Trendy Dessert Guide in Southern California

If you think there are a lot of boba shops open in the Bay Area, just WAIT until you visit Southern California! There are an endless amount of possibilities to choose from if you ever use the search engine on Yelp and even I have trouble deciding which place to visit every now and then! On my previous vacation, I took the liberty in visiting and trying out some of the trendiest dessert places that are constantly popping up on my Instagram feed. In this trendy dessert guide, I will list my favorite entree(s)/drink(s) and my overall impression of the place.

Almond Haus (Garden Grove)
Almond Haus is one of the cutest boba/tea shop interiors I have ever seen! It is a tiny little shop that carries your modern furniture, aesthetic decor, and one hell of an inviting couch. The staff was super friendly and allowed us to try various samples of drinks that we inquired about. I ordered the Hokkaido Milk Tea and it had the perfect amount of sweetness! Although I'm not a huge fan of almond, my nephew really enjoyed his Almond Milk Tea! After all, it is called Almond Haus for a reason ;)

Jazz Kitchen Express (Anaheim)
I need to meet the talented creator of beignets because these are probably one of my most favorite desserts ever. If you're ever in Downtown Disney, I highly recommend making a quick pitstop at Jazz Kitchen Express to pick up their delicious and fluffy beignets! They serve both mini beignets and regular sized beignets, but the friendly cashier I talked to recommended the bigger beignets for better pictures and taste texture-wise. If you don't know what a beignet tastes like, the best way I can explain it is that it tastes like a fluffy hybrid of a donut and croissant with powdered sugar. But don't take my word for it - try it for yourself!

Milk Box (Mission Viejo)
If you're looking to ditch the syrup and order the smoothest tasting coffee you've ever had, then Milk Box is the place for you! The owner was super friendly and thoroughly explained the ingredients and the process used to make his drinks. After trying various samples, I ordered the Cracked Iced Coffee and loved that I can taste the authentic flavor of the coffee. Their Moustache Ice Tea is also another popular option and it includes a delicious almond foam that floats on the top of the drink as well.

Mini Monster (Anaheim)
Located at the busy Anaheim Packing District, Mini Monster is located on the top story of this building. There was definitely nothing mini about these mason jars at Mini Monster - I seriously thought I was drinking an XL size from one of these jars! If you're a slow drinker like me or don't drink very much, I'd recommend sharing one drink with a family member or friend! I found their Thai Tea refreshing! Also, I can't complain about the adorable logo on their drinks.

7 Leaves Cafe (Irvine)
I walked into 7 Leaves Cafe as a happy woman and left the shop even happier than I felt coming in. Do you know why?! Because of their House Coffee, that's why! The House Coffee is seriously one of the BEST coffee beverages I have ever tried and believe me, I travel everywhere for my coffee fix. To make me a happy gal, my coffee cannot taste too bitter nor too sweet. The flavor of the House Coffee definitely hit the jackpot and my sister wholeheartedly agreed when she took a sip as well. We also picked up their colorful macarons and strawberry croissants for a quick sweet tooth fix. If you ever visit 7 Leaves Cafe, you NEED to get the House Coffee and Strawberry Croissants!

SusieCakes (Laguna Niguel)
Say hello to SusieCakes, one of the best cupcake brands I've ever tasted! I'm a huge fan of cupcakes with that moist and flavorful texture, and SusieCakes got it just right. Walking into SusieCakes, it's a cute, pastel-themed cupcake shop that features a variety of flavors for the average sweettooth. To the left of the shop, you'll find a counter that serves samples and the sample of the day was Carrot Cake! I devoured the Mocha flavored cupcake within two minutes and from that moment on, life was good. P.S. If you want to score two free SusieCakes cupcakes, sign up for their mobile app and the reward will be sent straight to your account! Your welcome :)

The Loop Churros (Westminster)
You know that the hype is real when you've seen pictures of these famous churros on Instagram before seeing it on my blog. I heard that the line gets pretty long at times when waiting to purchase these loop churros, but luckily, it wasn't crowded at all when I visited on a weekday afternoon at lunch time. The Loop Churros carries a variety of glazes and toppings to choose from and the indecisive foodie inside of me took minutes skimming through the menu deciding what to get. Eventually, I settled for one of the glazed loop churros with their popular soft-serve ice cream. The soft-serve ice cream is the BOMB and you NEED to order this with your churro! I swear that the churro and ice cream complement each other very well and it tastes like a dessert match made in heaven.

Zero X (Pomona)
I discovered Zero X right before my flight departure to NorCal when FoodWithKevin from Instagram invited me to his Zero X Media event. Zero X seriously carries the most adorable food products! I mean, just look at the panda cookie and tell me that isn't the cutest thing you've ever seen?! My favorite options from the event had to be their Raindrop Cake and Coffee Horchata. If you haven't tried a Raindrop Cake before, it tastes like a squishy gelatin (literally). However, it tastes even better with the crushed graham crackers and condensed milk that comes with it. Also, huge props to Zero X for carrying the cutest Instagram-worthy bottles that I've ever seen!

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