OMESCAPE: Escaping from Joker's Asylum + GIVEAWAY

I can safely say that I am addicted to escape rooms. I mean, who else goes to two individual escape rooms in a single weekend? Heh. If you didn't already know, I absolutely love and LIVE for escape rooms, as I enjoy every single minute of this 60-minute adrenaline-rushing activity. If you don't know what an escape room is, keep on reading and I'll introduce you to one of the most fun group activities that you can ever experience in your lifetime!

OMESCAPE San Jose invited a group of friends and I to escape from one of their featured escape rooms. These three rooms included the Kingdom of Cats, Dark Altar, and Joker's Asylum. Searching for the most scariest and challenging room to escape from, I selected the Joker's Asylum for my entire group. The Joker's Asylum books 6-10 players and we had a group of seven participants. If possible, I would suggest inviting as many people as you can to an escape room. The more minds that you bring together, the more creative ways you can come up with to get out of the escape room!

Now, I can't go into detail of how the Joker's Asylum escape room went down or that would ruin the surprise for you all, wouldn't it? However, I will explain the basics of a general escape room. Basically, you are trapped in a physical room with your teammates and have exactly sixty minutes to escape the room. The goal of the game is teamwork - essentially, you need to solve puzzles and use clues to escape the room. In my opinion, it's a lot more fun to escape from a room that comes with an intense storyline and I've found from previous experiences that terrifying escape rooms are the most enjoyable (to my surprise). And just don't take my word for it - escape rooms are a LOT more fun when you experience it for yourself! So the next time that you have a free weekend with a group of friends, make a reservation at OMESCAPE San Jose and reserve your next escape room!

In fact, I have some exciting news for you guys! Since you've gotten this far in my blog post, I think it's about time that I share with you guys that I am hosting a giveaway with OMESCAPE San Jose to give away FIVE OMESCAPE TICKETS to five lucky winners (one ticket per winner!). This is one of the most exciting giveaways that I've ever held and I'm SO excited for you guys to enter because I love, love, LOVE escape rooms! So how do you enter, you ask? Let's go over the rules below :)

1. Follow @missmisschelle and @omescapeinsf on Instagram - we will be checking!
2. Like the Instagram photo here and like this blog post (click the heart at the bottom of this post).
3. Tag 3 friends in the comment box on the Instagram photo from Step 2.
4. Leave a comment on this blog post telling me which escape room you would like to try for yourself - Kingdom of Cats, Dark Altar, or Joker's Asylum! Include your name, Instagram handle, and email in your comment as well.

All steps must be completed for your entry to be valid. And that's all there is to it! The giveaway will end in seven days - please check back on this very blog post and I will announce the winners right here in this post! :) The winners will have 24 hours to claim their prize. Please keep in mind that these tickets will only be valid for the OMESCAPE San Jose location (not OMESCAPE San Francisco). Good luck!

For those who are interested in purchasing OMESCAPE tiçkets, use my discount code "MISSMISSCHELLE" to save 10% off the entire booking price! Lastly, thank you OMESCAPE for having us! Next time, I'm totally going to book the Dark Altar escape room :)

I have picked the five giveaway winners randomly via - congratulations to Wendy, Jennifer, AJ, Pearl, and Anthony! I hope you all enjoy OMESCAPE San Jose as much as I did! Please be on the lookout for an email from me :)

Much Love,