy and still have time for my own tasks of the day. Now that’s a day worth living.

So from now on, I pledge to myself to be a better daughter and a better person – not just today, but everyday. From now on, I will do my best to show my affection in any shape, form, or gesture. To show my appreciation and love through actions, not just words. So to my family, I love you forever and always.

Top: Papaya Clothing | Sunglasses: Papaya Clothing | Necklace: The Amethyst Moon (created by DrunkOnVogue) | Shorts: Papaya Clothing  | Wedges: Nine West

Photography by Wiseley Fong Photography

Much Love,