TwoGether Events: Curry Up Now with AJ & Michelle

Just last Saturday, AJ & I hosted our fifth social media event at Curry Up Now in San Francisco. This time around, we invited approximately 30 lifestyle bloggers, foodies, Yelp Elites, and food photographers to our exclusive food tasting event. If you haven't heard of Curry Up Now, it is byfar the most flavorful Indian street food I have ever tasted with the most colorful of interiors.

At 3:00PM, there were already several social media influencers ready to partake in our food tasting event. We checked-in every single individual by checking for the confirmation emails that we sent out one week prior to the event. Eventually, guests sat themselves down at open tables and began to mingle among one another as the event went on. Once there were approximately 15-20 people, Curry Up Now entrees began to be served. Finally, the moment we've all been waiting for!

The entrees that Curry Up Now served included Guac Sev Puri, Bhel Puri, Naughty Naan, Vada Pav, and Half Burritos. As for the drinks, Curry Up Now filled up two glass pitchers with Mango Lasi and Ginger Mint. Within the first hour of the event, I already heard multiple compliments and positive opinions regarding the Mango Lasi. Additionally, we were happy to have Ketsourine Macarons collaborate with us at our Curry Up Now event. Ketsourine Macarons is a gorgeous macaron shop in Daly City that sells various drinks, macarons, and macaron ice cream sandwiches. The macaron shop contributed its famous Cold Brew Iced Coffee and this drink literally ran out within the first 20 minutes of the event due to popular demand - I guess people really needed their coffee fix, haha! Personally, I can't say that I have a favorite entree because all of them were SO good and carried their own unique flavors. Honestly, nothing disappointed if you ask me.

It was really fun hosting a social media influencer driven event because every time an entree was brought out, so did people's DSLRs and iPhones! At this event, we wanted to focus more on the social media aspect and the results were great! On Instagram, you can search the hashtag #CurryUp2G to see ALL of the pictures from Saturday's event.

Along with the complimentary food and beverages, we also cannot forget our GIVEAWAY! Thanks to Curry Up Now, we gifted several lucky winners one $50 Curry Up Now giftcard, one $25 Curry Up Now giftcard, two Curry Up Now T-shirts, and seven Curry Up Now mason jars with flowers. Congrats to the winners and we hope that you love your new Curry Up Now merchandise!

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Thank you to all of the guests who attended our event and we hope to see you at a future event!

Much Love,