Poshmark - The New Way to Sell Clothes!

Have you ever heard of Poshmark? Poshmark connects the world of fashion between buyers and sellers through a simple mobile app for both men and women. Goodbye to the old days of lugging around more than five bags of clothing to the nearest thrift store, only to earn a measly, undeserving dollar per piece. Not only do I earn a better value for both my pre-loved and new clothes on this app, but I'm also excited to be surrounded by such an active and positive online community.  Ever since I've joined Poshmark, I've been a happy seller for SO many reasons. Find out the various reasons why I consider Poshmark to be my new way to sell clothes and hopefully, I've given you enough reasons to get onboard as well ;)

No shipping hassle.
I love Poshmark for it's simple and straightforward shipping process. Sell, print, ship, boom - you're done. This four-step process is all I have to do each time I sell a piece and Poshmark makes it so damn easy! As soon as a shopper buys a piece from your closet, you will be sent a notification email and a pending payment in your Poshmark account. In the notification email, you will find a pre-paid shipping label. All you need to do is print it out, tape it to your package, and drop it off at your nearest post office. Poshmark charges a flat rate of $5.95 for expedited shipping on all orders, which will then be sent out to the buyer within 1-3 days USPS Priority Mail. Shipping is paid for by the buyer and Poshmark calculates exactly how much you will earn per sold piece - no calculator needed! Selling has never been more fun!

Additionally, I love Poshmark for its creative freedom of packaging. Whenever a buyer shops my wardrobe, I go ALL out! Just like any other retail store, you want your client to feel more than just a moneybag. Honestly, it's so much fun shopping for cute things to add in my package as a way for saying "Thanks for shopping at Missmisschelle's!" With the last package I prepared, I carefully wrapped the dress in blue giftwrapping paper and added a handwritten Thank You card, my business card, and a fun You're So Cool And I'm Not Even Mad About It card from Bando. Not only was my buyer happy with her 5-star shopping experience (you can rate your shopping experience on Poshmark!), but I was happy knowing that I did a damn good job as well.

User-friendly mobile app.
Have you downloaded Poshmark yet? Ready, set, let's go! But wait...how do you even use Poshmark,? Don't even worry about a thang! The Poshmark app provides a clear set of instructions and FAQ's regarding how to use the app from selling my first piece to learning how to throw a Poshmark party (don't know what a Poshmark party is? Oh, you'll find out ;)). Their app is simple to navigate through and I'd highly suggest checking out their FAQ's the first time around - it contains all of the vital information that you need to know about Poshmark.

Positive, active, and supportive community.
Similarly to the blogging community on Instagram, the Poshmark community is just as supportive. There are three features you can pick from when shopping on an individual's page - like, share, or comment. When you have uploaded a few pieces to your closet, you can receive likes on pieces that the Poshmark community finds adorable. Additionally, shoppers can share your pieces voluntarily. When an individual shares one of the pieces from your closet, your piece is shared among his or her followers and provides your piece with that extra outreach in hopes that it would get sold. It's just good ol' Poshmark karma. You are not obligated to share or like anybody's post, but the fact that I received these gestures of love so often encourages me to do the same for others. By being surrounded by a positive community of buyers and sellers, I am much happier using Poshmark than visiting any old thrift store.

Forever active engagement.
I've learned that the more active I am on Poshmark, the more my Poshmark activity grows as well. More activity means a growing follower count, a higher selling rate, and overall, more OUTREACH! Every time I post a new piece to sell, I instantly receive multiple follows within the same day. As your follower numbers grows on Poshmark, more viewers will start coming to your page as well. With a higher number of viewers and shares, the chances of your pieces selling skyrockets! With Poshmark, I make it a goal to re-share a couple of my top favorite pieces per day as well as re-sharing any other pieces from my follower's closets.  It only takes about five minutes of your day, but the results are worth it.

Hosting or participating in Poshmark parties!
Ain't no party like a Poshmark party! One cool concept with Poshmark includes the fact that you can join or host a Poshmark party. A Poshmark party is designed to feature a specific genre of clothes at an assigned time of day - dresses, outerwear, purses, party outfits, athletic wear, Kate Spade, Lululemon, etc. You can choose to share your pieces to one of these Poshmark parties in hopes that your clothes will have a higher chance of being sold. Additionally, signing up and being accepted to host a Poshmark party will serve as an easier way for shoppers to find and/or follow your page.  

In fact, I am hosting my very FIRST Poshmark Party this Thursday, October 20, from 7:00-9:00PM PST! Come join me on Poshmark to shop or sell your clothes, as I will be on the mobile app at this time both selling and re-sharing pieces from everybody's closet that I believe deserve a new home :)

Invite friends, earn cash!
As soon as you create a Poshmark profile, you can click on the "Invite Friends, Earn Cash!" tab. From there, Poshmark assigns you an invite code to share with your family and friends. If somebody uses your invite code, not only do they receive $5.00 upon signing up, but you will receive $5.00 after their first purchase. I've already referred three friends to sign up for Poshmark, which means I have the possibility of earning $15.00 if any of them were to make a purchase on Poshmark! 

I'd love to know if reading my blog post referred you to signing up for Poshmark.  Please use my invite code "NGEWK" upon signing up so that you can have $5.00 sent straight to your account! Again, if you missed my first announcement, I will be hosting my first POSHMARK PARTY this Thursday, October 20, from 7:00-9:00PM PST! Come join me on Poshmark to shop or sell your clothes, as I will be on the mobile app at this time both selling and re-sharing pieces from everybody's closet that I believe deserve a new home :)

Happy buying and happy selling! I hope to see you around on Poshmark ;)

[Outfit #1 - White & Blue Dress]
Watch: Daniel Wellington
Shoes: Qupid Shoes

[Outfit #2 - Light Blue Floral Dress]
Dress: Fashion Effects
*Use discount code "MSUN20" to receive 20% off your entire Fashion Effects purchase.
Shoes: Qupid Shoes

by Jonathan Ramsey from @jrp360

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