First Time For Everything

There's never a wrong place or time to try something new for the very first time. If it goes well, you've found yourself a newfound hobby, activity, or passion. And...if it goes terribly, at least you have a funny memory to laugh back on several weeks from now, hah! Throughout my entire 11-day vacation in Orange County, I found myself discovering several "first time" things that I can cross off of my bucketlist. When you realize that you have done so much in so little time throughout a vacation, you begin to fill your life with memories and valuable life-long experiences to look back on. This was by far the most rewarding vacation I have ever had and you'll find out why once you read this entire post - after all, I have a little secret to share with you guys ;)

To the first time I have ever put on fake eyelashes (aka falsies).
I've always loved how natural falsies looked, but imagining the hassle and time investment of putting on falsies every day during my makeup routine strayed me away from ever trying them out for myself. However, when EYEMIMO San Francisco sent me a few products to try as a belated birthday gift, I convinced myself to try falsies on for the very first time once I went on vacation. In this entire photoshoot, I am wearing EYEMIMO's Natural Falsies (#NTR29) and I absolutely love them! Honestly, they looked much longer than I expected once I put them on, but wait until you see my EYEMIMO's Glamorous Falsies (#GLM12) - they are ten times more dramatic! I also ended up ordering EYEMIMO's Beauty Scissors, Beauty Tweezers, and Eyelash Applicator, but didn't end up using any of these items when applying my falsies! If anything, I wish I had trimmed my falsies a bit with the beauty scissors, but there's always next time! If I had to recommend purchasing any products from EYEMIMO, it would be their natural falsies and glue because these two products go hand-in-hand to create the finishing touches of one's makeup look. And guess what? I have a discount code just for YOU if you're interested in picking up any products from EYEMIMO, hooray! Just enter "2missmisschelle" into the checkout screen to save 20% off your entire purchase from EYEMIMO :)

To the first time I have ever lived in the heart of Downtown Disney.
By "lived in the heart of Downtown Disney", I literally mean taking the elevator down, walking down the lobby into the outdoors, and into Downtown Disney within 50 steps of my hotel room. It was amazing to discover how close in proximity I was to Downtown Disney and ended up making three individual trips here within one entire day because of the fun and convenience of it all! Also, for those aspiring Pokemon GO trainers out there, there are SO many Pokestops at both this hotel and Downtown Disney, I am not joking! I ended up staying in the gorgeous Disney Grand Californian Hotel for a good three days of my vacation before leaving to Orange County.

To the first time I have ever attended a blogger event by myself.
I'm not the type of person to go to the movies, reserve a restaurant table for one, or attend a party/event by myself. And when you're invited to a blogger event away from home, you're bound to see people who have known each other for months and years - and sometimes, it's hard to introduce yourself to a close-knit group of friends that you don't know at all, especially when you're not from around the area. I've been following FeastFashionFaves for a while on Instagram and absolutely love her fashion shoots and down-to-earth personality! When Amanda announced her Sleek Hair Summer Soiree event on Instagram, it lined up well with my vacation itinerary and I ended up going solo to meet her in person and show my support. Everything was perfect - from the decorations to the complimentary vendor services (temporary colored hair dye, flash tattoos, and falsies station, anyone?!) to the layout and organization of the entire event. I had a GREAT time at my first SoCal event and I've learned that you don't always need that sidekick buddy to enjoy yourself to the fullest. Be sure to check out the Instagram hashtag #SleekSummer for a gallery of pictures from the Summer Soiree event! P.S. I ordered a customized hat by Amanda's new hat company called Whim Things and I am in totally in love with it! Check out her hat line on Instagram at @whimthings or on their official website here. I've already received SO many compliments on it when I took it to the beach yesterday and it's definitely a hat that I will not allow to collect dust in my wardrobe.

To the first time a vacation has turned into a life-changing experience for me.
Typically, vacations are made to temporarily get away from the workload and stress at home. However, the workaholic inside of me ended up working ten times as hard as soon as I arrived in Southern California. and the term "relaxing" never really appeared throughout my vacation. After meeting up with two professional SoCal photographers, collaborating with five restaurants, and attending two blogger events all within the span of 11 days, I came to the realization that this trip meant so much more to me than just a simple getaway - in fact, these 11 days created a life-changing experience for me. Within my 11-day vacation, I discovered, understood, and analyzed my potential in the blogging industry. Trusting my gut instincts, I spontaneously decided to make the decision to move down to Orange County in late August or early September and I am nothing more than excited for this huge transition in my life!

I'll definitely be writing more on this huge transition in a future blog post - stay tuned ;) Remember to follow along on Snapchat (missmisschelle) to see my last days in Northern California before the big move!

By Jonathan Ramsey Photography (Instagram: @jrp360)

[Outfit Details]
Eyelashes: EYEMIMO San Francisco
*Use discount code "2misschelle" to save 20% off your entire purchase at checkout
Dress: Shein
Purse: Nicole Lee USA
Shoes: DSW

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