2 Reasons To Love Maxi Dresses

Along with being an avid dress and romper collector, I have also developed a slight attraction for maxi dresses as well these days. Typically, I either go for a solid colored maxi dress with subtle lace details or a loud, bohemian patterned piece. Leaning towards fun patterns this time around, I loved wearing this navy bohemian patterned maxi dress by AMI Clubwear for a casual everyday look. Actually, this entire look is by AMI Clubwear (minus the necklace and shoes) so be sure to check out their website for affordable and trendy pieces in time for the summer!

If you've followed my blog Missmisschelle for a while, you've probably noticed that I've never stopped loving the bohemian trend. There's just something so whimsical, carefree, and eye-catching about boho pieces that I cannot stop obsessing over.

Now, I wanted to share with you guys a few reasons why I love maxi dresses.

1. Maxi dresses keep you covered and warm.
For conservative events or hangouts where you do not want to show too much skin (buhbye denim shorts, skirts, and short dresses!), a maxi dress serves as the perfect staple piece. If you think about it, the length and style of a maxi dress sort of acts like "pants" to keeps your legs both covered and warm on those chilly summer nights. When night time comes around, just simply throw on a denim jacket or cardigan! There's nothing I love more than wearing a cute dress in cold weather all the while staying fashionable.

2. Maxi dresses make you look taller.
If you've always wanted to look taller, add a pair of wedges, chunky heels, or heels to your maxi dress to look several inches taller. Also, if you plan to take pictures, have your photographer (or IG husband, heh) take your picture from a lower angle to capture the perfect shot. Who said you need to be tall to feel tall? ;)

Here's a fun fact about me - I absolutely LOVE wearing maxi dresses to outdoor venues. Certain places that I love to wear a maxi dress at includes the beach and a picnic in the park (Off The Grid Presidio, anyone?). Be sure to catch live updates of my San Diego vacation with Yelp Spring Break this Thursday by following my Snapchat story (missmisschelle) and Instagram - I promise that it'll be a whole lot of fun to watch! I am definitely packing a lot of cute outfits on this trip, and of course, I cannot forget my staple maxi dress! ;)

Do you love wearing maxi dresses? Where is your favorite place to shop for dresses? Let me know in the comments below :)

Sunglasses: AMI Clubwear | Necklace: Happiness BTQ | Maxi Dress: AMI Clubwear | Purse: AMI Clubwear | Chunky Heels: Steve Madden

Much Love,
Michelle Sun