Lovin' Them Nudes

Now that my suggestive blog title has grabbed your attention, I wanted to talk about one of my favorite neutral-toned looks with you guys. I splurged quite a bit on this entire outfit from the sleeveless nude trenchcoat that I picked up on my previous vacation at Irene's Story to the stylish nude chunky heels by Steve Madden. If I absolutely love an item, I will most likely purchase it, even when the price tag screams expensive. However, whenever I do splurge on an expensive piece, I make sure to ask myself the following questions: "Will I wear this often?" and "Can I wear this at more than one occasion?". If the answer is "Yes" to both of these questions, then I am convinced that it's an item worth splurging on.

Earlier this year, I've been saying goodbye to cardigans and hello to adding various lightweight trenchcoats to my wardrobe. I've grown obsessed with the sophisticated and clean look of a trenchcoat and feel that it helps up your age factor. Whenever I wear a cardigan, I already know for a fact that I look much younger. With my Asian genes, it doesn't help that people still think I'm in high school, haha. I do love the comfort and feel of a loose cardigan, but from now on, you'll probably only see me wear them on my lazy errand days or at home. With trenchcoats, I feel that they are versatile enough to pair with a casual everyday outfit or a semi-formal dress look.

Yes, another romper has joined my spring and summer closet! Introducing this fun and summery piece called Fiona's Flowy Romper in Ivory by TOBI, I love its overall simplicity with the exception of its intricate hem detailing. I also made sure to adjust the straps as necessary, as it was a bit too low when I first tried it on from the package. Thanks TOBI for this awesome piece and I'm still in awe that I received the opportunity to work with one of my dream stores! If you missed my last blog post on TOBI's Sweet Persuasion Dress, be sure to check it out here. Also, for anyone who has not shopped at TOBI before, you can score 50% off of on your first purchase! Here are a few TOBI favorites you can shop from: DressesRompersBodycon DressesSkirtsMaxi Dresses, & Jumpsuits.

Lastly, I can't forget to share my infatuation for my newly purchased Steve Madden Alpassa heels in Taupe Suede. LOVE love love them so darn much! It's a funny story - I actually went to Steve Madden to return lace-up flats and ended up leaving with a MORE expensive pair of shoes. Yep, totally defeats the purpose of a return alright, heh. Has that ever happened to anyone? As I ran errands that day, It hurt a little bit when I wore them for the first time, but that's bound to happen with any new pair of shoes. I bet that after I break them in after a few wears, they will become my go-to summer shoes for sure. To top off this nude-themed look, I added my neutral pair of sunnies by AMI Clubwear. You can never have enough sunnies in your collection, am I right?

Altogether, this outfit is one of my top favorites and I loved how my outerwear piece complemented my shoes quite nicely. To make sure that the amount of neutral pieces doesn't get out of hand, I added my classic black Kyra Handbag by Nicole Lee to complete this look. Do you ever match certain items in your outfit or are you the type to wear different colors? Share with me in the comments below!

Trenchcoat: Irene's Story | Sunglasses: AMI Clubwear | Necklace: Anarchy Street | Romper: TOBI | Purse: Nicole Lee USA | Shoes: Steve Madden

Much Love,
Michelle Sun