Kit and Ace Fitting

Let's rewind to one year ago to the time when I had just started my fashion Instagram purely out of hobby. Now, let's fast forward to the present day - it's crazy how so much can change within a year. From the wonderful people I've met to the various businesses I've interacted with, I feel so blessed to see how far my lifestyle blog has taken me in such a short amount of time. And just last Sunday, I had the honor of attending my first fitting appointment with Kit and Ace in Santana Row.

"What is a fitting appointment?", you ask. Great question! I had the very same question until I had the chance to experience one for myself.

It's difficult to understand, see, and feel what a fitting appointment is really like when you live vicariously through a blogger's Snapchat story. Long story short, a fitting appointment allows you to learn about the background information of a brand, try on various pieces that suit your style, and blog about your overall experience at the store.

Justin greeted me immediately as soon as I walked through the doors of Kit and Ace on a sunny Sunday afternoon. Now, I've worked retail before and have experienced both the positives and negatives of customer service, but Justin is definitely one of the most enthusiastic and caring store associates I have ever met. Not only did he make me feel welcome from beginning to end, but he genuinely cared about my entire experience. Every other minute that I was in the dressing room, he knocked on the door to ask how everything fit and if I wanted more pieces to try. He also wanted my honest opinion on each of pieces he styled for me to see what a first-time customer's point of view of the brand was. Plus, he fetched multiple sizes for me without hesitation when I confessed that I didn't know which size would fit me better. Justin, you are freaking AWESOME! Oh, and did I not add that he offered me a mimosa as well? Sunday funday, alright ;)

After spending over an hour trying different Kit and Ace looks, the kind-hearted staff members gifted me two Kit and Ace pieces to take home! If you are curious, I received the Chatham Culotte Pants in Dark Navy and the Grattan Dress in Heather Grey. Now, I never thought I'd pull off culotte pants, but this will be a great piece to push me outside of my comfort zone. As for the Grattan Dress, I own a very similar piece in a tan color, but I love this one for its high-quality fabric. In fact, both of these pieces are comprised of high-quality fabrics and feel extremely soft and lightweight against my skin - hence why I am wearing the Grattan Dress as I am typing this blog post, hah. Justin informed me that a majority of Kit and Ace pieces are made of cashmere. If it isn't cashmere, it is made of silk or another high-quality fabric. I am so excited to model these pieces for you guys and will definitely shoot in these two pieces soon so stay tuned! Thank you Kit and Ace and Justin for your hospitality!

Are you the type of person who favors quality over quantity (price), or vice versa? Let me know your thoughts in the comment box below!

Much Love,
Michelle Sun