My Everyday Haircare Routine

If anybody can wake up straight out of bed looking absolutely flawless, please share your secrets with me! The reality of my life includes waking up to messy and tangled hair every morning. But luckily, it does not take me very long to fix my hair before I'm out the door! Today, I'll be sharing one special product that I use to maintain my everyday hairstyle. Although I do love voluminous curls and beachy waves, straight hair for me is the way to go whenever I'm working from home or in a hurry to go out and run a few errands.

As soon as I get out of bed, I head straight to the bathroom to detangle my morning bed head. After brushing my hair gently from root to tip with my lavender hairbrush from Conair, I follow up with Irresistible Me's Jade Hair Straightening Ceramic-Tourmaline Brush. First off, shoutout to Irresistible Me for making this hair straightening brush in my FAVORITE color ever! Not only does it come in this gorgeous shade of jade, but I can also vouch that I love this ceramic-tourmaline brush more than any other straightener tool I have ever used! In the past, there were plenty of flat irons that have always made my hair smell and look like it was burnt to a crisp. Additionally, the previous straightening tools that I have used always damaged my hair and multiplied my split ends per use. With every stroke of this effective Jade Straightening Brush, I could see results instantly without having to worry about damaged ends. The straightening brush also covers more surface area than your average flat iron, straightening your hair with more care in a quicker amount of time. From just my first-time use, I could already tell from my positive experience that this was a really good quality product that protected my hair from heat damage. Thank you Irresistible Me for sending me this product for me to review and I am nothing but a happy camper! :)

From the pictures in my first photoshoot, this is what my hair normally looks like without using the straightening brush. My hair is straight, but some ends carry a slight unpredictable curve that doesn't look too flattering in photos. If I'm REALLY in a hurry, I skip the entire straightening process and wear my hair like this, tie it up into a high ponytail, or wear a cute sunhat. However, if I do have more time to get ready, using the straightening tool only takes about five minutes or less! Whenever I straighten my hair, I either leave it all the way down or tie it up in a half-ponytail like this. You can definitely notice the straighter quality in my hair from the second photoshoot.

Speaking of haircare, I definitely feel like I need to get a fresh new haircut and color soon. If any of you guys have suggestions on your favorite salons in the Orange County or LA area, please share them with me! I am still currently looking for a go-to place to get my hair done and suggestions are much appreciated! :)

[Outfit #1 Details]
Hat: Charming Charlie
Dress: Wild Blue Denim
Choker: Nellene Tree
Shoes: IPPO

[Outfit #2 Details]
Jacket: Wild Blue Denim
Top: Irene's Story
Choker: BEXO
Jeans: YMI Jeans

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