Glen Ivy Hot Springs


This past Friday, I was cordially invited to visit the Glen Ivy Hot Springs for some good ol' rest and relaxation. Located in the city of Corona, this getaway hot springs location honestly reminds me of a "mini Disneyland" and I was in absolute shock with just HOW many services and activities that this hot springs location offered. Not only did I enjoy digging into their delicious and healthy options from Ivy Kitchen, but I also made sure to appreciate every single minute of my 60-minute Aromasoul Elements relaxation massage. After spending a majority of my day at the Glen Ivy Hot Springs with Sharon, I left the hot springs feeling happier and more refreshed than ever.


Walking into the Glen Ivy Hot Springs brought me back the nostalgic feelings of being at an amusement park, as I was provided a huge map of the entire hot springs as soon as I checked in at the entrance. What I thought was strictly and originally a facial and massage resort turned into so much more than I expected. In fact, the Glen Ivy Hot Springs offers a saline pool, mineral baths, lounge pool, their famous Club Mud, and much more.

Unfortunately, the one thing I didn't take into account when visiting the Glen Ivy Hot Springs was packing a swimsuit. Practically 90% of visitors were wearing bikinis or one-piece bathing suits, and if they weren't wearing swimwear, they were donning soft robes branded with the hot springs' logo instead. If you're a first-time visitor or loyal customer of Glen Ivy, I'd say that bringing a swimsuit is essential to get the most bang out of your buck at the hot springs.

Grain Bowl from Ivy Kitchen.

Grain Bowl from Ivy Kitchen.

Of course, my first stop at the hot springs had to be related to food. Thus, I headed straight for Ivy Kitchen without hesitation. Honestly, I am a HUGE fan of healthy options and loved the variety of entrees and sides that they provided on their menu. The staff was super friendly and accommodating when I was inquiring about their top entree recommendations, and I ended up selecting the Grain Bowl. Also, I couldn't order the Grain Bowl without getting a cup of coffee and a slice of flan because why the hell not, it's freakin' Friday! And by golly, was the Grain Bowl one of my FAVORITE entrees ever! The Grain Bowl was comprised of roasted tomatoes, caramelized red onions, sautéed brussel sprouts, wild rice and quinoa, and an addicting watercress chimichurri for an added kick of flavor. When you combine all of these ingredients into one bowl, the result is absolutely phenomenal. If Ivy Kitchen were located just five minutes from my house, I swear I would drop by that restaurant all the damn time because that's how good it was.

After that amazing lunch experience, we headed to the bath house to change into our comfy AF robes before our massage appointments. For the 50-minute Aromasoul Elements massage, your massage therapist allows you to smell a few essential oil bottles to choose from and I opted for the fruitier scent. The aromatherapy oil of your choice is then applied to your entire body to allow for a more relaxing, therapeutic massage experience. Sharon and I left the massage villa feeling refreshed with a side of loopy, which is pretty much the typical feeling one gets after a good ol' massage.

Working hard or hardly working? Hmm...

Working hard or hardly working? Hmm...

From the massage villa, Sharon and I headed straight for drinks at The Lounge 1860. Like always, we ended up taking more photos and filming more dancing videos that are (surprisingly) highly requested by our followers, LOL! To end our relaxing getaway day, we decided to squeeze in a bit of work at the GOCO Cafe before grabbing dinner at Duomo Pizza (just a 10 minute drive away!). This cafe is the only spot at the hot springs that offers complimentary Wi-Fi and it also has a very aesthetic and minimal interior design that I was over-the-top obsessed with. You already know that I took photos here for da gram ;)

Thank you so much Glen Ivy Hot Springs for hosting us and I cannot wait to be back within a couple of months! And I promise to bring my swimsuit next time so that I could try out Club Mud ;)

Outfit Details:

Top: cooper & ella

Jeans: Kut From The Kloth

Wedges: Nine West

Sunglasses: Sunglass LA

Portrait Photography By:

Sharon Litz (@sharonlitz)

Disclaimer: All other photography is by Michelle Sun unless otherwise stated.

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