Ice Monster with AJ & Michelle

Last Saturday, AJ and I threw our fourth social media event at Ice Monster in Walnut Creek. It was definitely a farther drive for all of us South Bay residents, but seeing both new and old faces over delicious and mouthwatering desserts and various flavors of milk tea was an opportunity not worth missing! Not to mention, we also held several fun giveaways in which the winners had a chance to win board games and Ice Monster merchandise! This event was definitely one for the books – a guest even joked with me that it felt like one of those rainy days back in elementary school where you would stay in and play board games with your friends during recess, haha.

Our Ice Monster event was held from 6:30PM to 8:30PM so that our guests could dig into delicious desserts to end their Saturday night on a good note. Additionally, there was a special perk for the guests who attended our event  – with any dessert purchase, you get a free milk tea! Throughout the night, all of the tables and chairs at Ice Monster were eventually occupied and the dessert shop definitely filled up with other guests who were not apart of our event as well.

Out of our 15 guests, the most popular dessert ordered had to be the Shaved Snow. With numerous shaved snow flavors and various toppings to choose from, each individual’s Shaved Snow definitely looked like a unique creation. Besides the Shaved Snow, I also spotted extravagantly decorated waffles and brick toasts being devoured by our hungry attendees. Once everybody showed up to our event, AJ and I held a raffle to distribute giveaway prizes. Congratulations to our giveaway winners and we hope that you enjoy your new board game or Ice Monster gifts!

I also wanted to give a huge shoutout to Jackie for helping us make this entire event come to life! His kind-hearted, friendly, and polite personality definitely makes customers, including myself, feel at home when they walk into Ice Monster. I will definitely pay Jackie another visit whenever I drop by the Walnut Creek area!

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