Four City Getaway

Approximately two weeks ago, I gave myself the breather I needed in a long time. Overworking myself, not taking breaks, and working on weekends did nothing more but stress my body and mind out for the last two months. I became stressed, less smiley, more negative, and unhappy with everything and everyone around me. To counter this difficult emotional roadblock that I was experiencing at the time, I told myself to take it easy, have fun that weekend, and to save my workload for the week ahead. Thus, I spoiled myself with a roadtrip to Napa with a few close friends. After all, weekends were made for people to rest and reenergize themselves and should typically not be spent taking care of extra work.

Originally, our plan to see one new city spontaneously turned into exploring four neighboring cities in total. As they always say, the more, the merrier, am I right? On one of the hottest days I've experienced this summer, we walked through Napa, St. Helena, Yountville, and Sonoma. I absolutely love walking through new cities because I feel that every city carries a different community, architecture designs, and vibe.

One of the things that my friends and I can never say no to is food. To start off our day, we fueled our hunger with an American brunch and I ordered the Eggs Benedict. Following our satisfying meal, we also grabbed gelato and a New American pasta dinner. Food will, and forever, be a part of my travel itinerary, haha!

And also, I have to add that driving to an ENTIRELY different city is much more refreshing than dropping by the city next door. I've been to Palo Alto, Mountain View, San Jose, Sunnyvale, San Mateo, and San Francisco countless times and it just doesn't feel like a true getaway if I visit any of those neighboring cities. If you really want to travel and fuel your wanderlust for new destinations, I'd honestly go the extra mile (ahem, make that 50 miles) and spend an entire day at a brand new location. You don't even need to have a plan or itinerary - sometimes, it's more fun that way when you go with the flow. Just get in the car and get away. You'll thank yourself for the new change of scenery and for the memories that you cannot create back at home.

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Necklace: Thought Blossoms | Dress: Zara | Watch: Daniel Wellington | Shoes: Qupid Shoes

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