Back-To-School Lookbook 2016 (#ACROSSTHESTATES)

You know that feeling when school's about to start and you feel like you have nothing exciting to wear for the first day back?! Girl, don't you worry because I've been there too! Today, I'm collaborating with my blogger babes Fiona, Thy, and Huyen from across the states to bring you all some inspirational back-to-school looks! I loved working with these three fashionable ladies because not only are they super supportive and encouraging friends who have been with me since the beginning of my Instagram journey, but they also all know how to rock their own individual styles with confidence. Honestly, when it comes to school or a casual everyday outfit, my piece of advice is to wear what you want and whatever makes you feel comfortable (that is, of course if your school doesn't have a dresscode!).

I'm not going to lie - probably 80-90% of my wardrobe is filled with dresses and rompers. This bright pink elephant patterned sundress from TheElephantPants radiates both a casual and bohemian vibe, which make up a combination of two styles that I will never get tired of. Because school is all about jumping around from class to class, I always make sure to wear a piece that I can definitely breathe in when sitting at a desk or walking around campus. Also, during the month of August, TheElephantPants is promoting Elephant Awareness Month to spread awareness and action towards saving elephants! Please be sure to check out their page here, as 10% of their net profits are donated to the African Wildlife Foundation.

Not only does comfort include the outfit that you're dressed in, but the accessories and footwear that you decide to pair with your overall look matters just as much too. I paired my dress with this gorgeous white lace backpack that I scored on sale for just $8.00 (woo!) from Wet Seal years ago and it's still my go-to miniature backpack. Because of its small size, I'd recommend it only for days where you only need to bring around small stationary and a pen or pencil, like an exam day. Otherwise, I'd recommend a bigger backpack or a medium-sized crossbody tote that you can wear with ease. As for shoes, I'm wearing a pair of sparkly gladiator sandals from CallItSpring that give my entire look an extra girly touch.

Don't forget to check out my other blogger babes' blogs for their inspirational back-to-school looks! If you enjoyed reading about our collaborative blog post, please click the like button at the bottom of this post! We'd love to work together more in the future, but of course, it'd help a lot if you guys let us know HOW much you love our posts ;)

In both a joking and serious manner, everybody knows Fiona as the NYC Queen of Florals. If you take a look at her Instagram page, her feed features a countless number of floral outfits and flower garden shoots taken by various talented NYC photograhers. If it's not florals that she's wearing, Fiona is most likely slaying in a flirty dress or romper or an edgy off-the-shoulder look paired with culottes. Regardless, Fiona knows how to slay in each and every one of her Instagram photos and I'm so glad to have had the chance to meet her earlier this year in person. Already counting down the days until I see her again ;)

Thy (@thy.time)

Thy is the seriously such a sweetheart both in person and online. From the day of our first photoshoot to this current day, she is still so supportive and encouraging of everything that I do for my blog and I couldn't ask for a better friend. I think it's hilarious that whenever I'm done shooting a fashion look, she would tell me to go back to my spot to pose more because she has more angles and ideas for my shoot. If I wasn't moving to Southern California in September, I swear we would be inseparable, hehe.

Huyen (@huyenxto)

Huyen is the girl boss of minimalist fashion and Instagram feeds. She's the one responsible for teaching me attention to detail when it comes to spacing, backgrounds, and lighting. If I ever need help or inspiration on photoshoot locations or poses, Huyen's the gal to ask. But seriously, Huyen is that hard-working and down-to-earth blogger next door that you've always wanted to be friends with. Also, I can't complain that she sends me the most hilarious Facebook videos and Memes to make my days brighter, hah.

[Outfit Details]
Dress: TheElephantPants
Backpack: Wet Seal
Choker: No Weekends
Watch: Daniel Wellington
*Use discount code "missmisschelle" to save 15% off your entire purchase from Daniel Wellington at checkout.
Sandals: CallItSpring

Much Love,