Sweet Tooth Cravings at Ice Monster

Weight going up....on a Tuesday! Last Tuesday, three friends and I decided to drop by Ice Monster in Walnut Creek to satisfy our sweet tooth cravings. While I prefer to savor my sweets after dinner time, I have a friend who literally eats sweets at every meal. As unbelievable as that previous statement sounds, it's true - which explains why we went here during lunch time, haha! Just warning you ahead of time, you best avoid reading this blog post if you're hungry or you may regret it! Now, on to the drool-worthy photos ;)

We ordered three Tiger Milk Teas, one savory Ham and Cheese crepe, one Oreo Explosion bread house, one Smores Waffle (with added Oreos!), and one Green Tea Shaved Snow with mochi and red beans. Boy, that was a mouthful to name, haha. Since we drove over two hours to get to this location, you already know that we were starving when we walked into Ice Monster. Because it was a sunny day, we decided to share all of these delicious desserts outdoors.

We started off with the savory Ham and Cheese crepe (not pictured) before digging into the rest of the sweets. One bite of this savory crepe made me wish I could have a couple more bites. Typically, I don't like to order savory crepes because I feel that crepes taste better as a dessert instead of an entree, but this one was an exception. I would definitely recommend this crepe to anybody who loves savory crepes!

If you were to ever ask me what kind of sweets or toppings I like on my desserts, Oreos is the answer. Pictured above is a Smores Waffle, but the owner was kind enough to include Oreos as well. After eating 1/4 of this waffle, I was already feeling sort of full, so I would recommend splitting this dessert. I'm personally not a fan of green tea so I didn't eat any of the snow, but seeing an empty bowl of snow near my friends tells me enough, hah. Also, the brick house tasted delicious with the coffee ice cream, but again, I would recommend splitting this huge portion with friends as well! As you can tell from all of the pictures, the presentation of Ice Monster desserts do not disappoint. In fact, they are totally Instagram-worthy so be sure to bring your phones and DSLRs charged ;)

The owner of Ice Monster, Jackie, is super kind and sweet to all of his customers. I love how he greets every customer with a genuine smile and his enthusiastic personality, making them feel at home when they enter the store. I cannot wait to return to Ice Monster to try more desserts! For my Bay Area followers, stay tuned for a future event that I will be hosting here ;)  If you would like to attend one of the Bay Area events that I host, be sure to follow @twogetherevent on Instagram as well as my lifestyle Instagram - I post all event-related posts on these two Instagram handles!

Much Love,
Michelle Sun