Anchor Hitch

Among all of the various seafood restaurants that I've tried all over California, I think that it's safe to say that I've finally found the one. Anchor Hitch in Mission Viejo, the one and only restaurant that has truly stolen my heart (and stomach), has me head over heels for their elegantly prepared and Instagram-worthy entrees. Going above and beyond my expectations regarding both the excellent presentation and quality of their dishes, my first time at Anchor Hitch was nothing short of a memorable and positive experience. Honestly, I had such a great time dining here that I wanted to share my all-time favorite restaurant with you guys by dedicating a blog post towards the best seafood lunch that I've ever had imaginable. Once I make my big move to Southern California, I already know for sure that I will be returning to Anchor Hitch - there's no doubt about it.

Walking into Anchor Hitch, the beautifully decorated interior was absolutely gorgeous and unique. From each carefully placed succulent centerpiece to the beautiful blue decor hanging from the ceiling to the vibrant splashes of color that radiate from their wall art, you already know that Anchor Hitch takes pride in its luxurious and welcoming dining area. Even before dining at Anchor Hitch, I was already impressed with the presentation of everything within the first five minutes of sitting down and that was just the beginning of an excellent experience.

Now, let's get to the exquisite food that literally tastes JUST as good as it looks! I'll write down the exact name of each entree below each picture so that you know what to order if you ever drop by Anchor Hitch!

Hamachi Chipotle Ceviche

Specialty Oysters

Cajun Seared Albacore

Abalone Panna Cotta

Uni Pasta

Wild Pacific Halibut

Angel Cake

Seriously though, EVERYTHING tasted and looked absolutely amazing. However, if you wanted me to highlight a few favorites, I would have to give an honorable mention to the Hamachi Chipotle Ceviche, the Cajun Seared Albacore, the Wild Pacific Halibut, and the Angel Cake. These specific dishes are ones that I would definitely order over and over again. Not only was every ingredient carefully placed in a certain way to create an aesthetically pleasing and colorful meal, but the intricate flavors of each individual dish definitely stood out to me as well. May I also add that the Angel Cake was seriously the most addicting dessert I have ever tasted?! Apparently, our waiter mentioned how a customer loved it so much that he ordered three of them in one sitting, hah!

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